Flute gallery

Last week, flutist Bonita Boyd came to WXXI to perform on a live, in-studio show, Backstage Pass. To promote her appearance, I pulled out her excellent CD of Niccolo Paganini’s 24 Caprices, Op. 1, a set of mind-bogglingly difficult violin solos Boyd plays deftly on the flute. Looking at the CD cover, I wondered, what’s with the old car? The expanse of leg? The sexy smile? Paganini, a randy charmer, would most heartily approve.

A quick survey of my colleagues revealed general agreement that of all musicians, flutists are the most likely to strike a pose. We dropped everything to ransack the music library for more examples. In less than three minutes, Julia Figueras, Chris Van Hof and I had an impressive stack of CDs showing flutists taking their instruments to the heights, to the beach, to the dogs. A few players even take off their clothes. Who can explain this exhibitionist streak? Theories welcome.

Here's a gallery of favorites, with apologies to the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

good thing dogs like high-pitched noises!good thing dogs like high-pitched noises!