Boobie Chickenfrack

Trust me on the title, there is a purpose.

Have you just had one of those days (or weeks) where you are not only extraordinarily busy, but things just don't seem to be going your way? I had one of those days/weeks last week. In grand form. How did I regain my almost-lost mind? Boobie Chickenfrack.

How did the crisis and salvation unfold?

Last Wednesday I went to pick up a dress that was supposed to be altered, but did not get done. Due to the fact that the wedding for said dress was 3 days later, I did not have time to take it somewhere else. I could look forward to an upscale evening of hiking up my dress continually and/or being stabbed by safety pins being used to help avoid the continual hiking.
Did I mention that I was picking up this dress during my lunch hour because that was the only free 60 minutes I could scrape together last week? Why is this relevant? Upon returning to work I got some really crappy, ruin-your-day kind of information about a request I had submitted. Boo.
And to top all of this off, my husband informed me that he had backed into our neighbor's car. Trifecta afternoon.

SO, Thursday morning I awoke with renewed resolve to have a good day. Then I arrived at the wrong location for my 9 a.m. meeting. And just about had a nervous breakdown. In addition to the kindness of 2 lovely and very helpful people, what ultimately saved me? Dav Pilkey's book, Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants.

At some point Thursday morning, I had taken a moment to read a silly email from a friend about Pilkey's Name-Change-O-Chart 2000, which appeared in the 4th installment of the Captain Underpants Series (see the attachment below). In a nut shell, the book provides a formula for how to take a perfectly normal name and turn it into something super silly. My name happened to equate to Boobie Chickenfrack.

For whatever reason, in mid crisis, my mind got stuck on my new moniker instead of the latest installment of a string of unlucky events. What resulted was, I laughed in the car instead of having the earlier mentioned nervous breakdown. I mean, how can you stay mad while repeating the mantra, "My name is Boobie Chickenfrack?" Then I thought of the other people/things in the last few days that had caused me stress and things seemed much more manageable when you are frustrated with someone named Fluffy Dippintush or Sleezy Chucklefanny.

I owe a big thank you to the creative mind of Dav Pilkey and his extraordinary ability to make both kids and adults laugh. While I realize that many people reading this (or who are acquainted with the Captain Underpants series) might consider the content of Captain Underpants to be a waste of kids' (and adults') time or inappropriate for young minds, I consider Mr. Pilkey to provide the invaluable tools of helping you laugh at yourself and staying in touch with your sense of humor. Not to mention the fact that millions of kids who are reluctant readers will read a Captain Underpants book when they won't pick up anything else, which is quite the accomplishment.

So, thank you Dav Pilkey (aka Sneezy Farkletush) for being who you are and for sharing your talent with children and adults alike. You spread the joy of laughter, the magic of reading and you lifted my almost crappy day right out of the toilet. Well done.

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