1370 Connection Old Show Archives - 2002

The following are lists of guests and topics that were discussed on episodes of the WXXI radio program 1370 Connection for the given years.  The program is no longer in production and has been replaced by Connections with Evan Dawson.  Follow this link to return to the listings archive page.

Week of 12/30/02-1/3/03 (updated release)
Hr. 1-Reporters' roundtable; Jack Doyle calls it a political career, and we discuss it with
journalists Mike Caputo, Bud Lowell and Mark Giardina, and invite your comments
Hr. 2-The year in review, state government; Albany bureau chief Karen DeWitt (live line)

Hr.1-The year in review in finance; MCC's Joe Marchese
Hr.2-Pre-empted for holiday special programming

Hr.1-2002 in Review on 1370 Connection; issues and personalities of the year (tape)
Hr.2-Pre-empted for holiday special programming

Thu: (live programming resumes)
Hr. 1-Darryl Porter; the search for a new school superintendent
Hr. 2-European affairs expert Gail Mattox (tape)

Hr. 1-State Assembly Minority Leader Charles Nesbitt (live line)
Hr. 2-The view from space; Astronaut Pam Melroy (tape) and veteran journalist and
spacefllight analyst Pat Duggins, with an update on the space program (live line)

Week of 12/23-27/02 (revised final release)
Hr. 1-Holiday stories, shared by the people of Writers and Books (tape)
Hr. 2-Inspiring words of hope from beloved best-selling author, Rabbi Harold
Kushner (tape)
Hr.1-Pre-empted for holiday special programming
Hr.2-Coping with holiday season stress; psychologist and counselor Dr. Cedric
Alexander (tape)
Christmas Day; 1370 Connection pre-empted for holiday special programming

Thu: (live programming resumes)
Hr. 1-John Larish, our business and technology correspondent, reviews 2002 with
us in the realm of technology, business and opportunity in Rochester
Hr. 2-MCC political scientist Ed Lundberg reviews 2002 in politics, public policy and
Hr. 1-Tom Proietti; the year in review in media
Hr. 2-Open phone Friday; nominate your winners and losers for 2002

Week of 12/16-20 (first release)

Hr. 1-Historian Michael Leavy shares his book of images of Rochester long ago
Hr. 2-Tom Mees, Sonnenberg Gardens board chair; the gardens' fate

Hr.1-Films of 2002 in review; movie critic George Grella
Hr.2-National Holocaust Museum historian Severin Hochberg (tape)

Hr.1-Businessman Michael Argaman; why he's starting a campaign to change Monroe
County's name
Hr.2- Rescheduled for Jan. 2 -- Rochester School Board member Darryl Porter, updating the search for a new permanent School Superintendent

Hr. 1-D&C home repair columnist Jerry Ludwig
Hr. 2-Mark Green, author of "Selling Out" (live line)

Hr. 1-Rochester Police Chief Robert Duffy updates our city's battles against drugs and
Hr. 2-A holiday special; Remembering Ed Cornwell, we present his final program for
WXXI, a pre-recorded discussion of holiday traditions through the years (tape)

Week of 12/9-13 (revised release)

Hr. 1-Dan Herbeck of the Buffalo News, who took James Kopp's public confession to
the killing of Dr. Barnett Slepian (live line)
Hr. 2-Human Rights Day; Howell Geib and Mary Boite of the United Nations Association

Hr.1-How safe are your kid's Christmas toys? Consumer advocate Judy Braiman has
Hr.2-Outgoing State Senator Richard Dollinger; why he'll introduce one more bill during
the upcoming special session, as a parting shot to the State Education Department

Hr.1-Rochester School Board Finance Committee Chairman Jim Bowers crunches
the numbers and gives us a look ahead into a looming tough budget year
Hr.2-Heidi Zimmer-Mayer, President of the Rochester Downtown Development Cor-

Hr. 1-Historian John MacNaughton takes us back into the past
Hr. 2-Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge mark the anniversary of America's most
fateful modern battle (and its most important victory)

