Ashbery Farm

The young John Ashbery

When Garrison Keillor recently profiled American poet John Ashbery on the Writer's Almanac, he only said that Ashbery was "born in Rochester, New York" and "grew up on his family's fruit farm near Lake Ontario."  That made me curious.  I wondering out loud on Classical 91.5 FM where that farm might be, and several listeners e-mailed specifics.  Sue of Williamson, New York wrote:

"My sister (Nancy) said she heard you on the radio this morning mention John Ashbery, and wondered where he grew up. I do know exactly where he grew up! It is a beautiful old farmhouse called 'Ashbery Farm' on Maple Avenue in Sodus, NY. We lived there from 1969-1979 and raised our 4 children there. We loved the old place as it has so much history. He actually visited us there once in the 1970s. What a thrill it was to meet him!"
Sue sent some photos, too. Thank you!

To read more about the Ashbery family and farm where the American poet grew up, click here (thank you, Paul!)
To see the Writer's Almanac about John Ashbery, click here.

I love our listeners' passion for history and literature.  ´╗┐Thank you to everyone who wrote to