Health Officials Encouraging Vaccinations

Health Officials Encouraging Vaccinations

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Excellus BlueCross BlueShield has released a report on vaccination rates.

It suggests upstate residents are more likely to get the flu or other vaccine-related illness compared to other state residents.

And while Finger Lakes region residents are among the least likely to develop the disease, they also have some of the lowest childhood vaccination rates in upstate New York.

Pediatrician Dr. Dr. Matthew Bartels is Medical Director for Clinical Quality at Excellus.

He says the correlation can be drawn that upstate New Yorkers aren't being vaccinated enough to prevent influenza.

And people who aren't vaccinated are putting themselves and others at risk.

Dr. Bartels says it's very important people keep themselves and their children's vaccinations current and up to date.

He adds when adults choose to skip vaccinating their child, it's the equivalent of forgoing the protection offered by a bicycle helmet or a child seat in the car.