Program Listings - July 2009

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July, 2009 Program Guide

I find the new format (July, 2009) for the Program Guide to be TERRIBLE. It is confusing to use, provides no detail about the programs, no repeats listings, and no listings after 10:30 p.m. The old format (June, 2009 and earlier) was far superior. The new format is, alas, USELESS!


The new format is listings only. Unfortunately we were unable to maintain the program guide as it was - you may want to consider signing up for a weekly highlight's e-newsletter. - Here's the link!

New Guide

Unfortunately, I must largely agree with Mr. Porter's negative analysis of the the new format for Station Signals. I must add that the new format does provide more information on your programming for stations 21.2 & 21.3 and is greatly appreciated. Even so, that information suffers from the same inadequacies due to program generalities (title only, sometimes only the program's name).

I can appreciate that you've had to make changes in your guide due to budgetary constraints. What I don't understand is why a fully informative guide (even more detailed than the prior guide to better cover the new stations' programming) can't be provided online. Having the abbreviated listings for mailing and a complete guide online for downloading would seem to bridge the gap between your budget and your viewers' need to better understand what you are offering them.

Bottom line: What your viewers don't know can hurt you.

syndicated orchestral series on 91.5

In the printed program guide, you always (usually) named the conductor. Except for the RPO concerts, you do not name them on the online schedule. I would want to know who is conducting before I decide to listen. Many orchestras have guest conductors and I may or may not be interested in listening to them conduct certain pieces. Knowing who they are (as in the past) makes this decision easier to make.

Also, it would be nice have SEPARATE ATTACHMENTS FOR RADIO AND TV. With the printed guide, one could always go directly to the end to find the radio schedule. All listings on one attachment is quite inconvenient. Separate attachments for FM and AM are unnecessary (although that would be nice), just all radio info on a separae attachment.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

New Program Guide

How do I know what's on after 10:30pm? Some of the programs at those times, including the weekends are not repeats. Is Dr Who on tonight for example (normally on 11-midnight)? Is it going to be Austin City Limits after that or the recent masters series?
I have no way of knowing when the listings cease at 10:30pm. For info, the D&C listings of what's playing on WXXI are not terribly accurate so they're not the greatest help on this front either.

Please provide a comprehensive listing, even if, like this months version, it's only program titles.
I must admit though, I would very much like to know what episode of a series program is playing WITHOUT having to boot my computer and search through multiple levels of a web site to find out.
I'm quite computer astute, but have no need or desire to keep it up 24/7 so I can hunt for info. It being available at some web page is NOT the same as it really being available.

Programming Guide

Well, the new programming guide looks pretty good. It will save resources both in trees and postage. I think WXXI will do its' usual good job of adapting the guide as things change. I'll give it a try this week.

new format

I must agree with the others. This new format is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!! It tells me virtually nothing and is very difficult to read. A title tells me little if anything. I want to know what the program is about. Is it one I have already seen or heard or is this something new that I want to make sure I don't miss? From this jumbled mess I have no way of knowing. I don't know who came up with this pathetic attempt but they better go back to the drawing board. Please reconsider and come up with something much, much better!

Tardy, as well...

We'd hoped that, when the program listings moved to an electronic format, they might begin to show up PRIOR to the beginning of the month, However, for the fourth consecutive month, ours showed up well into the new month - this time attached to an email that was sent July 6th, and consistent with earlier printed editions that arrived at the end of the first week of the month. We do wish that budgetary constraints had not forced WXXI to change this valuable component of our membership. It's doubly unfortunate that the new distribution process is less satisfactory than ever before.

Apology for tardy email

I am so sorry that you received your new electronic listings late. We had a problem with emails going out and were not made aware of it until just yesterday. I will make sure that the emails go out in a timely manner and you receive your listings prior to a new month. Or you could check our program listings page at any time ( for the new month's listings will be posted well in advance.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

I totally agree with most of

I totally agree with most of these comments. While I understand and appreciate the budget issues XXI faces, the old guide is what made the station stand out! I know most of the missing information can be found in ones cable guide, but for those without cable, this has got to be pretty frustrating.

New Station Signals format

While I appreciate the need to cut costs and help the environment, I think the new format is worthless.

I don't watch any shows religiously. I just watch what particular shows catch my attention that month. Without program descriptions to highlight what the shows are about, I will not be tuning into WXXI very often.

Suggestion: Could you create a full version of Station Signals (as in the old format) and make that available online or thru email? Wouldn't cost you much but would still provide the option for viewers to be able to get a full program listing with descriptions!

Weekly Preview Email

We received your emailed Weekly Public Previews earlier today. In the Neighborhood begins with “Be the envy of your PBS-watching friends and learn what’s coming up on WXXI before they do!”

Why would you NOT want my “PBS-watching friends” to know what’s coming up on WXXI as soon as I do?

Is this proposed competition some sort of marketing ploy? Could this explain why the new format for Station Signals is so inadequate…to keep those who already watch PBS in a state of competition with each other: who finds out first what you are programming in the upcoming week?

If so, count us out! It’s offensive.

program guides - or lack thereof

1. program guide I requested never arrived
2. in previous months and years, program guide has nearly always been late - see above comments
3. what's the point of "membership" if you have to download/print out multiple pages of guides yourself? What about people who don't want to do this or go to the computer themselves?
4. other public broadcasting markets do a much better job of this than WXXI
5. did you consult with members before making this decision? if not, why not? i can't remember the last time WXXI polled me about my opinions or preferences as a member.

you have given people another (very good) reason not to become station members.

August Program Listings now available.

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In the interest of getting the August listings to you as soon as possible, click here to find the August issue.  Thank you for your comments and feedback so far, please continue to share your thoughts.

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