1370 Connection Old Show Archives - 2003

The following are lists of guests and topics that were discussed on episodes of the WXXI radio program 1370 Connection for the given years.  The program is no longer in production and has been replaced by Connections with Evan Dawson.  Follow this link to return to the listings archive page.

Week of 12/29/03-1/2/04

(Bob returns with live programming, except as noted)

Hr. 1-The Capitol Steps bring their satirical view of Washington back to Rochester; we get a preview
from the group's co-founder Elaina Newport (live line)
Hr. 2-Werner Fornos, director of the Population Institute (live line)

Hr. 1-MCC business professor Joe Marchese reviews the year on Wall Street
Hr. 2-Astronomer Ken Croswell; the latest mission to Mars examined (live line)

Hr.1 pre-empted for special New Years' Eve programming
Hr.2-A year-ending open phone special; you pick winners and losers of 2003

1370 Connection, 2003 in Review (2 hours, on tape)

Hr. 1-AFL-CIO Council President Jim Bertolone and Working Families Party co-chair Bob Master; the campaign for a higher minimum wage
Hr. 2-In advance of his appearance with the RPO Pops, comedian, actor and writer Robert Klein

Week of 12/22-26/03

(Bob on vacation, this week's programming pre-recorded)

Hr. 1-Dr. Jean Kilbourne; the impact of advertising (tape)
Hr. 2-Actor and Rochester area native Ben Fox discusses the experience of co-starring with Paul Newman
in the national TV production of "Our Town" (tape)

Hr. 1-Favorite Christmas stories, from the writers at Writers and Books (tape)
Hr. 2-Political scientist Richard Vengroff; gender and democracy around the globe (tape)

Hr.1 pre-empted for a holiday special; Jonathan Winters' "A Christmas Carol"
Hr.2-A farewell tribute to historian John MacNaughton; we present a never-before-broadcast final conver-
sation on figures who changed history, that represents Prof. MacNaughton at his best (tape)

Pre-empted in entirety for special Christmas day programming; "The Christmas Stocking" with Glenn Mitchell
Pre-empted in entirety for special Christmas season programming; Sandy Ungar hosts "Sing to the Glory of God"
followed by "Season's Griot 2003"

Week of 12/15-19/03

Hr. 1-Astronomer Ken Croswell previews this month's exporatory missions to Mars (live line)
Hr. 2-Attorney Bryan Hetherington, educator Ralph Spezio, and Dr. Moka Lanthum discuss the community's
campaign to combat lead poisoning among our children

Hr. 1-Best selling author Jamie Court examines corporate power and its effect on personal freedom (live line)
Hr. 2-Getting your house in order; home repair columnist Jerry Ludwig

Hr.1-Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank wrap up the gardening year with tips on your holiday decorative and gift
plants and how to care for them
Hr.2-John Phillips of SUNY Brockport and SUNY Cortland examines the plans to change Medicare

Hr. 1-Judy Gradford of the Monroe County Federation of Social Workers on how changes and budget cuts
have affected social services in the county (representatives of the County DSS also invited)
Hr. 2-City Newspaper and WXXI film critic George Grella; the films of 2003

Hr. 1-An introduction to the traditions of Hanukkah, with representatives of the Jewish Community Federation
Hr. 2 pre-empted for special holiday season programming

Week of 12/8-12/03

Hr. 1-Westchester County DA Jeannine Pirro discusses her groundbreaking work handling child
abuse and domestic violence cases (tape)
Hr. 2-Diana Fortuna of the Citizens' Budget Commission; fixing New York's finances (live line)

Hr. 1-Author Charles Derber calls for a changed agenda that puts "People Before Profit" (live line)
Hr. 2-Ted Nace looks into the urban conflict waged by the "Gangs of America" (live line)

Hr.1-Rochester School Board finance chair Jim Bowers issues a fiscal and educational report card
Hr.2-Charlie Bell of the "Medicine Express" talks about why he works to bring cheaper Canadian drugs
to upstate New Yorkers...and whether the process may be threatened by Washington

Hr. 1-Author Jonathan Tilove takes you into the life--and the lively cultural and social activity---inside
African-American communities across the nation (live line)
Hr. 2-An examination of capital punishment, especially with regard to younger offenders, with Joan
Jacob Brumberg of the Cornell University law faculty

Hr. 1-Barbara Bartoletti of the NY League of Women Voters on how stalemate on campaign reform, and
possible changes in how votes are tallied, may put democracy in America at risk (live line)
Hr. 2-Veteran European diplomat Gerard dePayre looks at European/American relations (tape)

Week of 12/1-12/5/03

(Bob returns, and resumes live programming)

Hr. 1-Fred Elliott, Rochesterian and national board member of Vietnam Veterans of America; are our vets being
treated, and compensated, for the unknown and unseen dangers they've faced in combat?
Hr. 2-Charlie Bell, proprietor of the money-saving "Medicine Express" which imports prescription drugs from

Hr. 1-RIT professor Andy Karam; the dangers of nuclear proliferation
Hr. 2-Cornell University meteorology professor Mark Wysocki; why global warming may make our area's weather
wetter, wackier and more dangerous (live line)

Hr.1-Chuck Bowen of the Gay Alliance; does the Massachusetts ruling on gay marriage influence what may
happen soon in New York and nationwide?
Hr.2-Michael Finney of Greater Rochester Enterprise; jump-starting the community

Hr. 1-The "College of Collectible Knowledge" convenes once again to answer all your questions about
Hr. 2-John Stauber, co-author of "Weapons of Mass Deception" (live line)

Hr. 1-Tom Proietti of MCC analyzes the media
Hr. 2-SUNY New Paltz political scientist Gerald Benjamin discusses his newly released analysis of NY
State government...and finds it's broken (live line)

Week of 11/24-28/03

(Bob Smith's on vacation Thanksgiving week; this week's shows hosted by Bob and pre-recorded, unless otherwise

Hr. 1-Human rights and the Afghan war; UN consultant Dr. Paula Newberg (tape)
Hr. 2-Elissa Marra guest-hosts as we welcome RPO music director Christopher Seaman

Hr. 1-Fr. Dean Christiansen, foreign policy and ethics advisor to the U.S. Conference of Catholic
Bishops; when is war ethical, and did the Iraq war meet the test? (tape)
Hr. 2-Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern examines our nation's interests (tape)

Hr.1-A journey through Ireland with author, publisher and Rochester native Robert Emmett Ginna (tape)
Hr.2-On the front lines of the Israeli-Palestinian conflct with Israeli Defense Force vet Stuart Schrader (tape)

Program PRE-EMPTED for Thanksgiving Day special

Hr. 1-Rev. Bedemoore; a personal look at West Africa, one of the world's fastest growing areas. though
among the least known to most Americans (tape)
Hr. 2-Conversations with some of America's best known, and fastest rising, stars of contemporary jazz (tape)