Hr. 1-Political scientist Peter Galie led a project to rewrite New York State's Constitution
and shows us what he and his team have come up with (live line)
Hr. 2-Sociologist Elijah Anderson takes us inside inner-city America (tape)

Week of 12/2-6 (first release)

Hr. 1-Pre-empted for holiday special programming
Hr. 2-Leadership in America...former senior Clinton administration aide Peter Edelman

Hr.1-Pre-empted for holiday special programming
Hr.2-The power of nonviolence; author and advocate Jack DuVall (live line)

Hr.1-State Senator-Elect Joe Robach; the challenges ahead for NY State
Hr.2-Federal Bankruptcy Court Judge John Ninfo, on what he's doing to make sure
you're credit-smart and DON'T have to meet him in his professional capacity

Hr. 1-Industrial Management Council President Sandra Parker; where the jobs will
come from
Hr. 2-John Westerberg takes us into the world of collectible books

Hr. 1-Pre-empted for special holiday programming
Hr. 2-Kay Pranis, expert in restorative justice (tape)

Week of 11/25-29 (first release)

Hr. 1-America's image in the world; author Mark Herzgaard (live line)
Hr. 2-Yahel Vilan, Israel's consul in New York, on the Middle East today (tape)

Hr.1-Assemblyman Joe Morelle; what's ahead for NY State
Hr.2-Congressman Jim Walsh, who will begin representing Rochester's eastern
suburbs in January (live line)

Hr.1-MCC business professor Joe Marchese helps you with money management
Hr.2-Meet local native, and novelist, Starbuck O'Dwyer

1370 Connection pre-empted for special holiday programming

1370 Connection pre-empted for special holiday programming
We return live at 1 PM on Monday, 12/2/02

Week of 11/18-22 (first release)

Hr. 1-Nicholson Baker, best selling author and Rochester native (live line)
Hr. 2-conversation recorded earlier this year with local author Marie Howe(tape)

Hr.1-Monroe County Legislator Ray Santirocco, a principal author of the budget
Hr.2-Author and privacy expert Phil Mulivor on a new Pentagon agency that may be
building a dossier on YOU

Hr.1-Putting the garden to bed for winter; Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank
Hr.2-County Legislature Majority Leader Bill Smith; the county's fiscal future

Hr.1-Home repair expert and D&C columnist Jerry Ludwig
Hr.2-Assemblyman David Koon and Coleman McCarthy; honoring the peacemakers
in our community

Hr.1-Finger Lakes-based author Rich Gallagher on "The Soul of an Organization"
Hr.2-Open phone...say anything you want!

Week of 11/11-15 (first release)

Hr. 1-Mary Frances Winters on business ethics, change and leadership
Hr. 2-Deborah Ellwood of the Rochester Area Community Foundation and the
Children's Agenda; reaction of child service agencies to the county budget

Hr.1-Gary Mervis; Rochester's alliance against violence moves forward
Hr.2-UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter on the new international inspection regime
in Iraq, and why he feels a war now against Saddam is unwise (tape)

Hr.1-The convening of the Starkweather Institute Memorial Forum; recent guber-
natorial contender Tom Golisano and Rochester school board member Jim Bowers
discuss the politics and impact of interest groups
Hr.2-The Starkweather Forum continues; representatives of prominent interest groups
including NOW,. the Chamber of Commerce, New York United Teachers, and New
Yorkers for Constitutional Freedom

Hr.1-Historian John MacNaughton looks at history's impact on us
Hr.2-recently recorded, but never before broad-
cast, conversation we had on Halloween afternoon with actress
and singer Lainie Kazan, recently honored by the High Falls Film
Hr.1-Derek Spann; what the inner city needs to know, and do, about homeland security
Hr.2-International law expert David Wipman on security and international criminal law
(tape) or TBA

All programs are live in studio unless otherwise noted. Hr. 1 airs live at 12 noon,
and replays at 8 PM; Hr. 2 airs live at 1 PM, and replays at 9 PM.

The program with actress and entertainer Lainie Kazan, co-star of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding,"
originally scheduled for the second hour on 11/12, will instead play on 11/18 in the second hour.

