Morning Mailbag

One of our chief joys is hearing from WXXI's classical music listeners.  Enjoy a sample of a few e-mails from recent weeks.


I've been listening to your show on the way in to work lately and really enjoying the selection. Michael Pratorius was new to me, and a direct hit.

A question: you played a chaconne by Marin Marais last week (I believe by the Concert of Nations). I'd like to track the recording down, but he wrote a number of chaconnes. Can you shed any light?



Hi, T---------,

Thanks for the nice note.  I'm so glad you listen!  You heard Marin Marais'  Chaconne d'Alcione, the last track on a CD called Les Grandes Eaux Musicales de Versailles - featuring the Concert of Nations.  It's on the Alia Vox label. # 9842   All good stuff.  There's more detail here:

With warmest wishes,



This one stumped me.


I listen to you guys all the time and you do an awesome job of announcing 
artists and titles. Today I had to rush into work so I didn't have time to 
catch this song I fell in love with. It went like this: I told you once I 
told you twice, I wanna treat your baby nice. OH oh OH!
I googled it and I couldn't find it! Can I get a name palease?
  Thank you!


(I had no idea. Can you help? B)


I love the boomerang quality of this e-mail from American composer Rick Sowash.

Hi Brenda --

Today I received this lovely message from one of your listeners:
"I am a primary care physician in Rochester, New York.  I heard the Trio No 2 
from your album "Enchantement d'avril" this morning on our local fm 
station, WXXI, as I was driving home from the gym at 6:30 a.m., and found it 
particularly enjoyable.  In fact, I was sort of passively listening and then 
really tuned in and thought, this is REALLY good!  So I listened to the end 
so I could see what it was, Googled it, and that sent me to your web site.  I 
then listened to the clip from Trio No. 1 and it also spoke to me in some 
special way!   I had never heard of you or your music before, so I was 
delighted to become aquainted with it.  I like a variety of classical (and 
other music) and come from a musical family. ....”
Pretty cool, huh?  What times we live in, when these kinds of connections are 

Thanks so much for airing my music.


Rick Sowash

Dear Mr. Sowash,

Thank you for the nice note.  Please count WXXI music hosts among your fans.  Thank you for making so many people happy with your music.

With warmest wishes,

Brenda Tremblay

And finally . . .


I've been encouraging my boyfriend to get into classical music lately, and on the way to work this morning he said he heard a "kickass violin and piano piece" (sic) that he didn't catch the name of.  It was probably aired just a few minutes before 6:30.  If you could let me know what piece that was, I'd really appreciate it!   Thanks, and have a great day--


Dear L---

It's great that you are introducing your boyfriend to classical

music.   What day did he hear the "kickass piece" for violin and piano?


After playing around with the WXXI website, I did end up finding the piece: Grieg's Violin Sonata No. 3.

Thanks for getting back to me!


I'm glad you found it!   Thanks for listening!




Please remove the silly cats

Please remove the silly cats meow's played during the bird chirping at the 5:59-6:00am time-frame. You recently started this and it is quite annoying.

I am trying to enjoy the birds and a distracting cat is meowing. Please, go back to the original track where it was nature playing a 'song', not a domesticated animal asking for attention.


Cats impounded! Thanks for listening to Classical 91.5.