City 12 Documentary & Special Programming - November 2016

The Documentaries listed below will air on City 12 during the following timeslots:

Monday-Friday: 7pm
Sundays: 10pm


November 2017

  1 MON           7pm *Easy Like Water

                       10pm *Walking in Two Worlds                                               

  1 TUES          7pm *Medicine Woman

                        10pm *Independent Lens #1503 “Indian Relay”                               

  2 WED          7pm The Contenders – 16 for ’16 #107 “Ferraro / Palin – The Trailblazers”

                        10pm **Compassion for Those We Love: A Town Meeting On Caregiving for Alzheimer's In The Hispanic Community

 3 THURS        7pm *Smokin’ Fish

                        10pm *Crying Earth Rise Up                                      

 4 FRI               7pm *Red Power Energy

                        10pm *Standing on Sacred Ground #101 “Pilgrims & Tourists”




 6 SUN            10pm In Line for Anne Frank

7 MON             7pm *Bridge the Gap to Pine Ridge

                   10pm American War Stories: Vietnam #101 “Escalation”    

 8 TUES           7pm Fly Boys: Western Pennsylvania’s Tuskegee Airmen

                        10pm On Home Ground: Life After Service            

 9 WED            7pm The Contenders – 16 for ’16 #108 “Bush / Obama – The Master Strategists”

                        10pm Roadtrip Nation: The Next Mission

10 THUR        4pm Rochester City Council Committee Meeting (Replays: 12pm Sat. 11/20)

                       7pm Heroes on Deck: World War II on Lake Michigan

                       10pm Jeremiah

11 FRI             7pm USO - For the Troops

                          10pm *Standing on Sacred Ground #102 “Profit & Loss”              


13SUN           10pm *SOL             

14 MON         7pm *Sacred Stick  

10pm American War Stories: Vietnam #102 “Turning Point”                                                          

15 TUES         7pm *Ishi’s Return

                        7:30pm Rochester City Council Meeting (Replays: 12pm Saturday 11/27)  

                  10pm Military Medicine: Beyond the Battlefield                                                       

16WED           7pm *Choctaw Code Talkers

10pm **Living With Alzheimer’s and Dementia

17 THURS       7pm *Bones of Badger Hole, A Time Team America Presentation

                        10pm *IGLIQTIQSIUGVIGRUAQ [SWIFT WATER PLACE]   

                       10:30pm *Ishi’s Return                            

18 FRI            7pm Surviving Thanksgiving with Sara Moulton

                       10pm *Standing on Sacred Ground #103 “Fire & Ice”                      



20 SUN           10pm  Kevin Kling: Lost & Found

21 MON           7pm *Navajo Math Circles

                        10pm American War Stories: Vietnam #103 “Drawdown”

22 TUES           7pm *Medicine Game

                        10pm Surviving Thanksgiving with Sara Moulton

23 WED           7pm *LaDonna Harris: Indian 101

                        10pm **Do Not Go Gently

24 THURS       7pm *Lost Pueblo Village, A Time Team America Presentation

                       10pm *Jim Thorpe: World’s Greatest Athlete

25 FRI           7pm *Sousa on the Rez: Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum

                        7:30pm *Spirit In Glass: Plateau Native Beadwork    

                        10pm *Standing on Sacred Ground #104 “Islands of Sanctuary”     


27 SUN          10pm Expedition Pearl Harbor

28 MON          7pm *For the Generations: Native Story & Performance

                       10pm *Horse Tribe                                  

29 TUES          7pm **I Remember Better When I Paint

                       10pm * Rising Voices/Hothaninpi

30 WED           7pm Loreena McKennitt: Nights from the Alhambra

                       10pm *Our Fires Still Burn: The Native American Experience





November 2016


*Native American History Month

**National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

Veterans Day – November 11th

Thanksgiving – November 24th