Week of 11/4-8 (revised, updated release)

Hr. 1-Matt Marion, editor, Men's Health magazine, says Rochester's one of the
healthiest cities--at least for men--and explains why (live line)
Hr. 2-David Burrell, on Peacemaking in the Holy Land

Hr.1-Schools; Cynthia Nixon, star of "Sex and the City" and activist/advocate for
public schools in NY (tape) and Jody Siegle, executive director, Monroe Co.
School Boards Association
Hr.2-Election Commissioners Peter Quinn and Thomas Ferrarese

Hr.1-Political scientist Ed Lundberg helps us examine the results of the 2002 vote
Hr.2-Ward Churchill; can our treatment of native Americans be called genocide?

Hr.1-Ray Grosswirth, national board member of CORPUS, advocating for an opening
of the Church to married men and women
Hr.2-Latin America examined, with US News & World Report's Linda Robinson (tape)

Hr.1-What all Americans should know; the editors of the "Encyclopedia of Cultural
Literacy" (live line)
Hr.2-Rabbi Harold Kushner (tape)

Antiques expert Ed Cornwell will be unable to appear for his scheduled segment on
11/7 because of illness. We look forward to his return to the program next month.

Week of 10/28-11/1 (revised, corrected final release)

Hr. 1-The Best of 1370 Connection; Vint Cerf, Astronaut Story Musgrave (tape)
Hr. 2-Elijah Anderson of the University of Pennsylvania; the code of
the street (tape)

Hr.1-Monroe County Legislator Ray Santirocco will drop by and
discuss his alternate budget plan for the county during the noon hour.
Hr.2-Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson (live line)

Hr.1-Joe Marchese of MCC on money management
Hr.2-Werner Fornos, president, The Population Council

Hr.1-Rochester Police Chief Robert Duffy
Hr.2-Women in film celebrated; Catherine Wyler and Bill Coppard of the High Falls
Film Festival

Hr.1-Rabbi Harold Kushner (tape) or TBA
Hr.2-Examining the media with MCC's Tom Prioetti

Week of 10/21-25 (revised, updated release)

Hr. 1-Carl Zimmer, author of "Evolution" (live line)
Hr. 2-Esther Maltese and Jane Chase, of the Women's Summit on domestic

Hr.1-Humorist Calvin Trillin (live line)
Hr.2-Nora Bredes of the U of R shares her study of why women are under-
represented in local government in NY State

Hr.1-CNBC commentator and national columnist Jeff Madrick on the economy (live line)
Hr.2-Monroe County legislative leaders Dennis Pelletier and Stephanie Aldersley look
at the county budget

Hr.1-Political analyst Gerald Goldhaber handicaps the election campaign as it enters
the home stretch
Hr.2-Peter Palermo III, who authored the study that's driving social service reorganization in Monroe County

Hr.1-Rabbi Harold Kushner, best-selling author and featured speaker at Rochester's
upcoming Jewish Book Festival (live line)
Hr. 2-Open Phone free for all!

All programs are live in studio unless otherwise noted. Hr. 1 airs live at 12 noon,
and replays at 8 PM; Hr. 2 airs live at 1 PM, and replays at 9 PM.

The program with Lithuanian Ambassador to the US Vygaudas Usackas, originally
scheduled for 10/25 at noon, will instead be heard at noon on 10/29/02.

Week of 10/7-11 (revised, corrected release)

Hr. 1-Looking at the state's economy and budget as year's end approaches;
Frank Mauro of the Fiscal Policy Institute (live line)
Hr. 2-Novelist Tom Barbash, whose latest, "The Last Good Chance", is set
here in Upstate NY (live line)

Hr.1-Perspectives on the Middle East; Michael Dobkowski of Hobart & William
Smith Colleges and Salahuddin Malik of SUNY Brockport
Hr.2-Anita Miller, co-author of the first English language biography of Ariel
Sharon (live line)

Hr.1-Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank; putting your garden to bed for the winter, part I
Hr.2-Rochester School Board member Darryl Porter, who heads the search com-
mittee for a new school superintendent

