Documentaries on City 12 - January 2013

The Documentaries listed below will air on City 12 during the following timeslots:

Monday-Friday: 7pm
Sundays: 9pm


  1 TUES         Seneca Falls                              

  2 WED          Moment in Time 

  3 THURS      Evening with Smokey Robinson

  4 FRI             Life on Fire #101 “Icelandic Volcanoes”


  6 SUN           Going Blind (90 Minutes)                   

  7 MON         Music’s Gonna Get You Through                   

  8 TUES         The Way Bobby Sees it

  9 WED          Different Is The New Normal: Living A Life with Tourette's            

10 THURS      Rare                  

11 FRI             Life on Fire #102 “Volcano Doctors”   


13 SUN           POV #2513 “Reportero”

14 MON         The Abolitionists: American Experience #101 “Part One: 1820s-1838”        

15 TUES         Xerox Rochester international Jazz Fest #407 “Eliane Ellias”                       

16 WED          Darkness Into Light #101 “Guadalupe: Mother of all Mexico”   

17 THUR        4pm Rochester City Council Committee Meeting  (Replays:  2pm Sat. 1/19/13)

                        7pm National Geographic Bee 2012

18 FRI            Life on Fire #103 “The Surprise Salmon”


20 SUN           Pioneers of Television #301 “Funny Ladies”  

21 MON         11am-2pm PBS NewsHour Inauguration 2013: A Special Report                                                  

                    7pm The Abolitionists: American Experience #102 “Part Two: 1838-1854”

22 TUES         7pm Bonaparte’s Retreat                                                        

                    7:30pm Rochester City Council Meeting (Replays 4pm Saturday 1/26/13)

23 WED          Darkness Into Light #102 “Semana Santa, San Miguel                          

24 THURS      Singing Revolution                   

25 FRI             Life on Fire #104 “Phoenix Temple”  


27 SUN           Pioneers of Television #301 “Primetime Soaps”

28 MON         The Abolitionists: American Experience #103 “Part Three: 1854-Emancipation and Victory”                       

29 TUES         Xerox Rochester international Jazz Fest #409 “Raul Midon”                                                                

30 WED          Darkness Into Light #103 “Following the Spirit”

31 THURS      Last Rights: Facing End of Life Choices