City 12 Documentary & Special Programming - December 2019

City 12 Documentary & Special Programming

December 2019

 1 SUN            10pm Coming Out: A 50 Year History

 2 MON            7pm Dream with Me

                        10pm Alone in the Wilderness, Part 1                                     

  3TUES            7pm Getting to the Nutcracker

                        10pm Emperor Akihito #101 “Crown Prince of a Defeated Nation”                               

 4 WED           7pm Food – Delicious Science #101 “Food on the Brain”

                        10pm Her Voice Carries                     

 5 THURS        7pm Real Rail Adventures: Swiss Winter Magic”

                        10pm Homeless Chorus Speaks                                  

 6 FRI               7pm Ghost Army

                        10pm Civilizations #109 “What is Art (Good For)?”




 8 SUN             10pm Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer        

 9 MON            7pm Storm of the Century: The Blizzard of '49

                         10pm  Alone in the Wilderness, Part 2

10 TUES          7pm Gordon Getty: There Will Be Music

                         10pm Emperor Akihito #102 “The Two of Us”                                                                                              

11 WED           7pm Food – Delicious Science #102 “A Matter of Taste”

                        10pm Storm of the Century: The Blizzard of '49

12 THUR           4pm Rochester City Council Committee Meeting (Replays: 12pm Sat. 12/21)

                           7pm Jewish Film Showcase #102 “Carvalho’s Journey”

                         10pm Jordan Smith ‘Tis the Season                         

13 FRI                7pm Turn the Page

                         10pm Ultimate Restorations #101 1/8            




15 SUN            10pm Foreigner Live at the Symphony

16 MON           7pm Tonic Sol-Fa: Greatest Time of Year

                         10pm  Mark Twain’s Journey to Jerusalem  

17 TUES            7pm Christmas on the Danube

                     7:30pm Rochester City Council Meeting (Replays: 12pm Saturday 12/28)  

                         10pm Emperor Akihito #103 “The Symbol of a Nation”                                                                                                                                                     

18 WED            7pm Food – Delicious Science #103 “We Are What We Eat”

                         10pm Urban Nutcracker: Anatomy of a Ballet                                         

19 THURS        7pm Jewish Film Showcase #103 “Ahead of Time: The Extraordinary Journey of Ruth Gruber”

                         10pm Christmas with the Tabernacle Choir Featuring Kristin Chenoweth               

20 FRI                7pm The 35th Annual Fort Lauderdale Christmas Pageant

                         10pm Ultimate Restorations #102 2/8                                   




22 SUN            10pm Jesus: Countdown to Calvary        

23 MON            7pm Christmas at Concordia: Gather Us In, O Child of Peace

                         10pm Christmas at Susquehanna: The 50th Anniversary Candlelight Service                                    

24 TUES           7pm Wheaton College Christmas Festival: Messiah, Prince of Peace

                         10pm A Bucknell Candlelight Christmas                                                     

25 WED             7pm A Classic Christmas with the Bach Festival Society

                          10pm Holiday Handbells: The Raleigh Ringers            

26 THURS         7pm Black Ballerina

                          10pm Independent Lens #2010 “Black Memorabilia”

27 FRI                 7pm American Creed

                          10pm Ultimate Restorations #103 3/8                                  




29 SUN             10pm Backs Against the Wall: The Howard Thurman Story              

30 MON             7pm Independent Lens #1914 “The Art of the Shine”

                          10pm 46ers  

31 TUES             7pm Faith in the Big House

                          10pm Austin City Limits 6th Annual Hall of Fame Honors #2019                                                      





December 2019

World AIDS Day – December 1st

Chanukah begins – at Sundown December 22nd

Christmas – December 25th

Kwanzaa – December 26th


Documentary slots:

Weekdays at 7pm and 10pm, Sundays at 10pm