Hr.1-Jerry Ludwig helps you prepare your home for colder weather
Hr.2-David Reid and Robert Manning, RIT; globalization re-examined

Hr.1-NYS Insurance Department head Gregory Serio; the state of health insurance
in our state today (live line)
Hr. 2-Cannonball! It comes to life with nationally known author (and Western New
Yorker) Brock Yates

Week of 9/30-10/4 (revised release)

Hr. 1-James Carroll, author of "Toward A New Catholic Church" (live line)
Hr. 2-Phil Alden Robinson, director of "Field of Dreams" and "Sum of All
Fears" (tape)
Hr.1-Nazareth College political scientist Timothy Kneeland on the tightening
race for Governor
Hr.2-William Julius Wilson of Harvard University; is welfare reform failing?

Hr.1-The Capitol Steps' Elaina Newport takes us through "16 Scandals"
Hr.2-Tom Drennen of Hobart and William Smith Colleges says, be prepared for
sticker shock at the gas pumps

Hr.1-Rochester resident and author Debra Trione; how she got famous Amer-
icans to describe their dream worlds
Hr.2-Antiques and collectibes expert Ed Cornwell
Hr.1-The challenge of the "sandwich generation"; Sharon Boyd of the Alzheimers'
Association and Sister Ann Malloy of the Mercy Center for the Aging
Hr. 2-Nationally syndicated columnist Richard Cohen (live line)

Week of 9/23-27/02 (first release)

Hr. 1-John Mueller of Ohio State U.; prospects for war with Iraq
Hr. 2-Today's investment climate as seen by one of Wall Street's most respected
economic analysts, Nancy Kimmelman (live line)

Hr.1-From Photokina in Cologne; Kodak's Consumer Imaging President
Dan Palumbo and Didital & Applied Imaging President Willy Shih
Hr.2-Sonia Manzano, best known as Sesame Street's "Maria" (tape)

Hr.1-MCC business professor and personal finance expert Joe Marchese
Hr.2-Pastor Joy Powell and Rev. Moses Brown; Northwest side residents mobilize on
issues of public safety and police procedure

Hr.1-Burt Kepler of Photo Marketing Association, from the Photokina show
Hr.2-Craig Wilson of USA Today looks at the little things in life

Hr.1-Business in the post-Enron era considered; Ed Reilly, CEO of the American
Management AssociationMCC economist Kathy Bromley; why this still is no ordinary recession
Hr. 2-Open phone free for all!

Week of 9/16-20/02 (first release)
Hr. 1-Pastor Joy Powell; Northwest side residents mobilize on police procedure
Hr. 2-Henry McCartney of the Landmark Society; why he and others are taking the
county to court over zoo plans
Hr.1-Local author Peter Lovenheim, on "Portrait of a Burger As A Young Calf"
Hr.2-Politics 2002; opinion researcher Gerald Goldhaber (live line)

Hr.1-Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank on fall gardening
Hr.2-Councilman Wade Norwood; the city's new zoning legislation

Hr.1-Home repair and remodeling experts Jerry Ludwig and Steve Jordan
Hr.2-County legislator Chris Wilmot; proposing a state takeover of Rochester
public schools
Hr.1-Doug Rice of ArtWalk; the grand opening of the city's newest and largest public
art project
Hr.2-MCC economist Kathy Bromley; why this still is no ordinary recession

Week of 9/9-13/02 (revised release/update)

Hr. 1-Historian John MacNaughton; was 9/11unique in our history?
Hr. 2-Tom Proietti of MCC; pop culture post-9/11 bounces back to normal

Hr.1-Congresswoman Louise Slaughter; the federal government post-9/11 (live line)
Hr.2-Henry P. "Pete" French, MCC political scientist, on how the system has responded
over the past 12 months

Hr.1-Our special live broadcast from the George Eastman House; GEH director
Tony Bannon and the people who contributed their photos to "Picturing
What Matters"
Hr.2-Our special live broadcast from the George Eastman House continues;
community leaders including Mayor Bill Johnson; Assemblyman David Koon;
Greater Rochester Community of Churches President Sister Beth LeValley;
Larry Fine, executive director, Jewish Community Federation; and Dr.
Muhammad Shafiq, Imam of the Islamic Center of Rochester; reflecting
on our community on the first anniversary of the 9/11/2001 tragedy

