1370 Connection Old Show Archives - 2007

The following are lists of guests and topics that were discussed on episodes of the WXXI radio program 1370 Connection for the given years.  The program is no longer in production and has been replaced by Connections with Evan Dawson.  Follow this link to return to the listings archive page.

Week of 12/24-28/07 (revised)

Hr. 1-Bob Marcotte shares his studies of the wildlife of the Rochester area
Hr. 2-Holiday planting; Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank (tape; rescheduled from

NO SHOW-Special holiday presentations of "Tinsel Tales" and Jonathan
Winters' Christmas Carol

Hr. 1-Bob invites MCC economics faculty member Kathy Bromley to
review the year's economic developments
Hr. 2-Rochester Americans president Steve Donner looks at the next
stage for his team and for pro sports in Rochester

Hr. 1-Joe Marchese discusses the year in the financial markets, and
what to watch for in 2008
Hr. 2-Diana Fortuna, president of the nonpartisan Citizens' Budget
Commission, unveils a proposal to cap property taxes (live line)

Bob presents a two hour special program reviewing the stories and
the newsmakers of 2007 (tape)

Week of 12/17-21/07 (further revised/updated)

Hr. 1-Bob Smith speaks with Jodi Siegle, executive director of the Monroe
County School Boards' Association, about why her members are
appealing a court decision on the FAIR plan
Hr. 2-Curt Smith, author of bestsellers on baseball including "Voices of the
Game," and Red Wings general manager Dan Mason discuss the Mitchell
report, and integrity in pro sports

Hr. 1-Bob speaks with RIT's Robert Manning about the growing
debt crunch in America and how it will affect our lives
Hr. 2-Bob welcomes Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy

Hr. 1-Bob speaks with Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks about
the FAIR plan and its effect on local communities
Hr. 2-Rochelle Ruffer and Rebecca Morley of the Center for Governmental
Research present a major report on lead contamination in Rochester

Hr. 1-State Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith with a perspective
on the coming year in Albany (tape)
Hr. 2-Bob speaks with the director of Rochester's Center for Public
Safety Initiatives, John Klofas

Guest host Elissa Marra presents a two hour Healthy Friday program

Week of 12/10-14/07

Monday (Scott Fybush guest-hosts)
Hr. 1-Hobart & William Smith College political scientist Iva Deutchmann
examines the political landscape for 2008 (live line)
Hr. 2-Helping the needy during the holidays; the Salvation Army's
local commander, Major Charles Dietrich

Hr. 1-Bob Smith speaks with Amnesty International's regional director
Josh Rubenstein as we mark World Human Rights Day (tape)
Hr. 2-Scott speaks with Sister Grace Miller of the House of Mercy and
RIT photographic arts teacher Loret Steinberg, who's capturing the
lives of the poor on film

Wednesday (Scott Fybush guest-hosts)
Hr. 1- Rochester's new school superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard
Hr. 2-Local historian Peter Eisenstadt examines outmigration from the
Rochester area throughout history

Hr. 1-Democrat and Chronicle home repair columnist Jerry Ludwig
Hr. 2-Bob Smith talks with journalist and Zimbabwean exile Jeffrey
Nayarota (tape)

Hr. 1-Incoming Rochester school superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard
Hr. 2-Bob Smith discusses arts, music and popular culture with World
Cafe's David Dye, June Choi of the Rockefeller Trust's cultural
endeavors and jazz great Branford Marsalis (tape)

Week of 12/3-7/07

Hr. 1-RIT business and marketing expert Eugene Fram; will the economic
Grinch steal Christmas? And will business get their sales and marketing
efforts in synch to deal with whatever economic conditions come along?
Hr. 2-NO SHOW--pre-empted for holiday programming "Hanukkah Lights"

Hr. 1-Rochester School Board member Cynthia Elliott shares her perspective
on the schools and the community
Hr. 2-Economist Linda Nazareth on how the baby-boomer generation will
change retirement--and generation X will change work life (live line)

Hr. 1-A campaign for clean government and clean elections; Stuart Berger
of Citizens for Better Government and Janice Wisniewski of Citizen
Action NY
Hr. 2-Judy Braiman of Empire State Consumers' Association on holiday
toy safety and the spate of toy recalls this season

Hr. 1-We convene the College of Collectible Knowledge to answer your
questions on antiques
Hr. 2-Authors and business experts Jim Rammerman and Sherri McArdle

Guest host Brenda Tremblay presents an Arts Friday program featuring
the people who plan to bring Jane Austen to Broadway, and New Yorker
music critic Alex Ross

