City 12 Documentary & Special Programming - September 2020

City 12 Documentary & Special Programming

September 2020


1 TUES            7pm Roadtrip Nation: Beating the Odds

                        10pm Symphony in D                            

  2 WED          7pm Roadtrip Nation: Being You

                        10pm WXXI: Live Forum: Reopening Schools                      

 3 THURS        7pm Roadtrip Nation: Changing Gears

                        10pm Yoshiki: Live at Carnegie Hall                                      

4 FRI                7pm WXXI: Live Forum: Reopening Schools                 

                        10pm The Restorers #105 5/5              




 6 SUN            10pm Deeply Rooted: John Coykendall’s Journey to Save Our Seeds      

 7 MON            7pm Confucius was a Foodie #206 6/6

                        10pm Oceans of Pink                          

 8TUES            7pm Roadtrip Nation: Future West

                        10pm Weekend in Havana                                                               

9 WED             7pm Roadtrip Nation: Degree of Impact

                        10pm Harbor from the Holocaust                

10 THUR         4pm Rochester City Council Committee Meeting (Replays: 12pm Sat. 9/19)

              7pm Seats at the Table (90 Minutes)

                        10pm Hacking Your Mind #101 “Living on Auto-Pilot”                 

11 FRI                          7pm Roadtrip Nation: Small Town Tech 

                        10pm Dream with Me          




13 SUN           10pm Starboard Light            

14 MON          7pm Roadtrip Nation: Life Hackers

                        10pm Latino Americans #101 1/6                                                     

15 TUES          7pm AKOMA: 25 Years of Gospel Sisterhood

         7:30pm Rochester City Council Meeting (Replays: 12pm Saturday 9/26)  

            10pm After Auschwitz                                                       

16 WED          7pm Latino Americans #101 1/6                                        

                        10pm Swimming Auschwitz                                        

17 THURS       7pm Madagascar: Islands of Wonder

                        10pm Hacking Your Mind #102 “Weapons of Influence”                                         

18 FRI                          7pm Building the American Dream

                        10pm Cuba: A Lifetime of Passion                 




20 SUN           10pm Major League Cuban Baseball

21 MON           7pm The Nuclear Requiem

                        10pm Latino Americans #102 2/6                                                                             

22 TUES          7pm Cuba: The Forgotten Revolution (90 Minutes)

                        10pm Divided We Fall: Unity Without Tragedy                                                   

23 WED           7pm Latino Americans #102 2/6                                                                            

                         10pm A Place to Stand

24 THURS        7pm Borneo: Islands of Wonder

 10pm Hacking Your Mind #103 “Us Vs Them”                                 

25 FRI                           7pm Compassion for those We Love:

A Town Meeting on Caregiving for Alzheimer’s in the Hispanic Community

                         10pm Richard Bangs’ Adventures with Purpose Costa Rica: Quest for Pura Vida      


27 SUN            10pm Afro-Latino Travels with Kim Haas #101 & #102 1&2 of 2

28 MON            7pm Roadtrip Nation: Making it Balance

                         10pm Latino Americans #103 3/6                                                                             

29 TUES           7pm Roadtrip Nation: Ready to Rise

                         10pm Taste the Florida Keys with Chef Michelle                                                    

30 WED            7pm Latino Americans #103 3/6                                                                            

                         10pm Loreena McKennitt: Nights from the Alhambra  



September 2020

Hispanic Heritage Month – September 15th-October 15th

Documentary slots:

Weekdays at 7pm and 10pm, Sundays at 10pm