Rhythm Abroad

Rhythm Abroad

Sat, 11/02/2019 - 3:30pm - 4:00pm

Host Brittany Pierce

Credit: APT

This four-part series transports you into the heart and soul of a culture.

Produced by the team behind the Daytime Emmy-winning Joseph Rosendo‚Äôs Travelscope, Rhythm Abroad, airing Saturdays at 3:30 p.m. November 2-23, 2019 on WXXI-TV. In the inaugural season, host Brittany Pierce immerses herself in the cultures of French Polynesia, Southern Spain, the Swiss Alps, and Southern Canada as she learns to dance to the beat of each region. She embraces Tahitian hip-shaking, sacred Native American dances, and even the sultry Flamenco while also finding time to visit local attractions and feast on culinary specialties.

The series kicks off Saturday, November 2 with sun-kissed beaches, lush green rainforests, and Tahitian drumming. Unlike the slower paced Hawaiian hula, Tahitian dance is known for its fast hip shaking. Brittany gets an inside view into typical Tahitian life as she moves her hips with the locals at a community fundraiser. Away from the drums, Brittany cools off as she takes to the crystal blue waters for an exciting day of swimming with stingrays and sharks.