Documentaries on City 12 - September 2014

The Documentaries listed below will air on City 12 during the following timeslots:

Monday-Friday: 7pm and 10pm
Sundays: 10pm


  1 MON           7pm-  The Game Changers

                        10pm- Front and Center #205 “Buddy Guy”

   2 TUES         7pm-  Infinity Hall #104 “Tim Reynolds & TR3”                                                 

                        10pm-  Eisenhower’s Secret War #101 “From Warrior to President”

  3 WED           7pm- Alaska, The World, and Wally Hickel

                         10pm- Infinity Hall #105 “The Smithereens                          

 4 THURS         7pm- Front and Center #205 “Buddy Guy”

                         10pm- History Detectives #1005                                           

 5 FRI                7pm- History Detectives #1005                          

                        10pm- Catalina: Hollywood's Magical Island                                



 7 SUN            10pm- Carrier #110 “Full Circle”

 8 MON            7pm- Angelique Kidjo and Friends: Spirit Rising

                        10pm- Front and Center #206 “Jake Bugg”

 9 TUES           7pm- Infinity Hall #105 “The Smithereens”                                                 

                        10pm- Eisenhower’s Secret War #102 “Building Weapons, Talking Peace”                                                                

10 WED           7pm- National Geographic Bee 2014

                        10pm- Infinity Hall #106 “Open Wings Broken Strings”                                                                   

11 THUR         4pm- Rochester City Council Committee Meeting (Replays: 12pm Sat. 9/13)

                          7pm- Front and Center #206 “Jake Bugg”

                        10pm- History Detectives #1006                                          

12 FRI            7pm- History Detectives #1006                                        

                        10pm- **The Pain of Depression: A Journey through the Darkness



14 SUN           10pm- **The Long Road Home

15 MON          7pm- *Cuba Mia: Portrait of an All-Woman Orchestra

                       10pm- Front and Center #207 “Zakk Wylde & The Les Paul Trio”

16 TUES         7pm- Visa Dream                                                 

                         7:30pm- Rochester City Council Meeting (Replays: 12pm Saturday 9/20)  

                        10pm- Art of the Possible          

17 WED          7pm- *Cruz Reynoso: Sowing the Seeds of Justice

                        10pm- Infinity Hall #107 “Shelby Lynne”                                                                                           

18 THURS       7pm- Front and Center #207 “Zakk Wylde & The Les Paul Trio”

                        10pm- History Detectives #1007                                                                                

19 FRI            7pm- History Detectives #1007                                                      

                        10pm- *Cruz Reynoso: Sowing the Seeds of Justice              



21 SUN            10pm- *Running of the Bulls                                                       

22 MON            7pm- Hemingway in Cuba

                         10pm- Front and Center #208 “Rock Candy Funk Party”                                 

23 TUES            7pm- Infinity Hall #106 “Open Wings Broken Strings”                                                                  

                         10pm- ***The Parents’ Survival Guide: Childhood Obesity

24 WED            7pm- *Buen Provecho! Florida’s Spanish Flavor               

                         10pm- Infinity Hall #108 “The Wailin’ Jennys”                                                                                                      

25 THURS        7pm- Front and Center #208 “Rock Candy Funk Party”                                 

                         10pm- History Detectives #1008                                                      

26 FRI               7pm- History Detectives #1008                                                      

                         10pm- *West Encounters East    

27 SAT           11am- American Graduate Day 2014  (11am-6pm)


28 SUN            10pm- *The Latino Americans #101 “Foreigners in Their Own Land”

29 MON            7pm- *The Latino Americans #101 “Foreigners in Their Own Land

                         10pm- Front and Center #209 “The Rides”

30 TUES            7pm- Infinity Hall #107 “Shelby Lynne”                                                                                          

                         10pm- *Hemingway in Cuba 

***Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

**National Suicide Prevention Week: 9/8-9/14

*Hispanic Heritage Month – 9/15-10/15