Random association

I can’t hear the Aram Khachaturian’s Sabre Dance without picturing guys in blue and white outfits zooming across the ice with sticks. In the 1970’s, the Buffalo Sabres NHL hockey team ran local TV commercials using the classical warhorse at its rousing theme song. I saw that ad a lot.

Aram Khachaturian wrote other music, too, and today on Live from Hochstein, Eastman Triana will perform his off-kilter, spicy Trio for piano, violin and clarinet. Yesterday I interviewed two of the players, clarinetist Julianne Kirk and violinist Anyango Yarbo-Davenport, who both praised Khachaturian’s Romantic heart. The show is live today (Wednesday) at noon in the Hochstein Performance Hall, 50 North Plymouth Avenue. You can hear it on Classical 91.5 or streamed.

Since the 70's, the Buffalo Sabres has ditched the Sabre Dance for the wimpy “Hurricane 2000” by the Scorpions and “Paint it Black” by the Stones.



Not necessarily...

I'm a Sabres fan and the hometown radio home for the games, WGR 550, plays the Sabre Dance a lot, and I think the organist plays it occasionally during the games.

Hi, Jason.

I'm glad it's still in their minds! I just haven't heard it on a TV commercial for the Sabres in awhile.