Week of 11/26-30/07

Hr. 1-Heading to the toy department with Chris Bensch and J.P. Dyson of
the Strong Museum
Hr. 2-Rochester School Board finance committee chair Willa Powell; fulfil-
ling the "Contract for Excellence"--and paying for it

Hr. 1-Rare books expert John Westerberg on the books we have on our shelves
Hr. 2-David Dyssgard-Kallick of the Fiscal Policy Institute shares results of a
new report on the economic impact of immigrants in NY (live line)

Hr. 1-Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank; putting your garden to bed for the winter
(rescheduled from 11/21)
Hr. 2-Tony Award winner Garth Fagan shares his plans for the upcoming
performance season of his acclaimed dance company

Hr. 1-MCC business professor and personal finance expert Joe Marchese
Hr. 2-Richard Canfield of Cornell University shares results of a new
lead contamination study, conducted partly in Rochester (live line)

Hr. 1-Mora Einstein, author of "Brands of Faith" (live line)
Hr. 2-SUNY Brockport public administration faculty chair James Fatula on the
impact of the latest rate hikes by major local health insurers

Week of 11/19-23/07 (further revision/update)

Hr. 1-Rochester City Council members Adam McFadden and Dana Miller
on the future of "Zero Tolerance"
Hr. 2-Israeli Consul-General Asaf Shariv

Hr. 1-Susan Christopherson of Cornell University on the upstate brain drain
(live line)
Hr. 2-Restorative Justice; a concept for change in the criminal justice system,
outlined by two of its proponents, Howard Zehr and Kirby Trask (tape)

Hr. 1-Harvard University philosopher and scientist Edward Wilson on science,
society and faith (tape)
Hr. 2-Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy

NO SHOW--pre-empted for holiday programming

Hr. 1-NO SHOW--pre-empted for holiday programming
Hr. 2-Astronomer Janna Levin considers the size and fate of the universe (tape)

The program originally scheduled with gardening experts Mike Tanzini and Greg
Frank, originally scheduled for 11/21 in the first hour, will instead be heard on
11/28 in the first hour.

Week of 11/12-16/07 (further revised)

Hr. 1-Making sense of a turbulent real estate market with Edith Lank
Hr. 2-New York Teacher of the Year Richard Ognibene examines the classroom impact of No Child Left Behind

Hr. 1-Meet Maya Wiley, executive director of the Center for Social Inclusion and keynoter at this year's Action for a Better Community meeting (tape)
Hr. 2-Robert Balfanz of Johns Hopkins University discusses strategies for making city schools in communities like Rochester more effective (live line)

Hr. 1-Media analysis from MCC's Tom Proietti
Hr. 2-Charles Zettek of the Center for Governmental Research examines a new state study on the rise in school property taxes

Hr. 1-Rochester School Board President Domingo Garcia, on the selection of a new superintendent of schools
Hr. 2-Meet jazz master Branford Marsalis in advance of his quartet's Saturday performance in Rochester; then, Zimbabwean journalist Jeffrey Nyarota tells the story of how a revolution gone sour left him an exile (tape)

Guest host Elissa Orlando presents a two hour Healthy Friday special; topics
will include end-of-life issues and a look at the Center for Future Health

Our scheduled program with Democrat and Chronicle home repair columnist
Jerry Ludwig is being rescheduled for a date TBA next week.


Week of 11/5-9/07 (revised; note change in 11/9 show)

Hr. 1-Jacqueline Cady and Don Pryor; child care underutilized?
Hr. 2-Bestselling author Bruce Jacobs analyzes "Race Manners for the 21st

Hr. 1-We welcome Monroe County's election commissioners
Hr. 2-Barbara Bartoletti of the NY League of Women Voters and technology
expert Phil Mulivor; will future elections be secure and accurate? (live line)

Hr. 1-U of R political scientist David Primo examines our budget process
Hr. 2-Energy scientist Ben Ebenhack; could our energy price crunch get still

Hr. 1-John Jackson of Great Lakes United; a future for our fresh water (tape)
Hr. 2-Washington Post columnist and author Beth Baker on advances in care
for the elderly (tape: rescheduled from October 16)

Hr. 1-Assemblyman David Koon on Albany's unfinished business
Hr. 2-RPO pops director Jeff Tyzik and Eastman House film historian Philip
Carli; the movies go back to the future (with help from Harold Lloyd)

Week of 10/29-11/2/07 (revised)

Hr. 1-David Gahl of Environmental Advocates of New York joins us
from Albany with a critical examination of Governor Spitzer's
new greenhouse gas emission regulations (live line)
Hr. 2-Democrat & Chronicle president and publisher Michael Kane

Hr. 1-Historian James Loewen on the historical errors your teachers taught
you in class (live line)
Hr. 2-RIT economist Ron Hira on how we need to prepare our workforce to
compete internationally

Hr. 1-A special Halloween haunting from the Capitol Steps
Hr. 2-Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy

Hr. 1-We convene the College of Collectible Knowledge
Hr. 2-MCC economist Kathy Bromley; do the numbers point to a soft landing,
or a recession?

