Documentaries on City 12 - June 2014

The Documentaries listed below will air on City 12 during the following timeslots:

Monday-Friday: 7pm
Sundays: 10pm


  1 SUN        10pm     *Out in America          

  2 MON         7pm     Regents Review 2014 #105 “Global History & Geography”

                      10pm     Regents Review 2014 #107 “Physical Setting/Earth”

  3 TUES         7pm     Pennsylvania Ballet at 50

                      10pm     Regents Review 2014 #108 “Geometry”

  4 WED         7pm     As Long As I Remember; Los Veteranos

                      10pm     Regents Review 2014 #110 “Physical Setting/Chemistry”

  5 THURS     7pm     War Zone / Comfort Zone

                      10pm     Long Road Home                                             

  6 FRI            7pm     A Company of Heroes

                      10pm     D-Day: The Price of Freedom

  7 SAT          11am     Regents Review 2014 #101 “Algebra I (Common Core)”

                      12pm     Regents Review 2014 #102 “English Language Arts (Common Core)”        

                        1pm     Regents Review 2014 #103 “U.S. History & Government”

                        2pm     Regents Review 2014 #104 “Living Environment”     

                        3pm     Regents Review 2014 #105 “Global History & Geography”

                        4pm     Regents Review 2014 #106 “Algebra 2/Trigonometry”

                        5pm     Regents Review 2014 #107 “Physical Setting/Earth”

                        6pm     Regents Review 2014 #108 “Geometry”

                        7pm     Regents Review 2014 #109 “Physical Setting/Physics         

                        8pm     Regents Review 2014 #110 “Physical Setting/Chemistry”


8 SUN         10pm    Music Makes a City

 9 MON          7pm     American Graduate: Vamos a Lograrlo! Shorts #101-#103 

                      10pm     *The Campaign          

10 TUES        7pm     Brazil with Michael Palin #101 “Out of Africa”

                      10pm     *Independent Lens #1225 “Two Spirits”                                          

11WED          7pm      Brazil with Michael Palin #102 “Into Amazonia”

                      10pm     *Anyone and Everyone           

12 THUR        4pm     Rochester City Council Committee Meeting (Replays: 12pm Sat. 6/14)

                      7pm     Brazil with Michael Palin #103 “The Road to Rio”

                      10pm     Wendy Whelan – Moments of Grace            

13 FRI             7pm     Brazil with Michael Palin #104 “The Deep South”

                      10pm     American Graduate: Vamos a Lograrlo! Shorts #101-#103 


15 SUN         10pm     *Independent Lens #1502 “The Graduates”

16 MON         7pm     American Graduate: Vamos a Lograrlo! Shorts #104-#105, #101 

                      10pm     *Independent Lens #1521 “The New Black”

17 TUES         7pm     The Education of Harvey Gantt

7:30pm     Rochester City Council Meeting (Replays: 12pm Saturday 6/21)    

   10pm     Paley on Park Avenue: New York City                                                          

18 WED          7pm     *Independent Lens #1521 “The New Black”

                      10pm     *Independent Lens #1403 “Love Free or Die”         

19 THURS     7pm     Music Makes a City

                      10pm     2501 Migrants: A Journey    

20 FRI             7pm     Independent Lens #1505 “Playwright: From Page to Stage

                       10pm    American Graduate: Vamos a Lograrlo! Shorts #104-#105, #101   


22 SUN         10pm    Next Year Country

23 MON         7pm    Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing America

                      10pm    Great Museums: “Elevated Thinking” The High Line in New York City

24 TUES         7pm    Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival #501 “Gregory Porter”

                      10pm    *The Grove                     

25 WED          7pm    Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival#502 “Louis Armstrong Society Jazz Band”                          

                      10pm    Angelique Kidjo and Friends: Spirit Rising

26 THURS    7pm     Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival#503 “Gretchen Parlato”                                                            

                      10pm    Apache 8

27 FRI            7pm    Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival #504 “Ravi Coltrane Quartet”                                                   

                      10pm   Choctaw Code Talkers


29 SUN         10pm    Chihuly Fire & Light

30 MON         7pm    Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival #505 “Dr. Lonnie Smith Trio”

                      10pm    To Breathe as One




June 6th – D-Day Anniversary

*Gay & Lesbian Pride Month