Week of 11/17-21/03

Hr. 1-Jim Ahearn of the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Brian Klafehn of the Cerebral Palsy Association, and Jim Mroczek of ARC; as a preface to the "Beyond Afffliction" series, a look at the challenges facing the disabled community today and the services that can help
Hr. 2-Pre-empted for part I of "Beyond Affliction"

Hr. 1-Barbara Ann Mattle of the Western NY Child Care Council; is day care under stress?
Hr. 2-Pre-empted for part II of "Beyond Affliction"

Hr.1-Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank wrap up the gardening year and help you put your garden to bed
Hr.2-Henry McCartney and Katie Comeau of the Landmark Society; preserving our parks and the
heritage of Frederick Law Olmstead

Hr. 1-Democrat and Chronicle home repair columnist Jerry Ludwig
Hr. 2-Pre-empted for part III of "Beyond Affliction"

Hr. 1-Open Phone Forum (a week early because of the Thanksgiving holiday)
Hr. 2-Pre-empted for part IV of "Beyond Affliction"

This schedule reflects bookings made and confirmed as of 3:30 pm on 11/14/03.

Week of 11/10-14/03 (revised)

Hr. 1-Philosopher Jennifer Hecht reminds us of the importance of "Doubt" in our history (live line)
Hr. 2-Cornell University urban affairs expert Rolf Pendall; why are our metro areas losing people, and why do they continue to spread out nevertheless? (live line)

Hr. 1-Rev. Raymond Graves reflects on a life of activity in pursuit of social change
Hr. 2-MCC business professor Joe Marchese helps you with management of your money

Hr.1-NPR host Diane Rehm on health, politics and the issues people care about today...and how they are covered (tape) (new; in advance of "Speaking of Women's Health" conference on 11/13)
Hr.2-RIT Business Professor Eugene Fram; the controversy over corporate governance is far from over

Hr. 1-Town budgets under stress; Supervisors Sandy Frankel, Bill Carpenter, Ralph Esposito and Jack Auberger
Hr. 2-"The Case For Israel" as presented by famed attorney and bestselling author Alan Dershowitz (live line)

Hr. 1-The Monroe County budget crunch; County Legislature leaders Bill Smith and Stephanie Aldersley with an updated perspective
Hr. 2-Rev. Gordon Webster and Dr. Marvin Mich of the Community of Churches; why the faith community is getting involved in the county's budget discussions

This schedule reflects bookings made and confirmed as of 5 PM on 11/10/03.

The segment originally scheduled for 11/14 at noon with Charlie Bell of the "Medicine Express" on why he brings prescription medicine in from Canada to save local residents money, and how it may be affected by forthcoming changes in law and regulations, will air on December 1 at 1 PM.

The segment with senior European Community diplomat Gerard dePayre originally scheduled to air on 11/12 at noon, will instead be heard at a later date TBA.

Schedule always subject to change on short notice in response to breaking news events.

Week of 11/3/-11/7/03

Hr. 1-Best selling novelist Ann Marie McDonald
Hr. 2-Political activist Charlie King outlines his campaign to build a new alternative funding
mechanism for political campaigns (live line)

Hr. 1-Monroe County Election Commissioners Peter Quinn and Thomas Ferrarese
Hr. 2-Award winning actress Celeste Holm, in advance of her appearance at the High Falls
Film Festival (live line)

Hr.1-SUNY Geneseo President Christopher Dahl
Hr.2-Members of the "Voice of the Voter" citizens' panel assess the campaign just ended

Hr. 1-Meet the "College of Collectible Knowledge"; antiques and collectibles experts Yvonne Jordan, Lew Schumann, Jacquie Tartaglia and Jack Wanderman
Hr. 2-The Latino Summit; members of the leadership of Rochester's Latino community, on the agenda for the future

Hr. 1-A critical view of technology from bestselling author and self-professed "Luddite" Kirkpatrick Sale (live line)
Hr. 2-Energy costs; will they go up? We ask Tom Drennen of Hobart and William Smith Colleges, a nationally recognized expert on the economics of energy

Week of 10/27-31/03 (revision/update)

Hr. 1-Pre-empted for national special, "Whose Vote Counts?"
Hr. 2-Assemblywoman Roanne Destito, member of the State Legislature task force on election
reform (live line)

Hr. 1-Emmy-winning actress, author and photojournalist Candice Bergen, in advance of her
appearance next week at the High Falls Film Festival and her special exhibiton at the
Eastman House (live line)
Hr. 2-"Other Voices"; meet minor party candidates for local office in this fall's election who
don't feel the major parties represent them or their constituencies any longer

Hr.1-Pre-empted for national special, "The Culture of Patriotism"
Hr.2-The debate over our community's priorities; County Legislature Majority Leader Bill Smith and
Minority Leader Stephanie Aldersley share their respective views on the 2004 budget

Hr. 1-The state of the First Amendment; attorney and 1st Amendment expert Paul Cambria (live line)
Hr. 2-Part II of our look at the race for Monroe County District Attorney; GOP candidate Ann Marie Taddeo

Hr. 1-Open phone forum gives you a chance to voice your views on any subject of your choice
Hr. 2-Pre-empted for national special, "The Capitol Steps; Politics Takes a Holiday"

Week of 10/20-24/03

Hr. 1-Historian and journalist Bob Marcotte; Rochester and the Civil War
Hr. 2-New York Times senior science correspondent John Noble Wilford (tape)

Hr. 1-Business and technology analyst John Larish; Kodak's (and Rochester's) direction
Hr. 2-David Hursh of the U of R graduate education faculty on whether national education policy
will really insure no child is left behind

Hr.1-Health policy expert James Fatula of SUNY Brockport; why are so many working families
Hr.2-Rochester Mayor Bill Johnson appears as part of our continuing coverage of the
Monroe County Executive's election (Republican candidate Maggie Brooks appeared on 10/9
and has been invited for a final appearance before election)

Hr. 1-The future of mass transit; Dewain Feller of the Rochester Light Rail Committee (rescheduled from10/22)

Hr. 2-David Ernst and Becky Albright, NY School Boards Association; is education policy in NY on the right track?

