What You Should Check Before Renewing Health Coverage

What You Should Check Before Renewing Health Coverage

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Several stories offer tips on renewing insurance policies for next year, including comparing your current policy to alternatives, which might offer better coverage at lower cost, and updating information about family size and income. The additional issues posed by language barriers are also explored.

The New York Times: U.S. Says Consumers Must Renew Health Insurance Policies
The Obama administration began notifying consumers on Wednesday that they should return to the federal health insurance marketplace to renew coverage for next year. In addition, the officials said, consumers should update information on their income and family size and should compare their current insurance with alternatives, which could offer better coverage at a lower cost (Pear, 10/15).

The Associated Press: 4 Questions To Ask Before Renewing Health Coverage
The health care overhaul makes renewing insurance so easy you don’t have to do a thing. However, there are many reasons to resist this temptation. More than 7 million people signed up for coverage through the overhaul’s public insurance exchanges after the first annual open enrollment window started last fall. Open enrollment returns starting Nov. 15, and experts say it brings with it the perfect chance to take stock in your insurance coverage, even if you like the plan you have this year. That coverage — or the cost of it — may change for 2015. Plus, new and better options also could be available in your market (10/15).

Kaiser Health News: Even With Insurance, Language Barriers Could Undermine Asian Americans’ Access To Care
Efforts to enroll Asian Americans in the health law’s marketplace plans have generally been touted as a success, but because coverage details are provided primarily in English or Spanish, those who depend on their native languages have encountered roadblocks as they try to use this new insurance (Luthra, 10/16).

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