City 12 Documentary & Special Programming - October 2014

The Documentaries listed below will air on City 12 during the following timeslots:

Monday-Friday: 7pm and 10pm
Sundays: 10pm


1 WED             7pm- *Stem: Latinos, A Critical Need in America

                         10pm-   Infinity Hall #109 “Rusted Root”

2 THURS         7pm-   Front and Center #209 “The Rides”

                         10pm-   History Detectives #1009                                                                             

3 FRI               7pm-   History Detectives #1009                                                      

                        10pm-   Independent Lens #1501 “The Graduates” 


  5 SUN           10pm- *The Latino Americans #102 “Empire of Dreams”

  6 MON           7pm- *The Latino Americans #102 “Empire of Dreams”

                        10pm-  Front and Center #301 “The Avett Brothers”

  7 TUES          7pm-   Infinity Hall #108 “The Wailin’ Jennys”                                                                                                     

                        10pm- *POV #2513 “Reportero”                                                              

  8 WED           7pm- *Independent Lens #1510 “The State of Arizona” (90 minutes)

                        10pm-   Infinity Hall #110 “Buckwheat Zydeco”                 

  9 THUR          4pm-     Rochester City Council Committee Meeting (Replays: 12pm Sat. 10/11)

                        7pm-    Front and Center #301 “The Avett Brothers”

                        10pm- *Hispanic Heritage Awards 2014                  

10 FRI              7pm- ** The Teachings of Jon

                        10pm-   Independent Lens #1502 “The Graduates”            


12 SUN          10pm- *The Latino Americans #103 “War and Peace”  

13 MON         7pm- *The Latino Americans #103 “War and Peace”  

                       10pm-   Front and Center #302 “Jon Batiste” 

14 TUES         7pm- ***Losing Lambert: A Journey Through Survival & Hope

                    7:30pm-   Rochester City Council Meeting (Replays: 12pm Saturday 10/18)  

                       10pm-   **After Words                                                      

15 WED         7pm- *Ruben Salazar: Man in the Middle: A Voces Special Presentation              

                       10pm-   Infinity Hall #111 “Jonathan Edwards”                                         

16 THURS      7pm-   Front and Center #302 “Jon Batiste” 

                       10pm-  ***The Pain of Depression: A Journey Through the Darkness                  

17 FRI            7pm-  Signs of the Time

                       10pm-  A Promise to My Father                       

19 SUN          10pm- *The Latino Americans #104 “The New Latinos”                 

20 MON          7pm- *The Latino Americans #104 “The New Latinos”                 

                       10pm-   Front and Center #303 “James Blunt”                                    

21 TUES         7pm-    Infinity Hall #109 “Rusted Root”

                       10pm-   James Brown: Live in America                                                    

22 WED          7pm-    Cafeteria Man         

                       10pm-   Infinity Hall #112 “Dawes”             

23 THURS      7pm-   Front and Center #303 “James Blunt”                                    

                       10pm- **POV #2703 “My Way to Olympia”           

24 FRI            7pm-   Growing Cities

                       10pm-  Cafeteria Man


26 SUN          10pm- *The Latino Americans #105 “Pride and Prejudice”                 

27 MON          7pm- *The Latino Americans #105 “Pride and Prejudice”                 

                       10pm-  Front and Center #304 “Ginger Baker”                       

28 TUES         7pm-   Infinity Hall #110 “Buckwheat Zydeco”                                                          

                       10pm-   ***Out of the Shadow                                         

29 WED           7pm-  Growing Cities

                       10pm-   Infinity Hall #113 “The Best of Infinity Hall Live”            

30 THU          7pm-   Front and Center #304 “Ginger Baker”    

                       10pm- ***Long Road Home

31 FRI            7pm-  James Brown: Live in America                                                   

                       10pm- ***Ain’t Done Yet            

*Hispanic Heritage Month – 9/15-10/15

**National Disability Awareness Month

*** National Depression Education and Awareness Month

Food Day – October 24th