Hr. 1-Gardening experts Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank
Hr. 2-The District Attorney's race, part I; Democratic nominee Mike Green
(part 2 with Republican nominee Ann Marie Taddeo will air 10/30 at 1 PM)

Week of 10/13-17/03

Hr. 1-Charles Zettek, Center for Governmental Research; how much consolidation should local government
Hr. 2-Meet the winners of the annual Rochester Business Ethics Award

Hr. 1-Technology and security expert Phil Mulivor on the latest surveillance measures in the terror war, and
how your privacy could be compromised
Hr. 2-Jeff Tyzik celebrates a decade at the podium of the Rochester Pops

Hr.1-Dominic DeLucia of CATS; the fast ferry
Hr.2-Tom Richards, former RG&E CEO and now co-chair of "The Rump Group," a business panel calling for
a fresh look at local government

Hr. 1-Home repair columnist Jerry Ludwig
Hr. 2-Steven Lee of Hobart and William Smith Colleges; considering when war is ethical

Hr. 1-Is there a "war on girls" in contemporary society? Lilian Haygood and Gloria Ward of the
Metropolitan Women's Network help us consider the question
Hr. 2-Acclaimed novelist Esmeralda Santiago

Week of 10/6/10/03

Hr. 1-Why did NY black out? Assemblyman Paul Tomko joins us on live line to discuss what his
hearings have uncovered
Hr. 2-SUNY Albany's John Logan on why so many people---especially young people---are leaving NY (live line)

Hr. 1-Michael Finney of Greater Rochester Enterprise; jumpstarting the local economy
Hr. 2- we'll play a conversation recorded with Westchester County DA Jeanine Pirro, who will keynote the annual luncheon of the Rape Crisis Service Center of Rochester on Wednesday.

Hr.1-Al Charbonneau of the Rochester Health Commission
Hr.2-Examining the media with MCC's Tom Proietti

Hr. 1-Tony winner Garth Fagan
Hr. 2-Maggie Brooks, Monroe County Clerk and current Republican candidate for County Executive

Hr. 1-A possible source of movement toward peace in the Middle East; the U of R's Ayala Emmett will tell us what it might be
Hr. 2-MCC political and security analyst Henry "Pete" French

Week of 9/29-10/3/03

Hr. 1-Dr. Sandra Schneider and Dr. Frank Zwemer, URMC; is emergency care code red?
Hr. 2-State Sen. Joe Robach

Hr. 1-Monroe County Legislature Majority Leader Bill Smith on the county's budget prospects
Hr. 2-Gary Horton, attorney for "Forgotten Victims of Attica"

Hr.1-Former State Assembly majority leader, now United Hospitals of NY President James Tallon; health
care and Medicaid's future in NY
Hr.2-Former American League umpire Ken Kaiser, author of "Planet of the Umps"

Hr. 1-Kate Clinton, headliner at the opening feature of the Image Out Film Festival (tape)
Hr. 2-Anna Potter of the Rape Crisis Center, marking its 30th year of service

Hr. 1-Singer, songwriter and now author, Judy Collins (live line)
Hr. 2-Pollster John Zogby and political scientist Bill Green

Week of 9/22-26/03

Hr. 1-Rochester School Board Pres. Shirley Thompson and VP Robert Brown; the board's recent
Hr. 2-State Sen. Ray Meier, a key member of the legislative task force examining Medicaid in NY
(live line)

Hr. 1-Newly appointed City Councilman Bill Pritchard
Hr. 2-Bestselling science fiction author Robert Sawyer, the winner of the 2003 Hugo Award for best
science fiction novel

Hr.1-Joe Marchese of MCC on money management
Hr.2-Prominent national author Musa Mayer, who keynotes the Breast Cancer Coalition conference

First hour of 1370 Connection will feature a discussion on shock talk on the airwaves (with special attention to the Lonsberry controversy) with Scott Fybush of Radio World and Warren Kozierski of SUNY Brockport.

In the second hour, Matt McGuire will replace Robert Ward as the NY State Business Council representative in the discussion on New York's taxes...Russell Sykes will remain the other participant.

Hr. 1-Open phone forum; voice your views on any subject you choose
Hr. 2 pre-empted for a special program in observance of Rosh Hashanah

The interview with author and technological critic Kirkpatrick Sale originally scheduled for 9/23
in the second hour, will instead take place in the first hour on Thursday, October 9.

Week of 9/15-19/03

Hr. 1-NYPIRG's Laura Haight; the fate of our state's Superfund cleanup program
Hr. 2-Criminologist John Klofas of RIT; anticrime strategies that show the most promise

Hr. 1-Andy Vaghan of the Regional Innovators' Participation Group; uniting for economic
development (a businessman's perspective)
Hr. 2-Dr. Harold Koplovitz; why the teen years can be the toughest (live line)

Hr.1-Mike and Greg; summer's almost over, but planting isn't
Hr.2-Rochester Police Lt. Tony Perez; surveying the community on police services

Hr. 1-Rochester Mayor Bill Johnson
Hr. 2-Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn

Hr. 1-Cynthia Banas. an upstate New Yorker with an eyewitness perspective on Iraq (live line)
Hr. 2-Mary Wells, Southeast Area Coalition; the upcoming design conference on the South Wedge

As always, the schedule is subject to change in response to breaking news. Taped shows
may be replaced with live programming without advance notice; some segments may be pre-
empted completely and either rescheduled for a later date or cancelled to make way for
breaking news coverage.

Week of 9/8-12/03

Hr. 1-Artwalk's Doug Rice; what's next for the city's east-side arts district?
Hr. 2-Robert Freeman of the NY State Committee on Open Government; how are we doing? (live line)

Hr. 1-Linda Morgan and Van King of Unity Health share their findings in a survey of Rochester's
pre-teens on drug use
Hr. 2-Burt Parks of Manpower; a measure of the local job market today

Hr.1-Historian Michael Leavy; stories and images of Corn Hill
Hr.2-Dr. Michael Keefer of the U of R; the quest for an HIV vaccine intensifies

Hr. 1-Historian John MacNaughton; 9/11 remembered and put in perspective
Hr. 2 pre-empted for special 9/11 national commemorative coverage

Hr. 1-Public health specialist Denise Nicholas, who'll be speaking in Rochester soon on
why our troops in the Persian Gulf are getting sick (live line)
Hr. 2-John Esposito of Georgetown U. previews his upcomng Nazareth College lecture on the
world of Islam today (live line)

Week of 9/1-5/03 (Bob Smith is on vacation)

Hr. 1-Rev. Bedemoore, with an eyewitness view of West Africa today (tape)
Hr. 2-Labor's challenges; State Assembly Labor Committee chair Susan John (tape)

Hr. 1-Cornell U. naturalist Katy Payne; what the animals can tell us (tape)
Hr. 2-Adolph Reed, Jr. of the New School for Social Research; politics, progressivism and race (tape)

Bud Lowell, guest host; guests and topics TBA

Hr. 1-Join "The Girls In the Van" with AP's Beth Harpaz, as she recounts her days covering the
political rebirth of Hillary Clinton (tape)
Hr. 2-Author and editor Robert Emmett Ginna takes us on a trip through Ireland (tape)

Elissa Marra, guest host; guests and topics TBA

The previously scheduled program with Sean Hanna from the DEC has been postponed indefinitely, but will be rescheduled later in the year.

