Join us in a pledge to End the R Word

Our partners at the Golisano Foundation are once again challenging the Rochester community to spread the word to “End the R-Word”. The campaign, which has become one of the largest in the nation for a single region, is part of the national Spread the Word to End the Word project. It asks people to take a stand against using the R-word, "retard" or "retarded," by taking the pledge at We hope you join us and take the pledge on March 2.

You can learn more about the campaign by listening to a recent Connections with Evan Dawson podcast. Just click here and you'll hear Evan's conversation with guests Ann Costello, Director of the B. Thomas Golisano Foundation; Steve Salluzzo, president of Bishop Kearney High School; Dylan Salluzzo, student at McQuaid Jesuit High School and leader of the school’s End the R-Word campaign; and Cori Piels, inclusion specialist at Rochester AmeriCorps.

WXXI’s on-going MOVE TO INCLUDE initiative is proud to support the “End the R Word” campaign. MOVE TO INCLUDE is a partnership between  WXXI and the Golisano Foundation designed to promote  inclusion for people with intellectual and physical disabilities. To learn more, visit