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World-renowned metal sculptor Albert Paley created 13 newly executed sculptures that were installed June 14-15, 2013 on Park Avenue in New York City as part of The Fund for Park Avenue’s Temporary Public Art Collection. WXXI was given unprecedented access to Paley and his team, documenting the project every step of the way. Watch this six-part series here to see this amazing project unfold.


In this epilogue, the sculptures are officially opened to the public, and the Paley Studios team attends a reception to honor of all of their work on this project.

Meet Albert Paley and gather some insight into the challenges he faces with his upcoming installation on Park Avenue.

In Episode Two, learn more about the challenges surrounding such an ambitious project and about Albert's artistic process.

Episode Three focuses on the Paley Studios team and how they work together to make Albert's ideas come to life.

Learn about the team of subcontractors that work with Paley Studios to help realize Albert's vision.

In this episode, the Paley Studios team wraps up fabrication and finishing on the 13 sculptures as they gear up for the installation on June 14

In this final episode of the web series, the Paley Studios team works with specialized installers to put the pieces in place along Park Avenue.

This montage briefly previews WXXI's upcoming web series, Paley on Park Avenue: New York City


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