Pertussis Cases on the Rise

Pertussis Cases on the Rise


There are now seven confirmed cases of Pertussis, or whooping cough, in Monroe County, and health department spokesman John Ricci says we're seeing more cases of the respiratory disease now than we did ten years ago.

But it's not primarily due to more parents opting out of getting their children vaccinated.

Ricci says while that could be playing a role, it's more a matter of a pertussis vaccine that is losing its efficacy in the last decade.

He says says the composition of the vaccine changed in an effort to develop a vaccine with fewer side effects.

Ricci says while it's still a very good vaccine, it just doesn't work quite as well as it did.

Three cases of Pertussis have been confirmed in the West Irondequoit School District, and four others in the Brighton and Hilton School Districts.

Ricci says this is not rare, but there were much lower levels of whooping cough a decade ago than now, statewide, nationwide and even worldwide.

In a typical year there are 50 to 100 cases in Monroe County.

There were 82 cases last year, and 44 in 2013.

Alex Crichton/WXXI News