What is your impression of the new WXXI website design, so far?




New site: better than average.

There's a few bugs. If you go to http://wxxi.org, and click on the links at the bottom for forum or blogs, you get page not found. They are found at interactive.wxxi.org, but not at wxxi.org.

The main thing I want from a TV / Radio web site is a schedule that is one click away from the first page and shows a week at a time in a clear format. What you have now is good.

I also appreciate that the site works on a computer without Flash. Those animations can be so distracting.

Thanks for catching those things.

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Appreciate the feedback! I'll check into those footer link issues.

My impression of the WXXI website design

Am not sure what the "old" design was like; only logged on about 4 weeks ago.
All seems high quality but under-utilized.
Not much discussion going on, unless I'm just not looking in the right spot(s).

Glad you like it!

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Thanks!  There's much more to come, but we've also seen the pace of interaction here on the site increasing on a week-to-week basis.  We hope that people like you will come back to visit more often and that the new content that is yet to come will provide plenty of good reasons for people to make wxxi.org a favorite site to visit.  I appreciate the note!

Andrew Wheeland - Director of Interactive Services

I don't think this type of

I don't think this type of thing is a "go". Lots of sites do polls and places to comment interactively and by and large no one interacts. You are radio, you are online streaming radio (until it recently broke and has been out for more than a week), podcasts and videos. Those are the online things I want. I hope the streaming online feature will get fixed soon. I have had to go to WMAC in Albany which is geographical far afield in terms of local news. Thanks for asking. The look and design is nice.

Thanks for your thoughts, Barbara

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Hi, Barbara!

Thanks for your comments.  We still have a long way to go in terms of interactivity here on the site.  What you're seeing now is what I like to describe as "Just outside of the base camp as we start to climb the mountain"...

What are now just polls and comment areas will be augmented by the following types of features: topical forums, response-areas to on-air hosts and programming, talk show highlights and feedback areas, community and citizenship focused "groups", content notifications and subscriptions, etc.

Also, thanks for being patient with the streaming issues.  Hopefully you've been able to get connected again... Visit wxxi.org/listen for links to our new streaming players.

Andrew Wheeland - Director of Interactive Services

I couldn't even figure out

I couldn't even figure out how to cast my vote so I think it needs some work!

Thanks for the feedback!

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I'm glad you were able to figure out how to leave a comment, at least!  Please keep up the exploration and feel free to use the Contact Us link in the corner if you'd like to let us know about anything else that you find confusing!

Andrew Wheeland - Director of Interactive Services