City 12 Documentary & Special Programming - October 2016

The Documentaries listed below will air on City 12 during the following timeslots:

Monday-Friday: 7pm
Sundays: 10pm


October 2016



2 SUN            10pm Independent Lens #1512 “Las Marthas”


3 MON           7pm The Hispanic Heritage Awards                

                        10pm Latino Americans #105 “Pride & Prejudice” 5/6                                  

4 TUES          7pm Out on a Limb

                        10pm Latino Americans #106 “Peril & Promise” 6/6                               

5 WED          7pm Contenders – 16 for ’16 #103 “Romney and Dukakis”      

                        10pm The Hispanic Heritage Awards                

6 THURS       7pm Hava Nagila (The Movie)

                        10pm Willie Velasquez: Your Vote is Your Voice                                         

7 FRI              7pm Compassion for Those We Love: A Town Meeting on Caregiving for Alzheimer’s in the Hispanic Community

                        10pm Beyond Borders: Undocumented Mexican-Americans


 9 SUN           10pm Independent Lens #1707 “No Mas Bebes / No More Babies”    

10 MON           7pm Infinity Hall #305 “Los Lonely Boys”

                        10pm Bringing the Fallen Home             

11 TUES          7pm Anyone and Everyone

                        10pm The Campaign

12 WED          7pm Contenders – 16 for ’16 #104 “Hart/Jackson - The Visionaries”

                        10pm Ecuador: The Royal Tour                

13 THUR         4pm Rochester City Council Committee Meeting (Replays: 12pm Sat. 10/22)

                          7pm The Kitchenistas of National City

                         7:30pm Losing Lambert: A Journey Through Survival and Hope

                        10pm Austin Revealed: El Despertar           

14 FRI             7pm The Salinas Project

                        10pm The Concert to Face Addiction         


16 SUN           10pm Growing Cities

17 MON          7pm No Evidence of Disease

                        10pm Sight: The Story of Vision

18 TUES          7pm Second Opinion #808 “Living with Alzheimer’s”

                        7:30pm Rochester City Council Meeting (Replays: 12pm Saturday 10/29)  

                        10pm Long Road Home                                                      

19 WED          7pm Contenders – 16 for ’16 #105 “Goldwater/Reagan - The Conservatives”

                        10pm A Mind in Quicksand: Life with Huntington’s                                        

20 THURS       7pm On the Other Side of the Fence

                        10pm No Evidence of Disease                                    

21 FRI            7pm  Ecuador: The Royal Tour               

                        10pm  The Misunderstood Epidemic: Depression                  


23 SUN           10pm Get Off Your Knees: The John Robinson Story               

24 MON           7pm The Teachings of Jon

                        10pm Not Yet Begun to Fight                                     

25 TUES          7pm Sosua: Make A Better World

                        10pm Second Opinion #706 “Breast Reconstruction”

                   10:30pm Second Opinion #905 “Breast Cancer In Young Women”                                               

26 WED           7pm Contenders – 16 for ’16 #106 “Perot/Nader - The Independents”

                        10pm Grab            

27 THURS       7pm Urban Rez

                        10pm Invisible Man: Theater of the Mind            

28 FRI            7pm Fixed: The Science / Fiction of Human Enhancement

                        10pm Dracula: Theater of the Mind                


30 SUN           10pm Frankenstein: Theater of the Mind  

31 MON           7pm Things That Go Bump in the Night “Tales of Haunted New England”

                         10pm Trilogy of Terror




 October 2016

* Hispanic Heritage Month: September 15th - October 15th

Yom Kippur - October 11th  

National Coming Out Day - October 11th

World Food Day - October 16th

Mental Illness Awareness Month

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

National Disability Awareness Month

October 31st - Halloween