Brizard Blizzard

Just before Christmas, WXXI Radio News Director Peter Iglinski stopped by my desk and suggested we use our growing partnership with WDKX-FM to do something innovative around the appointment of Jean-Claude Brizard, the new superintendent of the Rochester City School District.

We called a meeting with WDXK's Tariq Spence, whom I rate as one of Rochester's best radio personalities (and just an all-around good guy.)

The "Brizard Blizzard" was born.

(Okay, that is not the official name of our project. But the snow was swirling the day we met, and that's the name that found its way into the space between my ears.)

We'll be announcing all of the details soon - but it will involve extensive radio, television and Web programming that we hope will accomplish two things. One, we hope it will give community members (including students) an opportunity to tell Brizard what they think he should know about the school district. Two, we hope it will give community members ample opportunity to ask direct questions of the new superintendent.

We've added WHAM-TV and City 12 to the mix as well (thanks to two other all-around "good guys" Steve Dawe and Teej Jenkins.)

So stay tuned........