Cancer Survivor Joan Lunden says "Take it On"

Cancer Survivor Joan Lunden says "Take it On"

Joan Lunden at the Riverside Convention Center


Former Good Morning America host Joan Lunden was in Rochester today to provide the keynote address for Lifespan's 19th "Celebration of Aging" luncheon at the Riverside Convention Center.

Lunden shared some of life strategies that she used in her life and career, such as taking on new challenges and expecting to succeed.

She says those same strategies help her in her battle with cancer.

Diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in June, 2014, Lunden went public on social media and talked about her experience -- from sixteen rounds of chemotherapy to six weeks of radiation and therapy -- describing the process all along the way.

Lunden says that has benefitted other women who have been diagnosed as to what to expect, and by reconnecting with people through social media, it has also helped her believe in her own strength to overcome cancer.

She says she's been able to reconnect with tens of thousands of people who used to watch her every morning on TV.

Luden says she's crossed the finish line with cancer, and is back on the speaking circuit.

Lifespan, an organization dedicated to helping older adults, is in the public phase of a three million dollar fundraising campaign.

The organization honored five older adults who were nominated by friends or family for their ways of engaging in life through their activities or attitudes. 

Alex Crichton/WXXI News