Hr.1-Preschool for all? Businessman and Committee for Economic Development
board member Roy Bostock makes the case
Hr.2-Rochester School Superintendent Dr. Manuel Rivera

Hr.1-Dr. Steven Hanks, former president, Monroe County Medical Society, on the
doctor drain and the problems of Medicare
Hr.2-Rochester area veterans launch a search for their comrades, as they prepare
to commemorate those who made the ultimate sacrifice

Week of 9/2-6/02 (first release)

Mon: (Labor Day; fully pre-recorded show for the holidays)
Hr. 1-"The Best of 1370 Connection"; political leaders past and present (Richard
Gephardt, the late William Simon) (tape)
Hr. 2-"The Best of 1370 Connection"; Innovative thinkers in education (Marva
Collins, former Regents chancellor Carl Hayden) (tape)

Hr.1-Free speech issues past and present; historian Thomas Weidlich, who'll
be appearing at the U of R next week (live line)
Hr.2-Jerry Shea, the co-plaintiff in a lawsuit to open up the state's upcoming
primary election (live line)

Hr.1-A "modest proposal" on welfare, in response to the budget crisis; Bob Ingram
of the welfare-reform lobby "Empower"
Hr.2-A look at urban education as school opens for the year; former Regent Dr.
Walter Cooper

Hr.1-Handicapping the primaries; pollster and political analyst Gerald Goldhaber
Hr.2-Antiques and collectibles expert Ed Cornwell

Hr.1-A "minority report" on the controversy over Dr. Clifford Janey's departure
from the Rochester school system; school board finance chair Jim Bowers
Hr.2-SUNY Brockport security and criminal justice expert Richard Frey; does our
response to security and public safety since 9/11 represent success or
shortfall? (live line)

All programs are live in studio unless otherwise noted. Hr. 1 airs live at 12 noon,
and replays at 8 PM; Hr. 2 airs live at 1 PM, and replays at 9 PM.

Taped programs may be rescheduled on short notice and replaced with live pro-
gramming. All scheduled segments are subject to change in response to breaking
news stories.

Week of 8/26-30/02 (first release)

Hr. 1-The Center for Governmental Research's Sarah Boyce; are city kids being
poisoned and stunted by lead paint?
Hr. 2-"The Best of 1370 Connection"; pioneers of science speak out, including
Internet inventor Vint Cerf and astronaut Story Musgrave (tape)

Hr.1-The post-Janey era in Rochester public education; school board member
Rob Brown
Hr.2-Music educator Josef Verba; bringing music to Rochester's younger, and
older, generations

Hr.1-Money management in uncertain times; MCC's Joe Marchese
Hr.2-The new panel studying government consolidation; former Rochester mayor
Tom Ryan and additional guests TBA

Hr.1-Journalist Sandra Mackey takes us inside the conflict with Iraq (live line)
Hr.2-Impact of Monroe County cuts on social services; United Way CEO Joe
Calabrese, Lifeline director Bob Bonn, and others TBA

Hr.1-As Labor Day approaches, a look at the labor scene with AFL-CIO Rochester
council president Jim Bertolone
Hr.2-Open phone free-for-all

Week of 8/19-23/02 (first release)

Hr. 1-Becky Sumner, Center for Governmental Research; do we qualify and
recruit teachers the right way?
Hr. 2-"The Best of 1370 Connection"; conversations with national security ex-
perts John Mueller and Walter LaFeber (tape)

Hr.1-The migrant family, part I; we talk with experts and activists working with
rural migrant families to help meet their basic needs
Hr.2-The migrant family, part II; the emphasis this hour is on the educational needs
of migrant workers

Hr.1-Gardening tips from Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank
Hr.2-Northwest side activists turning tragedy into an impetus for change; Charlotte
Hill, mother of murder victim Tyshaun Cauldwell, and Marion Walker

