Join us at the Corn Hill Festival this weekend

As Rochester transitions from one festival to the next, so do we at WXXI! As legions of music fans just enjoyed nine days of the Xerox International Jazz Festival, art enthusiasts have the Corn Hill Arts Festival to look forward to this weekend. WXXI will move it’s booth from Jazz Street to Cornhill Place for July 9th and 10th where we will answer any questions and give you a heads-up on upcoming programs and events. Stop by and see us – and be sure to pick up a WXXI/Little fan to help beat the heat. While you’re there you may run into WXXI radio hosts such as Brenda Tremblay, Beth Adams, Veronica Volk, Maureen Rich, plus many more staff and volunteers.

And before we get too far removed from the Jazz Festival I’d like to congratulate or television production team on recording nine artists in nine nights for our national Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival series! We produced this season’s series from the Rochester Club for the first time after seven years at Kilbourn Hall. We greatly appreciate the financial support of the Louis S. and Molly B. Wolk Foundation for helping to make the annual WXXI jazz broadcasts a reality. You can look for this season’s series to air sometime before the end of the year!