Week of 8/25-29/03

Hr. 1-Rev. Norvell Goff, president, Rochester chapter, NAACP; battling violence through community action, and through the courts
Hr. 2-Veterans' advocates Ralph Calabrese and Mitch Kaidy; keeping local health care facilities for veterans open

Hr. 1-Cynthia Banas; an upstate NY eyewitness to Iraq
Hr. 2-First Amendment law specialist Paul Cambria (live line)

Hr.1-MCC business professor Joe Marchese helps you manage your money
Hr.2-Joseph Glasgow, Monroe County's small business development director
ship in Rochester

Hr. 1-Rochester School Superintendent Manuel Rivera
Hr. 2-Why does New York State keep losing people? SUNY Albany demographer John Logan will
supply answers (live line)

Hr. 1-Willard Gaylen, the author of "Hatred" (live line)
Hr. 2-Open phone forum

Week of 8/18-22/03

Hr. 1-David Kennedy of Harvard University, now consulting Rochester's police department
and City Hall; what he's advising them to do about violent crime (live line)
Hr. 2-Nancy Adams, executive director, Monroe County Medicalm Society; is there a doctor
shortage, and how do we address it?

Hr. 1-Thomas Levin, president, NY State Bar Association; a plan to reform the state's drug laws
(live line)
Hr. 2-U of R energy expert Ben Ebenhack looks at what we should learn from the blackout

Hr.1-Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank answer your gardening questions
Hr.2-Rev. Avery Blackman; African-American Youth Cultural Development; a call to black leader-
ship in Rochester

Hr. 1-Jerry Ludwig, Democrat and Chronicle home repair columnist, answers your questions
Hr. 2-The county's fiscal state; Ways And Means Committee Ranking Minority Member Kevin Murray

Hr. 1-Attorney Marc Costello and producer Tony Gross; intellectual property and the battle against
the downloaders
Hr. 2-Jim Bertolone, President, Rochester AFL-CIO Labor Council; the state of labor today as we
approach the Labor Day holiday weekend

Week of 8/11-15/03

Hr. 1-A conversation with Israeli social worker Anna Krakovich, who works to help victims of terror attacks recover.
Hr. 2-How well (or badly) do we eat? MCC nutrition expert Dr. Judy Kaufmann supplies answers

Hr. 1-Could we handle an outbreak of SARS if it happened here? We ask Ann Marie Pettis of
Highland Hospital
Hr. 2-Pastor Joy Powell; mobilizing the community to stop violence

Hr.1-Webster School Superintendent Dr. Thomas Strining; a call to reexamine standardized tests
Hr.2-Downtown Development Corporation president Heidi Zimmer-Meyer; what next for the center
of the city?

Hr. 1-Historian John MacNaughton; is August the cruelest month?
Hr. 2-Ann Peterson of the Housing Council; how are we doing in providing affordable housing, es-
pecially for older Rochesterians?

Hour 1----will begin with an update from Dick Marion of RG&E
Hr. 1-Greece Police Chief Merritt Rahn; crime is also a suburban challenge

Hour 2----will begin with an update from Nick Paulus of the Red Cross emergency team
Hr. 2-Looking at South Asia, post-Afghan war; Matthew Evangelista of Cornell U. (tape)

Week of 8/4-8/03

Hr. 1-RIT's James Winebrake; why we should all be moving toward electric cars
Hr. 2-Ann Marie Taddeo, GOP candidate for District Attorney

Hr. 1-Making our community a less violent place; community activists Rev. Amos Simmons,
Debbie Hathorn and Deborah Brown
Hr. 2-Mike Schade of the Citizens' Environment Coalition; new data on upstate pollution

Hr.1-A preview of next week's PGA Tournament with tourney director Bob Jeffrey; plus, we check in with Rochester native and past PGA Champion Jeff Sluman as this year's tournament approaches (live line)
Hr.2-Economist Kathy Bromley of MCC; is the recession really over? And why are so many
people unsure?

Hr. 1-Dr. T. Franklin Williams of the U of R medical school and Monroe Community Hospital;
reforming Medicare
Hr. 2-All angles on Iraq; Christopher Cerf, editor and co-author, The Iraq Reader (live line)

Hr. 1-Author Jaqueline Sheehan tells the story of one of Upstate NY's major historical figures,
Sojourner Truth
Hr. 2-Health and wellness issues in Rochester's Latino community; Dr, Amneris Luque, Harry Roldan and Iris Cruz

Week of 7/28-8/1/03

Hr. 1-Public Interest Law Office attorney Bryan Hetherington on the aftermath of the GRACE case
Hr. 2-DWI law expert Ed Fiandach; changes in the DWI law in New York

Hr. 1-Is air travel as safe as it could be? U of R professor David Primo tells the "Plane Truth"
Hr. 2-Returning Rochester school board member Willa Powell

Hr. 1-Joe Marchese, MCC, on money management
Hr. 2-Denise Eggert, Russell Hackett, and John Pulvino of the Guardian Angels in
studio, and Curtis Sliwa on live line; the Guardian Angels return to Rochester

Hr. 1-Chuck Bowen, executive director of the Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley
Hr. 2-Kodak was once our engine of growth; can it ever be again? We'll look at the
technological and financial issues with technology correspondent John Larish and
investment analyst T.C. Lewis

Hr. 1-New York State League of Women Voters legislative director Barbara Bartoletti on proposed
changes in the state's lobbying laws (live line)
Hr. 2-City Councilman Brian Curran; are our sports facilities becoming losing propositions?

Week of 7/14-18/03

Hr. 1-Deborah Small of the Drug Policy Alliance; a proposal for amending the Rockefeller drug laws
(live line)
Hr. 2-Businessman and Gubernatorial candidate Tom Golisano; how to jump start our region's economy

Hr. 1-Area State Senator George Maziarz; inside the lawmaking process (live line)
Hr. 2-MCC media expert Tom Proietti examines the media today

Hr.1-Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank help you with your gardening questions
Hr.2-Meet Mary Frances Winters, author of several books including "Inclusion Starts With I"

Hr. 1-Home repair expert Jerry Ludwig
Hr. 2-Rochester Public Library acting director Carol Joyce on how the libraries will cope
with budget cuts and new Internet censorship rules

Hr. 1-Gannett News Service state correspondent Jay Gallagher (rescheduled from 7/2)
Hr. 2-Jennifer Cunningham of S-E-I-U; why her union is pushing for a "pay or play" rule
on employee health insurance for all the state's businesses (live line)

Week of 7/7-11/03

Hr. 1-Councilman Tim Mains; the battle to rid Rochester homes of dangerous lead contamination
Hr. 2-Assemblyman Richard Smith explains his proposed new expansion of anti-terror laws (live line)

Hr. 1-John Feinstein, author of "Open" and "A Good Walk Spoiled"; what to expect when golf's
greatest stars come back to town this summer (live line)
Hr. 2-Author Ruth Distler Schwartz; why the workplace can be a place for emotional abuse
(live line)

Hr.1-Historian John MacNaughton; why our Presidents are products of their backgrounds
Hr.2-Monroe County Clerk, and candidate for County Executive, Maggie Brooks

Hr. 1-David Cay Johnston, Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times economic and tax policy analyst,
looks at how tax policy has changed---and who's paying taxes, as well as who isn't
Hr. 2-Meet New York State's Teacher of the Year, Lynn Gatto

Hr. 1-School Without Walls principal Dan Drmacich on standardized testing and how it has
worked so far in our state
Hr. 2-Jim Ryan of Hobart and William Smith Colleges; lookng at the environmental quality of the
Finger Lakes

Week of 6/30-7/4/03

Hr. 1-Charles Zettek of the Center for Governmental Research; can changes in government policy
help revive our local economy?
Hr. 2-Dr. Muhammad Shafiq and Dr. Salahuddin Malik; does the Islamic community face discrimin-
ation in a post-9/11 America?

