Shaping the Future of Work: A Conversation About Quality Jobs Virtual Live Event

Shaping the Future of Work: A Conversation About Quality Jobs Virtual Live Event

Wed, 09/01/2021 - 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Shaping the Future of Work: A Conversation About Quality Jobs with The Aspen Institute 

Join a live conversation with PBS and the Aspen Institute's Economic Opportunities Program — featuring your questions on the future of work and how it could contribute to creating equity in society. This national forum includes a regional connection with panelist Rick Plympton, CEO of Optimax Systems, Inc.!

When the pandemic hit and the labor market cratered, headlines focused on the loss of jobs rather than the quality of jobs. But the dramatic increase in food insecurity, the prevalence of unsafe workplaces, the spotlight on racial injustice, and the moral questions raised by the meager wages and high risks of essential workers all underscore the need to improve job quality.

We cannot solve inequality, we cannot advance racial justice, and we cannot address the deep divisions in our society without making work work for everyone – which means that now, more than ever, we must invest in good jobs for everyone.  Learn More About the Program and Panel

Moderated by: Shelly Steward, Director of the Aspen Institute's Future of Work Initiative, a part of the Economic Opportunities Program.

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This conversation is based on an upcoming PBS documentary series, Future of Work, which explores how the world of work—and the American Dream—is changing. This event will feature clips from the documentary’s accompanying digital series, which examines how the current economic and health crises are impacting long-term employment trends for entry-level and early career workers.

Watch Future of Work, a three part series, airing on WXXI & PBS September 1 at 10pm, September 8 at 10pm , and September 15 at 10pm 

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About WXXI Education's American Graduate Work

WXXI has been part of the national American Graduate over a number of phases. During the past several years, WXXI has collaborated with regional partners to advance education and career readiness in the region by building awareness of career pathways to attain “good jobs.” WXXI has produced over 30 local content videos focused in-demand career sectors that require training beyond high school but less than a four-year degree to get started in the field. 

WXXI's American Graduate work emphasizes:

• Thousands of in-demand jobs that go unfilled in our region
• Accessing careers through training, apprenticeship, professional certificates,
associates programs, and on-the-job training
• Sharing inspiring stories of how people found their career pathway
in our region and how individuals can get started pursuing a career and continue to learn
• Connecting to resources to research new career options
• Local hands-on career events, industry tours, career days and job fairs
• Connecting with career counselors at educational sites and one-stop job centers and workforce resources to make connections for students

• WXXI connects schools, libraries, out of school programs, parents, youth and young adults with career exploration resources in the region that are free to all such as: 

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