CITY 12 Documentary & Special Programming - May 2022

City 12 Documentary & Special Programming

May 2022


 1 SUN          10pm International Jazz Day 2022

 2 MON          7pm Regents Review #101 “Common Core ELA”

                      10pm D-Day: Over Normandy   


 3 TUES         7pm Regents Review #102 “Algebra I”

                      10pm 4 Wheel Bob     


 4 WED          7pm Regents Review #103 “Algebra II”

                      10pm Asian Americans #101 “Breaking Ground”    


 5 THURS      4pm Rochester City Council Committee Meeting (Repeats 5/14 at Noon)

                      7pm Regents Review #104 “Geometry”

                      10pm Wonders of Mexico #101 “Forests of the Maya”


 6 FRI             7pm Regents Review #105 “Earth Science”

                      10pm Extinction: The Facts                  


 8 SUN          10pm Fly Boys: Western Pennsylvania’s Tuskegee Airmen

 9 MON          7pm Regents Review #106 “Living Environment 2.0”

                      10pm Spiritual Audacity: The Abraham Joshua Heschel Story   


10 TUES        7pm Men Caring

                     7:30pm Rochester City Council Meeting (Repeats 5/21 at Noon)

                     10pm A Dream in Doubt   


11 WED        7pm Regents Review #107 “Chemistry”

                     10pm Asian Americans #102 “A Question of Loyalty”

12 THUR      7pm Regents Review #108 “Physics”

                    10pm Wonders of Mexico #102 “Mountain Worlds”  

13 FRI           7pm Regents Review #109 “U.S. History & Government”

                    10pm Return to Auschwitz: The Survival of Vladmir Monk


15 SUN         10pm And The They Came For Us      


16 MON         7pm Regents Review #110 “Transition Global History & Geography”

                      10pm Speaking Grief  


17 TUES        7pm Regents Review #111 “New Global History & Geography II”

                      10pm Shinmachi: Stronger Than a Tsunami  


18 WED         7pm Regents Review #113 “Earth Science”

                      10pm Asian Americans #103 “Good Americans”

19 THURS     7pm Regents Review #101 “Common Core ELA”

                      10pm Wonders of Mexico #103 “Burning North”


20 FRI             7pm Regents Review #102 “Algebra I”

                      10pm Memphis Belle: Her Final Mission                                             


22 SUN         10pm Armed with Language    


23 MON         7pm Regents Review #103 “Algebra II”

                      10pm Betrayed: Surviving an American Concentration Camp    


24 TUES        7pm Regents Review #104 “Geometry”

                      10pm I Danced for the Angel of Death – The Dr. Edith Eva Eger Story   


25 WED         7pm Regents Review #105 “Earth Science”

                      10pm Asian Americans #104 “Generation Rising”  


26 THURS     7pm Regents Review #106 “Living Environment 2.0”

                      10pm Journey to the USS Arizona

27 FRI             7pm Regents Review #107 “Chemistry”

                      10pm Grandpa’s War Story Goes Viral        


29 SUN         10pm From Broadway to Obscurity

30 MON         7pm Regents Review #108 “Physics”

                      10pm Objects and Memory   


31 TUES         7pm Regents Review #109 “U.S. History & Government”

                      10pm Touching the Sound                                                     





May 2022

Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Jewish-American Heritage Month

Mental Health Month

Cinco de Mayo – May 5th

Memorial Day – May 30th


Documentary slots:

Weekdays at 7pm and 10pm, Sundays at 10pm