Hr. 1-Author Joseph Kelley of "Dads and Daughters" talks about the importance of parental love (live line)
Hr. 2-State Senator Liz Krueger, chair of an ongoing series of hearings on state government reform
(live line)

Hr.1-Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly (live line)
Hr.2-Evaluating the year in state government, part I; State Senator Joseph Robach

Hr. 1-Evaluating the year in state government, part II; State Assemblyman Joseph Morelle
Hr. 2-Rochester Rhinos CEO Frank DuRoss on the upcoming stadium (live line)

Independence Day; program pre-empted for a special holiday broadcast, "Beyond War"

Week of 6/23-27/03

Hr. 1-Should we close the bars and liquor stores more often to help keep the peace in our neighborhoods?
Rev. Raymond Graves of United Church Ministries will discuss why he thinks so
Hr. 2-Growing the area's businesses; Dr. Carol Wittmeyer of Alfred U.'s Raymond Institute (live line)

Hr. 1-A critical view of the school testing wave; education policy analyst Peter Sacks (tape)
Hr. 2-The ecoonomy and the job market for this year's graduates: Burt Nadler of the U of R

Hr.1-Managing your money; MCC business professor Joe Marchese
Hr.2-Part I of our look at the race for Monroe County District Attorney features Democratic candidate
and current First Assistant DA Mike Green

Hr. 1-The state of human rights today; Amnesty International regional director Josh Rubenstein (live line)
Hr. 2-Should Rochester get back on its trolley? Local businessman and rail transit advocate Christopher

Hr. 1-Area Congressman Tom Reynolds (live line)
Hr. 2-Proposed changes in the laws governing how our schools are run; Assemblyman David Gantt
(rescheculed at guest's request from 6/20 at 1)

Week of 6/16-20/03

Hr. 1-Ohio State U. security and foreign policy expert John Mueller (live line)
Hr. 2-Hoover Institute and U of R faculty member Eric Hanushek; the high stakes of current education policy (live line)

Hr. 1-Local author and researcher Nat Yogachanda...the changing status of women in the Muslim world
Hr. 2-Iran examined; Iranian-American scholar Afshin Molavi (tape)

Hr.1-Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank help you help your garden grow
Hr.2-Security and privacy expert Phil Mulivor examines the latest technology of surveillance---and proposed
changes in Federal law that might enable it to be used to look more deeply into your life

Hr. 1-Home repair expert and D&C columnist Jerry Ludwig
Hr. 2-The Patriot Act II and you; two views from attorney Bill Nojay and ACLU legal advisor Scott Forsyth

Hr. 1-Congress and its agenda; Congresswoman Louise Slaughter
Hr. 2-Proposed changes in the laws governing how our schools are run; Assemblyman David Gantt

Week of 6/9-13/03 (revised)

Hr. 1-Jacob Sullum, author of "Saying Yes"; an unconventional take on the issue of drugs (live line)
Hr. 2-Spyro Gyra's Jay Beckenstein, in advance of his band's headlining appearance at the Jazz Festival
(live line)

Hr. 1-Middle East policy analyst Joyce Davis, author of "Martyrs" (live line)
Hr. 2-PRYD president and former City Council member Nancy Padilla; strategies for fighting child poverty

Hr.1-Fathers and daughters; Joe Kelly, executive director of "Dads and Daughters" (live line)
Hr.2-James Norman of Action for a Better Community; the health needs of Rochester's African
American community

Hr. 1-John MacNaughton on the impact of history
Hr. 2-Rochester Mayor Bill Johnson; what the budget the city is about to enact means to you

Hr. 1-Rochester School Board finance chair Jim Bowers on the politics and policy of urban education
Hr. 2-Inside the CIA with former agent David Mc Michael (tape)

Week of 6/2-6/03 (Bob returns)

Hr. 1-Growing the area's businesses; Dr. Carol Wittmeyer of Alfred U.'s Raymond Institute (live line)
Hr. 2-RIT political scientist and former Supreme Court clerk William J. Daniels; the affirmative action cases

Hr. 1-MCC media analyst Tom Proietti; what the FCC is doing to change the rules of the broadcast business
Hr. 2-Rochester Jazz Festival founder and CEO John Nugent

Hr.1-MCC business professor and personal finance expert Joe Marchese
Hr.2-Monroe County School Boards Association executive director Jody Siegle; what local school
districts' voters have done about their budgets

Hr. 1-Israeli consul Ido Aharoni; the peace process (tape)
Hr. 2-Rolf Pendall of Cornell University; why Rochester may have the 12th worst case of sprawl
and THE most poorly interconnected road system in the country; and what we can do (live line)

Hr. 1-Author and publishing executive Jodee Blanco, author of "Please Stop Laughing At Me"; what it can be like to be bullied and how you overcome it (live line)
Hr. 2-Meet artists Lizz Wright, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Chris Potter and Al Jarreau, all featured this weekend at the Rochester International Jazz festival (tape)

Week of 5/26-30/03; **Bob Smith on vacation**

Mon: (Memorial Day) (Bob hosts on tape)
Hr. 1-Remembering Rochester's baseball past with the voice of the Red Wings during their golden
years of the 60s and early 70s, Joe Cullinane (tape)
Hr. 2-Pre-empted for a special national broadcast, "Speaking of Faith" (tape)

Tue: (Elissa Marra, guest host)
Hr. 1-Drs. Arthur Moss and Roger Oskvig; the healthy heart
Hr. 2-A look at the environment and whether global warming is impacting New York

Wed: (Gary Walker, guest host)
Hr.1-Former elections commissioner Betsy Relin; analyzing the election process
Hr.2-Congress on camera; Steve Scully of C-SPAN

Thu: (Bob hosts on tape)
Hr. 1-Antwone Quentin Fisher. the man whose life inspired a best seller and a major film (tape)
Hr. 2-Cornell University naturalist Katy Payne; what nature can teach us (tape)

Fri: (Michael Caputo, guest host)
Hr. 1 and 2-Michael invites you to join a two hour political roundtable featuring Joe Spector of the Democrat and Chronicle, Chris Busby of City Newspaper, and additional panelists TBA

Week of 5/19-23/03

Hr. 1-Cornell University law professor Martha Fineman; re-examining the assumptions behind
current welfare policy (live line)
Hr. 2-Dr. Muhammad Shafiq of the Islamic Center; new ties between Christian and Muslim com-
munities, and new stresses on the faith community today

Hr. 1-Assemblyman David Koon; the veto override, and the state of state spending on health care
(live line)
Hr. 2-Security expert Paul Caffera; is air travel at risk?

