State Senate Candidates Debate at WXXI

Incumbent Republican Joe Robach and Democratic challenger Robin Wilt answered questions from journalists and citizens in a Voice of the Voter State Senate 56th District Debate.

The debate was recorded at WXXI-TV on Friday, October 15. You can watch it in the video box below.

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Debate comment

Health care costs are not being improved by both Government and individuals...the new numbers for the cost of obesity nationally has now jumped from $147 Billion PER YEAR to $168 Billion. Without a national cap on health insurance premiums, there will be meager job growth for several years.
BTW, tobacco related cost per year is $157 Billion and defensive medicine (per CBO) is $700 Billion per year.

Additionally, job training programs for green energy technology needs to be expanded.
The public is also being rail-roaded by Wall Street controlled National politicians..let's end that.
Scott Noren DDS
US Senate candidate in 2012 for NY
Stay tuned
I think both candidates had constructive things to say
Pension plans for the state ARE out of control in certain segments...