Hr.1-Acclaimed author Frank Deford (live line)
Hr.2-NPR and NBC United Nations correspondent Linda Fasulo (tape)

Hr.1-Nazareth College political scientist Timothy Kneeland; the closing acts of
the NY primary season
Hr.2-Stephen Kagann, Gov. Pataki's chief economic advisor, on how he thinks
the upstate economy's doing (live line)

Week of 8/12-16/02 (3d revised release)

Hr. 1-Jerry Faivish; a graphic history of a global tragedy (tape)
Hr. 2-International security consultant Harlan Ullman looks at the possible
conflict with Iraq (live line)

Hr.1-RIT's Steve Jacobs; are we getting all we can from technology?
Hr.2-Historian John MacNaughton; we may be at a crossroads today, like we
were 90 years ago

Hr.1-Jennifer Daniels, Green Party candidate for lieutenant governor
Hr.2-Leaders of the two major parties in the County Legislature, Bill Smith and
Stephanie Polowe Aldersley, discuss the proposed county budget cuts

Hr.1-Home repair expert Jerry Ludwig helps you get your house in order
Hr.2-"Healthy Cities, Healthy Suburbs"; a new national report compares us with
America's major metros. We talk with Monroe County Health Commissioner
Dr. Andrew Doniger and the report's author, Dr. Dennis Andrulis of New
York's Downstate Medical Center (live line)

Hr.1-Farewell 716; Frontier Telephone's Tor Costantino
Hr.2-"It's The Little Things"; local author Amy Collins


Week of 8/5-9/02 (revised)

Hr. 1-Fairport school superintendent William Cala and the U of R's Richard
Ryan; will high stakes testing improve education?
Hr. 2-Collectible books expert John Westerberg

Hr.1-Rebuilding a neighborhood; Marion Walker, president of the Jay-Orchard
Neighborhood Association in Rochester
Hr.2-Rev. Raymond Graves of United Church Ministries; a critical view of
allegations of police profiling

Hr.1-Brighton Supervisor Sandra Frankel; affordable housing in the suburbs?
Hr.2-Meet the people behind the upcoming Eastman House exhibit inspired by
September 11; photo curator Therese Mulligan and Eliza Koslowski

Hr.1-The impact of county budget cuts; Library Director Richard Panz and other
additional guests TBA
Hr.2-Area Congressman John LaFalce

Hr.1-Folksinger Odetta (tape)
Hr.2-From our series of The Best of 1370 Connection; Bishop Matthew Clark and
Father Jim Callan with two perspectives on the future of their church (tape)

Our conversation with historian John MacNaughton, originally scheduled for August
8 at noon, will air instead on Tuesday,August 13 at 1 PM.

Week of 7/29-8/2/02 (first release)

Hr. 1-What does our high crime rate mean? Perspective from SUNY Brockport
criminologist and law enforcement veteran Richard Lumb

Hr. 2-Political scientist Henry "Pete" French of MCC, on whether we're now
getting back to normal after September 11

Hr.1-Will Western NY casinos breed more gambling addicts? We ask problem
gambling counselor Cynthia Steele of the Health Association

Hr.2-Attica prosecutor Malcolm Bell; the unresolved story of a tragedy (tape)

Hr.1-MCC business professor Joe Marchese on money management

Hr.2-Meet the leaders of the Center for Dispute Settlement's Task Force on
Violence, and get a progress report

Hr.1-Racial profiling by police; is it happening in the Rochester area? RIT crimin-
ologist John Klofas and NYCLU attorney Scott Foryth report their findings

Hr.2-Ed Cornwell answers your questions on antiques and collectibles

Hr.1-NY State League of Women Voters legislative director Barbara Bartoletti;
how do we make politics more competitive and elections mean more?