Hr.1-Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank on gardening
Hr.2-City Council finance committee chair Ben Douglas; the new city budget

Hr. 1-Home repair and remodelling experts Jerry Ludwig and Steve Jordan
Hr. 2-Marsha Atkind, national president of the National Council of Jewish Women (live line)

Hr. 1-State Assembly Minority Leader Charles Nesbitt
Hr. 2-Open phone forum

The interview recorded with Israeli Consul Ido Aharoni, originally scheduled to air on May
20 at noon, will instead be heard on June 6 at 1 PM.

Week of 5/12-16/03

Hr. 1-SUNY Chancellor Bob King (live line)
Hr. 2-Open phone forum

A special two hour forum on the free press and security in contemporary society, under the
auspices of the Starkweather Institute
Hr. 1-Examining state and federal law; State Sen. James Alesi and political scientist Ed Lundberg
Hr. 2-Examining public policy; County Legislator Ray Santirocco, City School Board member and
veteran political scientist Jim Bowers, and representatives of the Heritage Foundation

Hr.1-County Legislators Bill Benet and Mike Hanna; a proposal to revisit and perhaps repeal
term limits
Hr.2-RPO executive director Richard Nowlin and music director Christopher Seaman

Hr. 1-The digital age in TV; WXXI CEO Norm Silverstein, RIT technology professor Steve
Jacobs, business and technology correspondent John Larish, and publisher, broad-
caster and digital TV pioneer Richard Wolfe
Hr. 2-Monroe County District Attorney Howard Relin

Hr. 1-Can cutting edge research in energy pay off? Hobart and William Smith College's Tom
Drennen is starting a major federally funded research project to find out
Hr. 2-Former RG&E CEO, and current Greater Rochester Enterprise chairman, Tom Richards
on repairing the county's financial management system and rejuvenating the county's

Week of 5/5-9/03

Hr. 1-Lawyer Bryan Hetherington; preparing to argue the GRACE case before the NY Court of Appeals
Hr. 2-RIT business professor Eugene Fram; can business offer government some guidance about how
to build and manage budgets? (Part I of our two part look at public budget-making)

Hr.1-War and leadership; Gerald Gamm, chair of the political science faculty of the U of R
Hr.2-E.J. McMahon of the Manhattan Institute; a critical look at how New York builds (or doesn't build)
its financial plan (Part II of our two part look at public budget making)

Hr.1-Military historian Morris Pierce, U of R adjunct faculty member, on military history and
what it can tell us to help us understand the Iraq war as it winds down
Hr.2-RMSC guest lecturer Dr. Sylvester Gates; Einstein, Spaghetti and the Universe

Hr. 1-History's lessons for current day society; John MacNaughton
Hr. 2-The state budget; State Senator Joseph Robach

Hr. 1-Examining the "No Child Left Behind" program and its impact; parent advocates Bob
Witherspoon, Gloria Gaines and Angie Butler, and U of R education faculty member
David Hursh
Hr. 2-The bus station, the mass transit system and transportation's future; RGRTA executive
director Don Riley

Week of 4/28-5/2/03

Hr. 1-Epidemiologist Dr. Devra Davis shares her research on industrial pollution and its effects
on the people's health
Hr. 2-Fairport School Superintendent William Cala and School Board President Maureen Nupp;
why they're taking on the state over the budget impasse issue

Hr.1-Disarmament expert Martin Schram, in a followup to the PBS special "Avoiding Armageddon"
which he helped write and research (live line)
Hr.2-Cornell U. law professor Gary Simson and local attorneys Karen Morris and Ann Marie Luciano
on how and why we select judges in America

Hr.1-MCC business professor Joe Marchese on money management
Hr.2-Hunger in western NY and how to combat it; Tom Ferraro of Foodlink

Hr. 1-Examining the politics of war and its aftermath in the Middle East with the U of R's Kevin Clarke
Hr. 2-Program pre-empted

Hr. 1-Dr. Joanne Hessney and Jeanne Bauch, Unity Health; women and the main threats to their health
Hr. 2-Program pre-empted

Week of 4/21-25/03

Hr. 1-Opening week at last! Red Wings GM Dan Mason
Hr. 2-pre-empted for national presentation, "Speaking of Faith"

Hr.1-Budget update; State Assemblyman Joseph Morelle
Hr.2-United Way CEO Joseph Calabrese

Hr.1-Judy Gradford of the Federation of Social Workers; coping with cuts
Hr.2-Arthur Coleman, former counsel to the US Department of Education, looks at the affirmative
action case now before the Supreme Court

Hr. 1-Syracuse U. media expert Robert Thompson examines current war coverage (live line)
Hr. 2-Rochester School Superintendent Dr. Manuel Rivera outlines the school system's challenges

Hr. 1-Collectible books considered with books expert John Westerberg
Hr. 2-Open phone forum

Week of 4/14-18/03

Hr. 1-Cornell University psychologist James Garbarino; what do we tell our kids about war?
(live line)
Hr. 2-Rochester School Board member Darryl Porter; how the superintendents' search was
run, and what's next for public education in the city

Hr.1-War and strategy; Morris Pierce of the U of R
Hr.2-Energy, the next goobal battleground; U of R energy and technology expert Ben Ebenhack

Hr.1-Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank help you with your gardening questions
Hr.2-Councilman Tim Mains on the city's future, and his own

Hr. 1-Home repair and remodeling expert Jerry Ludwig
Hr. 2-Inside the Middle East with Pulitzer Prize winner Tony Horwitz (live line)

Hr. 1-The Union of Concerned Scientists look at pollution in the northeast; scientist Don Webbles
plus additional experts TBA (live line)
Hr. 2-RIT criminologist John Klofas; how Project Exile is faring, and a look at his own federally
sponsored research on preventing gun crime

Week of 4/7-11/03

Hr. 1-Emergency coverage of Ice Storm 2003; Monroe Co. emergency services director Muffy
Meisenzahl, Brighton supervisor Sandra Frankel, RG&E's Dick Marion, and Nancy Chesteron
of the Red Cross
Hr. 2-The late state budget and its impact; Elizabeth Lyman of the Citizens' Budget Commission
of New York (live line)

Hr.1-War and security; Richard Frey of SUNY Brockport
Hr.2-Time begins on opening week; baseball writer (and fellow incurable fan) Curt Smith

Hr.1-Women's role in America's past; author Mary Ellen Perry
Hr.2-Deanne Quinn Miller, Michael Smith, Gary Horton of the "Forgotten Victims of Attica"

Hr. 1-The past and how it touches us now; historian John MacNaughton
Hr. 2-March madness may fade, but the impact of bigtime sports lingers on; we talk with Susan Bassett, athletic director at Hobart & William Smith Colleges, and chair of the NCAA Division III management

Hr. 1-Congressman Jim Walsh; major decision time on budgets, war and peace on Capitol Hill (live line)
Hr. 2-Albany's budgetary crunch time; State Assembly Transportation Committee Chair David Gantt

Week of 3/31-4/4/03 (revised/updated)

Hr. 1-Looking at Rochester's economic future with Dr. Kent Gardner of the Center for Governmental
Hr. 2-A special panel discussion on America's legal response to terror, under the auspices of the
Starkweather Institute (live in studio and live line)

Hr.1-A state budget update from Capital Bureau correspondent Karen DeWitt; then, an examination of
charities' struggles in time of war and recession with Liz Wilder of the Grantmakers' Forum
Hr.2-the second hour of 1370 Connection has been pre-empted for alternate programming.

