City 12 Documentary & Special Programming - July 2015

The Documentaries listed below will air on City 12 during the following timeslots:

Monday-Friday: 7pm and 10pm
Sundays: 10pm


  1 WED           7pm  America Revealed #101 “Food Machine”

                         10pm  Art in the Twenty-First Century #601 “Change”                    

  2 THURS        7pm  Front and Center #302 “Jon Batiste”                                  

                         10pm  Broadway or Bust #101 “The Casting Call”                                       

  3 FRI               7pm  Operation Wild #101

                         10pm  1913: Seeds of Conflict            

  5 SUN           10pm   Chasing Shackleton #101

  6 MON           7pm   Music Gone Public #101 ”Delhi-2-Dublin”

                        10pm   Front and Center #303 “James Blunt”

  7 TUES          7pm   Julia Robinson and Hilbert’s Tenth Problem

                        10pm   America Revealed #101 “Food Machine”                                                              

  8 WED           7pm   America Revealed #102 “Nation on the Move”

                        10pm   Art in the Twenty-First Century #602 “Boundaries”                              

9 THUR         4pm   Rochester City Council Committee Meeting (Replays 12pm Saturday 7/11/15)          

                        7pm   Front and Center #303 “James Blunt”

                        10pm   Broadway or Bust #102 “Boot Camp”                     

10 FRI             7pm   Operation Wild #102

                        10pm   The Cardboard Bernini                         

12 SUN          10pm   Chasing Shackleton #102

13 MON         7pm   Music Gone Public #102 “Frankie Moreno”

                       10pm   Front and Center #304 “Ginger Baker”

14 TUES         7pm   Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing Western New York

                    7:30pm   Rochester City Council Meeting (Replays 12pm Saturday 7/18/15)

                       10pm   America Revealed #102 “Nation on the Move”                                                     

15 WED         7pm   America Revealed #103 “Electric Nation”

                       10pm   Art in the Twenty-First Century #603 “History”                                                      

16 THURS      7pm   Front and Center #304 “Ginger Baker”

                       10pm   Broadway or Bust #103 “And the Winner Is…”                   

17 FRI             7pm   Operation Wild #103

                        10pm   July ‘64                         

19 SUN          10pm   Chasing Shackleton #103

20 MON          7pm   Music Gone Public #103 “Blame Sally”

                       10pm   Front and Center #305 “Christina Perri”                                 

21 TUES          7pm   Lost Civil War Prison, A Time Team America Presentation

                       10pm   America Revealed #103 “Electric Nation”                                                    

22 WED          7pm   America Revealed #104 “Made in the U.S.A.”

                       10pm   Art in the Twenty-First Century #604 “Balance”                         

23 THURS      7pm   Front and Center #305 “Christina Perri”                                

                       10pm   Mind in Quicksand: Life with Huntington's              

24 FRI            7pm   Life on the Reef #101

                   10pm   American Pharaoh                    

26 SUN          10pm   Cosplay!  Crafting a Secret Identity                                           

27 MON          7pm   Music Gone Public #104 “Antsy McClain”

                       10pm   Front and Center #306 “Alt-J”                              

28 TUES         7pm   Legends of the Sky: The Jenny

                       10pm   America Revealed #104 “Made in the U.S.A.”                               

29 WED           7pm  Cafeteria Man

                       10pm   Art in the Twenty-First Century #701 “Investigation”                         

30 THU          7pm   Front and Center #306 “Alt-J”                              

                       10pm   Uranium – Twisting the Dragon’s Tail #101

31 FRI            7pm   Life on the Reef #102

                       10pm   Uranium – Twisting the Dragon’s Tail #102