February 17 Has Come and Gone

February 17 has come and gone with only one station making the cutoff, WUHF Analog Channel 31. The word is that they will continue the NiteLite Program (where they broadcast important information regarding the setup of digital receivers) for 14 days thru March 4th. The 18th generated a few more call than normal in the Rochester area.   The national FCC phone bank apparently transferred calls from other locations to the WXXI DTV Help desk as we took calls from several out-of-state locations. (I’m sure that they didn’t see our phone number on the air.)  Many thanks to the 'Ham' radio operators that donated their time and effort to assist us with DTV calls.

WXXI continues to work the outstanding DTV contacts that require extra assistance in getting setup for the new date, June 12th. So, if you have contacted the WXXI DTV Help Line (866-348-9991), expected a call back and have not heard from us, we are working through the file… First come, first served…
The majority of the calls seem to be issues with an antenna. Whether indoor or outdoor, the antenna must be capable of VHF and UHF operation as Channel 10 and 13 will move back to these channels, in the VHF band, from channel 58 and 59 in the UHF band after the shutoff. As to how good the signals will be from those two stations as they migrate, well the first test several nights ago seemed very good. So, I’m using the rule, if you receive channels 10 and 13 analog currently with no snow, in analog, then you may not have any trouble receiving 10 and 13 digital after they movetheir digital services back to the VHF band.
Again, if you are having trouble receiving digital stations in the Rochester area inspect the antenna and cable for damage. Check the orientation of the antenna. (We have a few calls recently reporting that the viewer can no longer receive the DTV stations as they one had. Seems the high winds had rotated the antenna away in the wrong direction.)
I always recommend an outside antenna, although I don’t use one myself… Isn’t that the way it almost always is…


DTV antenna

Living in the Seabreeze area, the indoor antennas are pretty spotty. I purchased a decent roof antenna at a local home center (begins with L) for less than $60. Solid reception now, pointing at Pinnacle Hill. Don't forget lightning protection-ground the antenna and the cable outside your house.

Digital TV

Until the change this month I had a beautiful picture ( channels 8,10 &13) I have both a anolog set w/converter box and a flat screen w/tuner and both are on an outside antenna. Yesterday with the fog I could not get any of the channels. This AM I 'm getting 8.1, but can not get 10.1,10.2 or 13.1,13.2. The first day of the transition I could not get these four. The next day I rescanned and got all 10.1 10.2 13.1 &13.2. There is another problem every time a large vehicle goes through the intersection at the main road the signal gets messed up.I personaly think that our government should stay out of our private lives. I do not have cable available and in order to get Rochester network channels I have to get a waiver to have them included on the Dish. Why should I have to pay for something I have been able to recieve all these years!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this whole deal is nothing but a money grab. I've laid out money for a new TV, antenna, and converter box and still can't watch my favoite shows.

WXXI Reduced Digital TV Power on June 12

...nobody knows why. Doesn't appear the technical team at WXXI has a clue why this happened.

Any Updates on Tower Mods or Better Signal?

Hi Kent...any news on tower mods or fixing the problem in the Webster area?