Hr.1-Joe Marchese on money management
Hr.2-John Lovenheim and RDDC's Heidi Zimmer-Meyer on downtown's fate, the Inner Loop, and
proposals for transportation

Hr. 1-Inside the White House brain trust; journalist Lou DuBose (live line)
Hr. 2-Getting your house in order; home repair columnist Jerry Ludwig

Hr. 1-Scholar and Iraqi native Joseph Braude on what's next for Iraq (live line)
Hr. 2-Rochester School Board finance committee chair Jim Bowers on the newly presented school
budget for 2003-2004

Week of 3/24-28/03
Hr. 1-RIT Middle East expert Nabil Kaylani on the impact of an Iraqi war on the entire Middle East (live line)
Hr. 2-Open phone forum

Hr.1-MCC political scientist and strategic affairs analyst Henry 'Pete' French
Hr.2-Rochester Mayor Bill Johnson

Hr.1-Film, performing arts and the African American community; Barbara Tepa Lupack
Hr.2-Filmmaker Bob Bilheimer and U of R AIDS researcher Dr. Mike Kiefer; the worldwide
battle against HIV (rescheduled from 1 PM, 3/7/03)

Hr. 1-Assemblyman David Koon on public safety, security and the impending budget deadline
Hr. 2-State Education Commissioner Richard Mills (live line)

Hr. 1-Journalist and scholar Sandra Mackey, author of the influential book on Iraq, "The Reckoning"
(live line)
Hr. 2-Assembly Health Committee Chairman Richard Gottfried on health funding, medical marijuana
legislation, and the future of health care in NY (live line; rescheduled from 12 noon, 3.7/03)

Week of 3/10-14/03 (first release)
Hr. 1-Sharon Murphy of Nazareth College...a historical perspective on an impending war
Hr. 2-Congresswoman Louise Slaughter discusses pressing issues, foreign and domestic

Hr.1-Where will we recruit our next generation of teachers? We'll ask local school officials
Chris Manaseri of Wheatland-Chili and Ken Hilton of Rush-Henrietta
Hr.2-Area library officials Kathleen Miller, Jennifer Morris and Carolyn Shuler on the impact
of the state budget cuts

Hr.1-Money management; MCC's Joe Marchese
Hr.2-Small town life upstate, and how to preserve it; author Bill Kauffman

Hr. 1-The past and how it touches us now; historian John MacNaughton
Hr. 2-Privacy expert Phil Mulivor unveils a new draft federal law that he says could take us a step
closer to Big Brother

Hr. 1-Terrorism expert John Thompson, on what we should expect if war comes (live line)
Hr. 2-Sister Grace Miller; risking arrest for the peace movement The segment originally scheduled for Friday, 3/14 at noon with authors Lou DuBose andf Carl Cannon,
on the powers behind the throne at the White House, has been postponed and rescheduled for Thursday,
April 3 at 12 noon, to replay at 8 PM that evening.

Week of 3/3-7/03 (first release)

Hr. 1-Author Patricia Evans talks about teens and abusive relationships (live line)
Hr. 2-From the Photo Marketing Association convention in Las Vegas, business and technology
correspondent John Larish is joined by some of the industry's most prominent analysts
Hr.1-Kevin Borgeson, expert on hate crimes and hate groups, reports on the re-emergence of
cells of hate in upstate NY (live line)
Hr.2-From the Photo Marketing Association convention in Las Vegas, business and technology
correspondent John Larish is joined by key Eastman Kodak personnel in the digital realm
Hr.1-Media today; MCC's Tom Proietti
Hr.2-Changes in the classroom; City School Board President Shirley Thompson

Hr. 1-The health care system's woes; author and Western NY physician Dr. Rudolph Mueller
Hr. 2-Ontario County Public Works Commissioner Bill Wright; the impact of the state budget on
Hr. 1-Because of the length of the coverage of UN Security Council debate
Hr. 2-on Iraq, both live hours of 1370 Connection today were pre-empted, and
the scheduled guests' appearances have been rescheduled for later
dates. Assembly Healh Committee chairman Richard Gottfried, originally sched-
uled for the noon hour today, will appear instead on March 28 at 1 PM.
Filmmaker Bob Bilheimer, originally scheduled for the 1 PM hour today,
will appear instead on March 26 at 1 PM.

Week of 2/24-28/03
Hr. 1-A different perspective on NY State's budget; Nicholas Fici, local spokesman of the Working
Families' Party
Hr. 2-The African American community and progressive politics since 1876; political scientist and
historian Adolph Reed, Jr. (tape)

Hr.1-Charlie Bell, the man who runs the "Medicine Express" as one answer to the high cost of pre-
scription drugs
Hr.2-In advance of his visit next week to Rochester, financial advice from Jonathan Pond (live line)

Hr.1-Islam today; U of R scholar Emil Homerin
Hr.2-$2 a gallon gas? Energy and economics expert Tom Drennen examines the possibilities

Hr. 1-The battle against contemporary anti-Semitism; Steven Berk of Union College
Hr. 2-Open phone forum

Hr. 1-Octavia Butler, author of the book all Rochester will soon be reading (live line)
Hr. 2-Author Robert Sawyer, whose latest novel is about to have its American premiere
here in Rochester
The initially scheduled 1 PM program for Tuesday, 2/25 with Cornell University naturalist Katy Payne on what the elephants can teach us has been rescheduled and will be heard on Monday, March 10 at 1 PM.

Week of 2/17-21/03
Bob Smith will be on vacation the entire week of the 17th through the 21st. The schedule will be as follows;

Mon: (Presidents' day holiday)
Hr.1-Europe and America in time of crisis; foreign policy expert and former Presidential advisor
Gail Mattox (tape)
Hr.2-From 'The Best of 1370 Connection'; perspectives on American history from Pulitzer Prize-winning authors David McCullough and Michael Kammen (tape)

Hr.1-Lainie Kazan (tape)
Hr.2-Film director and Upstate NY native Phil Alden Robinson (tape)

Elissa Marra, guest host

Gary Walker, guest host

Michael Caputo, guest host
The previously scheduled Friday program featuring guest host Bud Lowell will be postponed to a later
date in the spring.

