City 12 Documentary & Special Programming - April 2020

City 12 Documentary & Special Programming

  April 2020


  1 WED         7pm Power over Parkinson’s

       7:30pm Power over Parkinson’s 2

                      10pm Ancient Skies #101 “Gods and Monsters”                      

  2 THURS     7pm Dreamers Theater

       7:30pm Second Opinion #810 “Autism”

                      10pm America Revealed #101 “Food Machine”                                  

  3 FRI             7pm Big Voice

                      10pm Power of Parkinson’s

     10:30pm Power over Parkinson’s 2




  5 SUN         10pm Big Pacific #101 “Mysterious” 1/5  

  6 MON         7pm Makers #206 “Women in War” 6/6

                      10pm Black Ballerina

  7 TUES       7pm Poetry in America #101 & #102

                      10pm Broken Places           

  8 WED         7pm The Last Chapter

                      10pm Ancient Skies #102 “Finding the Center”

  9 THUR       4pm Rochester City Council Committee Meeting (Replays: 12pm Sat. 4/11)

                        7pm Jewish Film Showcase #102 “Carvalho’s Journey” (90 Minutes)

                      10pm America Revealed #102 “Nation on the Move”                                   

10 FRI             7pm Jesus: Countdown to Calvary

                      10pm Let’s Have Some Church Detroit Style



12 SUN         10pm Big Pacific #102 “Violent” 2/5

13 MON         7pm Generation A: Portraits of Autism and the Arts

                      10pm City Rising

14 TUES         7pm Poetry in America #103

                   7:30pm Rochester City Council Meeting (Replays: 12pm Saturday 4/18)  

          10pm Chihuly Outside                                      

15 WED         7pm Thinking Money: The Psychology of our Best and Worst Financial Decisions

                      10pm Ancient Skies #103 “Our Place in the Universe”

16 THURS     7pm Jewish Film Showcase #103 “Ahead Of Time: The Extraordinary Journey of Ruth Gruber” (90Min)

                      10pm America Revealed #103 “Electric Nation”                                             

17 FRI             7pm Appalachians #101 1/3

                      10pm Her Voice Carries                                                                                   








19 SUN         10pm Big Pacific #103 “Voracious” 3/5             

20 MON         7pm Swimming in Auschwitz

                      10pm After Auschwitz                                   

21 TUES        7pm Poetry in America #104 & #105

                      10pm Chaplains #101 “Part 1” 1/2                                                     

22 WED         7pm To the Ends of the Earth: East Africa

                      10pm Climate Change – The Facts           

23 THURS     7pm Eva: A-7063 (90 Minutes)

                      10pm America Revealed #104 “Made in the U.S.A.”                           

24 FRI             7pm Appalachians #102 2/3

                      10pm I Remember Better When I Paint                        


26 SUN         10pm Big Pacific #104 Passionate” 4/5                

27 MON         7pm Few Great Bakeries

                      10pm Long Road Home                                     

28 TUES         7pm Poetry in America #106 & #201

                      10pm Chaplains #102 “Part 2” 2/2                                                      

29 WED         7pm Few Good Pie Places

                      10pm Revolution of the Heart: The Dorothy Day Story

30 THURS     7pm Second Opinion #810 “Autism”

                      10pm The Celiac Project 



April 2020


Autism Awareness Month

National Poetry Month

Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month

Passover - Begins at Sundown on April 8th

Easter Sunday – April 12th

Holocaust Day of Remembrance – Begins at Sundown on April 20th

Earth Day – April 22nd


Documentary slots:

Weekdays at 7pm and 10pm, Sundays at 10pm