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Beethoven composing at his piano

www.musicwithease.com This was a popular 19th century print  and was based on a painting (circa 1890) by Carl Schloesser (1832-1914).

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Ludwig van Beethoven

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Piano Concerto No. 4 in G major, Op. 58

While composers premiering their own works is something of a rarity today, the practice was standard in the early 19th century. Beethoven's fourth piano concerto was no exception, with Beethoven himself sitting at the keyboard for both the private and public premieres of the work. Interestingly, the public premiere in 1808 marked Beethoven's final appearance as a soloist with orchestra in his career. The piece was well received at the time and was labeled "the most admirable, singular, artistic and complex Beethoven concerto ever," in an 1809 review.

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