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There is a new magazine devoted to classical music, and it's based out of the United States (unlike Grammphone or BBC, which come to us from overseas).  This has the potential to really set a course of what "classical music" means in America.  I've got my thoughts, and I'd love to hear yours!
If these folks want to grab attention--and subscribers--they ought to focus on American music, new music, crossover projects, and most importantly on the lives and personalities of musicians.  
Classical music in America lacks a distinct sense of pride in our own music.  We should (and of course continue to) celebrate the works of composer long past.  But how many orchestra boards hesitate to put that piece of new music on a season series because it won't "get people in the seats?"  How hesitant are fans of classical music to actually try new classical music?  I think this is a direct result of a lack of information to break people of their listening habits.  And that is why a magazine that highlights not only how great the current music is, but focuses on the lives, thoughts, and even mundane TV-watching habits of living classical artists will--I think--pull people in to read, and hopefully lead people out to listen.  What do you think?
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New Magazine

Chris Van Hof,

Don't think you mentioned the name of this welcome addition. Is it out of
Rochester with WXXI? I've written on classical music for TimeOut Chicago
but they are cutting back on classical coverage. So who should I write
to for submitting a story idea and do you know what they pay?
Many thanks for helping out a classical lover like yourself.


Hi Tom,Try their

Hi Tom,

Try their website:

It's not related to WXXI, it just intrigued me!  I hope it does well.


 Chris Van Hof

WXXI-FM Afternoon Host

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