Week of 2/10-14/03
Hr. 1-NY State Comptroller Alan Hevesi (tape)
Hr. 2-MSNBC and "The Nation" media critic Eric Alterman (live line)

Hr.1-Education's alternatives; Sister Elizabeth Meegan, superintendent of Rochester
Catholic Diocesan schools
Hr.2-Author and commentator Ken Coileman on the sinking state of the dollar and of our
national balance sheet (live line)

Hr.1-Local novelist Leander Watts (rescheduled from February 3)
Hr.2-RIT business faculty member Eugene Fram on employee loyalty in a downsizing economy

Hr. 1-History and how it shaped our lives; historian John MacNaughton
Hr. 2-Home repair and remodeling expert Jerry Ludwig

Hr. 1-Dr. Rudolph Mueller, Western NY physician and author oif "As Sick As it Gets; The Shocking Reality of America's Healthcare" (live line)
Hr. 2-Historian Adoolph Reed Jr.; progressive politics and the African American community, yesterday and today

Week of 2/3-7/03

Hr. 1-Assemblyman Joseph Morelle with reaction to the state budget, in the latest installment
of our ongoing coverage (live line from Albany)
Hr. 2-The Columbia tragedy; veteran journalist Pat Duggins and space science experts Margaret
Weitekamp and Martin Gordon (live line)

Hr.1-Upstate NY native and author Tom Barbash with an eyewitness account of the impact
of the World Trade Center Attacks on the people who survived them (live line)
Hr.2-Author and commentator Ken Coileman on the sinking state of the dollar and of our
national balance sheet (live line)

Hr.1-Perpective on the state budget from State Comptroller Alan Hevesi
Hr.2-RMSC Distinguished Lecturer Series participant Dr.Katy Payne; what elephants teach us

Hr. 1-Former ranking minority member of the House Banking Committee John LaFalce on our
international trade and financial relationships (live line)
Hr. 2-Astronauts who say the risks of space are worth it; Pam Melroy and Story Musgrave (tape)

Hr. 1-International terrorism expert John Thompson assesses our progress against terror
Hr. 2-International journalist Arshin Molavi on a country that may become the administration's
next enemy, Iran (tape)

Our previously scheduled conversation with author Leander Watts is rescheduled to 2/12/03
in the first hour. Airplay of our conversation with Cornell University international law expert David
Wippman will be rescheduled for 2/11/03 in the second hour.

Week of 1/27-31/03 (revised)
Hr. 1-Spotlight on public opinion; an overall view, with opinion researcher Gerald Goldhaber
Hr. 2-Spotlight on public opinion, part II; what we think of the terror threat and civil liberties,
with Cornell University researcher Dietram Scheufele (live line)

Hr.1-Preview of the State of the Union; political scientist Ed Lundberg
Hr.2-Veteran American diplomat Jack Perry on the Iraq issue (tape)

Hr.1-A special report on the state budget from Albany bureau chief Karen DeWitt; plus,
advice on managing YOUR finances from MCC's Joe Marchese
Hr.2-RMSC Distinguished Lecturer Series participant Dr. Robert Neyland; uncovering
a piece of history from the deep

Hr. 1-MCC President R. Thomas Flynn; the state budget and its impact on higher education
Hr. 2-Rochester School Board Finance Committee Chair Jim Bowers; how Albany's actions
may affect your public schools

Hr. 1-Open phone!
Hr. 2-State Senator Joe Robach reacts to the proposed budget and discusses its impact on
the community

The originally scheduled show with author Tom Barbash on how 9/11 impacted the victims of
the World Trade Center attack, originally scheduled on 1/31 at noon, will air instead on Tuesday,
February 4, live at noon and repeated at 8 PM.

Week of 1/20-24/03 (first release)
Hr. 1-State Senator George Maziarz, live from Albany
Hr. 2-Jody Siegle of the Monroe County School Boards' Association...if the state cuts back its
funding, can public schools make it?

Hr.1-Barbara Bartoletti of the NY State League of Women Voters; a brewing lobbying scandal
in Albany, and what might prevent another one (live line)
Hr.2-Historian Severin Hochberg; an unusual connection between Upstate NY and refugess
from the Holocaust (tape)

Hr.1-Intelligence, and how it failed us on 9/11/2001; author and investigator Mark Riebling (live line)
Hr.2-The new President of the Rochester School Board, Shirley Thompson

Hr. 1-Rochester School Superintendent Dr. Manuel Rivera
Hr. 2-Tim Hayes, contributing co-author of "Tips from the Top", a new collection of financial advice

Hr. 1-Holly Widanka and Peg Collins of the Lung Association; extending the smoking ban
Hr. 2-Israeli diplomat Mark Regev (tape)

Week of 1/13-17/03 (first release)

Hr. 1-Economist Kathy Bromley of MCC..the state of the economy today
Hr. 2-Can consolidation work in local government? Meet Riggs Lewis, leader of a success-
ful city/county merger campaign in Louisville, Kentucky that was JUST completed two
weeks ago (live line)

Hr.1-Henry "Pete" French, political scientist and security analyst, shares first hand experience
in Korea
Hr.2-The Middle East and Mediterranean region on the eve of possible war; through the eyes
of 20 year veteran journalist and observer Gerald Robbins (tape)

Hr.1-What's next for NY State? Assemblyman David Koon
Hr.2-Managing the city in tight fiscal times; Rochester Mayor Bill Johnson

Hr. 1-Getting your house in order; Home repair expert Jerry Ludwig
Hr. 2-Nationally syndicated columnist Deborah Mathis (live line)

Hr. 1-pre-recorded show, featuring local historians Ruth Rosenberg Naparsteck and Shirley Cox Husted
Hr. 2-Collectible books expert John Westerberg

Week of 1/6-10/03 (first release)

Hr. 1-Duffy Palmer and Sue Cowell of Empire Pride Agenda...the new gay rights law and
what it means
Hr. 2-Insecurity in the Persian Gulf examined with John Mueller (live line)

Hr.1-Meet storyteller and author Rafe Martin, whose new novel "The World Before This One"
is inspired by legends of the Senecas
Hr.2-Weapons inspector Scott Ritter tells why he opposes a war against Iraq and wants his
successors on the UN inspection teams to get the time needed to do their work (tape)

Hr.1-Nazareth College political historian Timothy Kneeland joins us for an advance look at the
likely themes of the State of the State
Hr.2-Pre-empted for the Governor's State of the State Message

Hr. 1-Considering the past, with historian John MacNaughton
Hr. 2-Kent Gardner of Center for Governmental Research; the real state of upstate's economy

Hr. 1-Steve Jacobs of RIT from the Consumer Electronics Show (live line)
Hr. 2-Political analyst Michael Lind; why Texas dominates our political culture (live line)