Program Listings - April 2010

Program Listings - April 2010
Download our program listings featuring the month's highlights for WXXI TV and Radio. 


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A quick note to "Thank You!" for attempting to clarify when a program is a series, which episode is being broadcast, and how many total episodes there are in the series.

Perhaps your efforts could be improved if you didn't use the limited space available to indicate "Pt." and instead standardized your format so that all would know that the numbers following the title were both the episode # and the total # of episodes.

For example, on April 8th you're broadcasting on 21.2 at 8:00pm NOVA "Hunting the Edge of Space" Pt1. Instead of the letters, had you printed 1/2 (assuming there are only two parts) you would have provided more information in the same space.

Thanks again for the effort!