Hr.2-Theologian Walter Fluker; faith communities and social action (tape)

Week of 7/22-26/02 (first release)

Hr. 1-Newly appointed acting Rochester school superintendent Manuel Rivera
Links: http://wxxi.org/schedules/choice.htm#rivera

Hr. 2-Father Roy Bourgeois, activist and critic of the "School of the Americas"

Hr.1-Writing in Rochester, with David Schickler, author of "Kissing in Manhattan"
Hr.2-Rochester native and acclaimed poet Marie Howe
(Both hours today are pre-recorded)

Hr.1-Area Assemblyman Joseph Morelle
Hr.2-Ralph Spezio, retiring Principal, School 17; Rochester's educational challenge

Hr.1-Lawyer Matthew Fusco; how the fate of Global Crossing employees and
shareholders should be handled (tentative)
Hr.2-Affordability of housing in Rochester; Housing Council executive director
Anne Peterson

Hr.1-AP reporter and author Beth Harpaz; women, politics and the media (tape)
Hr.2-Open phone free-for-all!

All programs are live in studio unless otherwise noted. Hr. 1 airs live at 12 noon,
and replays at 8 PM; Hr. 2 airs live at 1 PM, and replays at 9 PM.

Taped programs may be rescheduled on short notice and replaced with live pro-
gramming. All scheduled segments are subject to change in response to breaking
news stories.

Week of 7/15-19/02 (revised release)

Hr. 1-The political season's under way; analysis from MCC's Ed Lundberg
Hr. 2-Bestselling author Garry Wills declares amidst the crisis in the church
today, "Why I Am A Catholic" (live line)

Hr.1-Robert Van Etten, ergonomics and adaptive living expert, on housing,
access and adaptation to the needs of the disabled (live line)
Hr.2-Political scientist and Rochester School Board member Jim Bowers
shows a different side and talks about launching a second career

Hr.1-Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank on gardening
Hr.2-Monroe County DA Howard Relin

Hr.1-D&C home repair columnist Jerry Ludwig and home preservation expert
Steve Jordan
Hr.2-MCC communications professor and media analyst Tom Proietti

Hr.1-Justine Shapiro, co-director of the Oscar-nominated documentary
"Promises" which plays at next week's Rochester Jewish Film Festival (live line)
Hr.2-Bruce Oliver of RIT; suggestions for improving tarnished corporate ethics

Week of 7/8-12/02

Hr. 1-We start our coverage of the Governor's race with Green Party
candidate Stanley Aronowicz
Hr. 2-Meet best-selling science fiction author Robert Sawyer

Hr.1-Attorney Scott Forsyth and journalist Phil Mulivor on privacy today
Hr.2-National consultant Kay Pranis; restorative justice (tape)

Hr.1-Frank DuRoss, managing partner of the Rhinos, states the case for
a stadium
Hr.2-Local attorney and State Bar Association committee chair Vince Buzard
on advertising, the media, the judiciary and the legal profession

Hr.1-Understanding the impact of the past; historian John MacNaughton
Hr.2-City Preservation Board Chair Craig Jensen; Seneca Park's future

Hr.1-Lawyer Bryan Hetherington; an update on lawsuits involving the funding
and quality of public education in New York State
Hr.2-Bernard Brooks of Change-NY; why his study shows New York with more
state and local government employees than most states (live line)

Week of 7/1-5/02

Hr. 1-John Faso, former NY State Assembly Minority Leader and
now candidate for State Comptroller (live line)
Hr. 2-BET President Debra L. Lee (tape) and Al Caine and Earl
Shepherd of the Rochester Black Business Association (live)

Hr.1-NYC Comptroller Alan Hevesi, who now wants the state's top
fiscal management job (live line)
Hr.2-Historian Frank Annunziata looks at patriotism, as we approach
Independence Day

Hr.1-Author Donovan Shilling looks at Rochester's past, at work and play
Hr.2-NAACP President Rev. Norvell Goff; the campaign for pay and job

Hr.1-"The Best of 1370 Connection" looks at some of our favorite musical
guests; Ray Manzarek of The Doors and Gordon Lightfoot
Hr.2-"The Best of 1370 Connection":examines great Americans and the
founding fathers with Pulitzer Prize-winning historians David McCullough
and Michael Kammen
(both hours pre-recorded holiday specials)

Hr.1-On live line from London, Norma Percy and Mick Gold, producers of the
upcoming PBS series "Endgame In Ireland"
Hr.2-Antiques and collectibles with our expert Ed Cornwell

