Intelligence Squared US: Is Smart Technology Making Us Dumb?

(Rochester, NY) – Smart technology grants us unprecedented, immediate access to knowledge and to each other—a ubiquitous and seamless presence in everyday life. But is there a downside to all of this connectivity? It’s been said that smart technology creates dependency on devices, narrows our world to echo chambers, and impairs cognitive skills through shortcuts and distraction.

Are smart tech devices guiding so much of our decision making that we are losing autonomy without even realizing it? Or are these concerns an overstatement of the negative effects of high-tech consumption? Intelligence Squared US: Is Smart Technology Making Us Dumb?, airing Sunday, May 31, 2015 at 9 p.m. on AM 1370, tries to answer those questions.

For the motion is Nicholas Carr, Author, "The Glass Cage: Automation and Us & The Shallows" and Andrew Keen, Internet Entrepreneur & Author, The Internet Is Not the Answer. Against the motion is Genevieve Bell, Anthropologist & VP, Intel Labs and David Weinberger, Senior Researcher, Berkman Center & Author, "Too Big to Know". John Donvan, Author & Correspondent for ABC News, moderates.

Illustration by Thomas James


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