An Arts Friday special; guest host Brenda Tremblay talks with the music critics
of our local papers, and award winning writer Anne Panning

The segment with Washington Post columnist on health and retirement Beth Baker
originally scheduled to play on 10/29 has been rescheduled to air on 11/8/07.

Week of 10/22-26/07 (first release)

Hr. 1-Examining how minorities are covered in the media; James Blount of
about...time magazine and MCC media professor Tom Proietti
Hr. 2-NPR space correspondent Pat Duggins examines the future of NASA
as the Space Shuttle prepares to fly again (live line)

Hr. 1-Brian Wansink of Cornell University; your supposedly healthy diet may
be more fat-filled than you think (live line)
Hr. 2-Rochester Museum & Science Center president Kate Bennett on the
much-talked-about "Our Body" exhibit

Hr. 1-Achmed Hijazi of the interfaith Neve Shalom community; achieving
peace, one community at a time, in the Middle East
Hr. 2-Howard Chudahoff of Brown University; the Strong Museum commem-
orates the history of play in America

Hr. 1-Democrat & Chronicle home repair columnist Jerry Ludwig
Hr. 2-Security expert Bruce Schneier on the questions we really should be
asking about security in America (tape)

Hr. 1-Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank help you with fall gardening and rate the
fall foliage
Hr. 2-Meet Lisa Ling, one of the world's most well-travelled journalists (tape)

Week of 10/15-19/07

Hr. 1-Thomas Drennen of Hobart & William Smith Colleges on our energy future
Hr. 2-Dr. Arthur Moss of the U of R medical center on The Mysterious Human

Hr. 1-Dr. Grant Reeher of Syracuse University, on civic journalism and the forth-
coming By The People forum
Hr. 2-Washington Post contributing columnist Beth Baker on frontiers in care for
the elderly (taped)

Hr. 1-Ann Savastano of the American Cancer Society, Dr. Eugene Toy, and
Marilyn Weissend; surviving ovarian cancer, getting early cancer detection
(note additional guests)
Hr. 2-The end of Midtown and the rise of a new PaeTec headquarters; we
discuss its impact with Heidi Zimmer-Mayer of RDDC and CGR president
Kent Gardner

Hr. 1-Dr. David Stornelli, regional chapter president of the American College of
Physicians, on a doctor's eye view of candidates' health care proposals
Hr. 2-Patricia J. Williams, Gannett series lecturer at RIT, on "Conjoined
Identities and the Corporate Body"

Guest host Elissa Orlando presents a special Healthy Friday edition

The program featuring Rochester Museum & Science Center president Kate
Bennett on the much-talked-about "Our Body" exhibit, originally scheduled
for the second hour on 10/17, will instead be presented on 10/23 in the second

Week of 10/8-12/07 (first release)

Hr. 1-RIT's Nabil Nasr, GM's Matthew Fronk and White House environmental advisor
Edwin Pinero on sustainable future economic development (recorded)
Hr. 2-Best selling author Steven Johnson with an advance look at his upcoming RIT
lecture on an epidemic that reshaped the Western World's cities--including
Rochester (recorded)

Hr. 1-Former Rochester mayor Bill Johnson and Brighton supervisor Sandy Frankel;
differing views on local government consolidation
Hr. 2-U of R political scientist Valeria Sinclair Chapman on the media and its likely
impact on the 2008 election cycle

Hr. 1-Election 2007, the District Attorney's race; GOP candidate Kara Briggs
Hr. 2-Monroe County School Boards Association executive director Jody Siegle;
why her organization's members are suing Monroe County

Hr. 1-Election 2007, the District Attorney's race; Democratic incumbent Mike Green
Hr. 2-MCC business professor Joe Marchese on money management

Hr. 1-Best-sellling author Richard Lavoie on how to help your children achieve all
they want to (live line)
Hr. 2-The Voice of the Voter poll of Monroe County residents, explained by the man
who directed it, pollster Larry Harris of the Mason/Dixon organization

