Make Me Care

That is a big part of my job -- making a connection between you and what's going on in the community around you.

It's particularly challenging for me at election time. Research, and my experience with Voice of the Voter, shows most people feel disconnected from politics, government, and community. My sense from the Voice of the Voter participants is a lot of folks have lost faith in ANY politician's ability to affect positive change within the "system." Even the "good" politicians don't stand a chance when they get into the legislative chambers. (If they can get there in the first place.)

But if enough people care, the "system" can't stop progress.

It's Super Tuesday, and the WXXI newsroom is beginning full elections coverage, which will continue for the remainder of the year. There are numerous state and Congressional races, and of course there's that opening for President.

We've got some new thoughts about how to make you care -- but we'd really like to hear yours. How would you like WXXI to cover Election 2008 in Rochester?