April 2015 program listings for Pipedreams

April 2015 program listings for Pipedreams

Sundays at 8:00 p.m.

Warsaw, Poland. Celebrate Polish music this month on Pipedreams

This month on Pipedreams hear beautiful music of all periods in celebration of Easter, Polish compositions, and a wide array of the original 'touch pieces,' toccatas. 

4/5   Music for Easter-  Whether in Baroque chorale-preludes, Victorian anthems, or contemporary meditations, compositions for the Resurrection Festival always uplifts.

4/12 Polish(ed) Gems-  With focus on a further collection of compositions, instruments and performers from Poland.

4/19 Americans Abroad- Though relatively few in number, some significant instruments by organ builders from the U. S. A. have found themselves as musical ambassadors in foreign settings.

4/26 Toccatas, Again-   The original ‘touch piece’ has manifested itself in many different ways, dependent on time and place.