Week of 6/24-28/02 (first release)

Hr. 1-Monroe Community College president R. Thomas Flynn
Hr. 2-Washington Post foreign editor David Hoffman (tape)

Hr.1-Rochester School Board president Joanne Giuffrida
Hr.2-Special education; Prof. Jim Black, Nazareth College

Hr.1-MCC business professor Joe Marchese on money
Hr.2-Are we at risk from "dirty bombs?" We ask the U of R's expert on
radiation safety, Dr. P. Andrew Karam

Hr.1-NY State Assembly Transportation Committee chairman David Gantt
Hr.2-Edith Lank on real estate

Hr.1-Election 2002, part I; William Mulrow, candidate for comptroller
Hr.2-Open phone; call in and voice your views on any topic you want

Week of 6/17-21/02 (revised release)


Hr. 1-Arloc Sherman of the Children's Defense fund; why Rochester is #11 among major American cities in child poverty (live line)
Hr. 2-Faith communities and society; Unitarian-Universalist national president Rev. William Sinkford and Rev. Dick Gilbert of First Unitarian Church of Rochester (tape)


Hr.1-Author and NPR commentator Kevin Phillips on "Wealth and Democracy" (live line)
Hr.2-International security expert John Mueller; are we reacting well, or over- reacting, to the threats we're seeing reported? (live line)

Hr.1-Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank on gardening
Hr.2-RIT criminologist John Klofas; the dollars and cents of the drug trade (rescheduled from 6/10)

Hr.1-Democrat and Chronicle home repair columnist Jerry Ludwig
Hr.2-TC Lewis of Greentree Capital; how local investors are handling a 2 year-plus (and counting) declining market, and what they should do

Hr.1-Rochester Teachers' Association president Dr. Adam Urbanski; a plea to restore more teaching positions and cut city class size
Hr.2-Marie Howe, one of the nation's most acclaimed emerging poets, and a Rochester native (tape)

Week of 6/10-14/02 (revised release)

Hr. 1-MCC Political scientist Ed Lundberg looks at politics 2002
Hr. 2-RIT criminologist John Klofas; the economics of the drug trade

Hr.1-Author and investigative journalist Paul Caffera shares his nationally published research on weapons of terror and who has the
Hr.2-Education researcher Rebecca Zwick; will standardized testing help our children learn?

Hr.1-Following up the final zoo vote; County Legislators Bill Smith and Jose Cruz
Hr.2-City Council President Lois Geiss & Budget Director Rick Hannan

Hr.1-John MacNaughton on history
Hr.2-I.C. Shah and Dr. Muhammad Shafiq; Rochesterians with ties to India and Pakistan plea for peace

Hr.1-State Senator Rick Dollinger; Election 2000 and re-apportionment
Hr.2-Historian William Doyle shares some of the secrets of the White House Tapes as we approach the 30th anniversary of Watergate All programs are live in studio unless otherwise noted.

Hr. 1 airs live at 12 noon, replays at 8 PM; Hr. 2 airs live at 1 PM, replays at 9 PM.

Week of 6/3-6/7/02

Monday: Hr. 1-Local history; historians Ruth Naparsteck and Shirley Cox Husted
Hr. 2-Linda Thompson, US News & World Report Latin America correspondent
(both hours today pre-recorded)

Tuesday: Hr.1-John Nugent, exceutive producer, Rochester Jazz Festival
Hr.2-Clare Regan and Muhammad Shafiq, honorees, Greater Rochester
Community of Churches Faith In Action Award

Wednesday: Hr.1-Rochester lawyers teach the Russians legal reform; Mark
Bennett, Judge Patricia Marks, Justice Thomas Stander
Hr.2-Catherine Bentini, UN World Food Program

Thursday: Hr.1-Tom Proietti of Monroe Community College; the media and coverage
of American politics today
Hr.2-Ed Cornwell on antiques

Friday: Hr.1-Josh Rubenstein, regional director, Amnesty International (live line)
Hr.2-Rochester Police Chief Robert Duffy; following up the drug summit