City 12 Documentary & Special Programming - March 2015

The Documentaries listed below will air on City 12 during the following timeslots:

Monday-Friday: 7pm and 10pm
Sundays: 10pm


 1 SUN           10pm-  Makers #201 “Women in Comedy”

 2 MON            7pm- African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross #105  5/6 

                        10pm- Front and Center #406 “Keith Urban”                         

  3TUES           7pm- Infinity Hall Live #208 Tommy Emmanuel”

                        10pm- Independent Lens #1404 “Solar Mamas”                               

 4 WED           7pm- Makers #201 “Women in Comedy”

                        10pm- Infinity Hall Live #305 “Los Lonely Boys”                            

 5 THURS        7pm- Front and Center #406 “Keith Urban”

                        10pm- Independent Lens #1414 “Seeking Asian Female”   

 6 FRI               7pm- Makers: Women Who Make America #101

                        10pm- Maggie’s War: A True Story of Courage, Leadership and Valor in World War II               

 8 SUN            10pm- Makers #202 “Women in Hollywood”

 9 MON            7pm- African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross #106  6/6    

                        10pm- Front and Center #407 “Paul Rodgers”

10 TUES         7pm- Infinity Hall Live #301 “The Robert Cray Band”

                        10pm- Meet Mary Pleasant

11 WED          7pm- Makers #202 “Women in Hollywood”

                        10pm- Portraits of the Home Front: The Story of Elizabeth Black                 

12 THUR         4pm- Rochester City Council Committee Meeting (Replays: 12pm Sat. 3/14)

                          7pm- Front and Center #407 “Paul Rodgers”

                        10pm- Sister Wendy at the Norton Simon Museum                         

13 FRI            7pm- Makers: Women Who Make America #102

                        10pm- El Taller            

15 SUN           10pm- Makers #203 “Women in Space”       

16 MON          7pm- Wings for Maggie Ray

                        10pm- Front and Center #408 “The Fray”   

17 TUES          7pm- Bold Visions: Women in Science and Technology

                     7:30pm- Rochester City Council Meeting (Replays: 12pm Saturday 3/21)  

                        10pm- The Kennedy Half Century                                                       

18 WED          7pm- Makers #203 “Women in Space”       

                        10pm- 180 Days in Hartsville #101                                         

19 THURS       7pm- Front and Center #408 “The Fray”

                        10pm- 180 Days in Hartsville #102                                                                             

20 FRI              7pm- Makers: Women Who Make America #103

                        10pm- LaDonna Harris: Indian 101                

22 SUN           10pm- Makers #204 “Women in Politics”       

23 MON           7pm- Independent Lens #1411 “Wonder Women!  Then Untold Story of American Superheroines”

                        10pm- Front and Center #409 “Richard Thompson”                                    

24 TUES           7pm- Infinity Hall Live #302 “Brett Drennen”

                        10pm- Independent Lens #1610 “Little White Lie”                                                    

25 WED           7pm- Makers #204 “Women in Politics”       

                        10pm- Unsung Heroes: The Story of America’s Female Patriots #101           

26 THURS       7pm- Front and Center #409 “Richard Thompson”                                    

                        10pm- Unsung Heroes: The Story of America’s Female Patriots #102           

27 FRI            7pm- Thinking Money: The Psychology Behind Our Best and Worst Financial Decisions

                        10pm- Mary Bateman Clark: A Woman of Colour and Courage

29 SUN           10pm- Makers #205 “Women in Business”             

30 MON           7pm- Virginia Lee Burton: A Sense of Place

                        10pm- Front and Center #410 “Richie Sambora”                                                     

31 TUES          7pm- Infinity Hall Live #303 “Deer Tick”

                        10pm- The Lord is Not on Trial Here Today                                                       

March 2015

Women’s History Month

St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th