Week of 10/1-5/07 (final)

Hr. 1-GeVa artistic director Mark Cuddy, and from the next production in the
Rochester TheaterFest, Kevin Indovino, David Kyle and Ralph Meranto;
Theaterfest 07-08
Hr. 2-Joni Monroe and Roger Brown of the Rochester Regional Community Design
Center; designs for downtown Rochester

Hr. 1-Monroe County's proposed budget solution; County Legislature Majority
Leader Bill Smith and Minority Leader Carla Palumbo
Hr. 2-Gerald Hunt, executive director of the Frederick Douglass Resource Center, now
under construction in Rochester

Hr. 1-Joe Flaherty of Writers and Books presents the "Big Read"
Hr. 2-Meet digital media critic Ze Frank, who will lecture at RIT on "Acceleration Anxiety"
as part of the Caroline Warner Gannett Lecture Series

Hr. 1-We convene the College of Collectible Knowledge to answer your questions on
Hr. 2-RPO music director Christopher Seaman gives you a preview of the season which
starts this weekend (recorded)

Guest host Peter Iglinski presents a special Arts Friday Edition; among the featured guests
will be the RPO's new CEO Charles Owens

Schedule Changes:

The segment featuring RIT's Nabil Nasr, GM's Matthew Fronk and White House environ-
mental advisor Ediwn Pinero, originally scheduled to air on 10/1, will instead be
heard on Monday, 10/8 in the first hour.

The segment featuring U of R political scientist Valeria Sinclair Chapman on the
media and Election 2008, originally scheduled for 10/2, will instead be heard on
Tuesday, 10/9 in the first hour.

Week of 9/24-28/07 (revised)

Hr. 1-Patrick Christopher, Working Families Party candidate for Monroe County
Hr. 2-Columbia University astrophysicist and bestselling author Janna Levin
on science, scientists and the frontier of knowledge (recorded)

Hr. 1-Former assistant US Attorney, and now prominent appellate litigator, David Tennant
looks at the changing of the guard at the Justice Department
Hr. 2-Landmark Society director Joann Arany and Artwalk's Doug Rice on the living
history of the central city

Hr. 1-The media examined with MCC's Tom Proietti
Hr. 2-Speaking on Rochesterians' support for the West Bank interfaith school "Hope Flowers",
Rev. Gordon Webster and Nancy Waasdorp (educator Ibrahim Issa, originally scheduled
to appear, was unable to obtaini a visa for entry into the US in time for the broadcast)

Hr. 1-Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank with tips on fall gardening
Hr. 2-In advance of his address to the Frederick Douglass/Underground Railroad historical
convocation in Rochester, NPR Senior Correspondent and award-winning author
Juan Williams (recorded)

Hr. 1-Economist Robert Frank of Cornell University on why businesses make decisions
that don't seem on the surface to make sense-but do make more money (live line)
Hr. 2-Noted theologian Rev. Charles Curran on the church and society today (recorded)

Week of 9/17-21/07 (revised)

Hr. 1-Wendell Jamieson, author of "Father Knows Least," shares a humorous take on
contrmporary parenthood (live line)
Hr. 2-TV journalist Lisa Ling shares highlights of her ghlobetrotting adventures for the
National Geographic Channel and the Oprah Winfrey Show in advance of her
upcoming lecture at FLCC (recorded)

Hr. 1-Economist Kathy Bromley of MCC analyzes the Fed's next move as it meets today
to set interest rates, and what it could mean to us
Hr. 2-D&C home repair and remodeling columnist Jerry Ludwig

Hr. 1-Philip Mangano, director of the Federal Government's U.S. Interagency Council
on Homelessness, visits Rochester and discusses the dimensions of homelessness
Hr. 2-Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy

Hr. 1-Meet veterans of the Battle of the Bulge, as we approach the premiere of Ken Burns'
documentary series The War
Hr. 2-Tom Cray of the Veterans' Outreach Center on the needs of Rochester area veterans
come home from all the nation's wars of the last 65 years

Guest host Elissa Orlando presents a two hour "Healthy Friday" special program

Week of 9/10-14/07 (please note MAJOR revisions to the week's schedule in light of Iraq war hearings coverage)

Program pre-empted in its entirety for live coverage of hearings into Gen.
Petraeus' Iraq War report

Hr. 1-Pre-empted for coverage of hearings into Gen. Petraeus' Iraq War report
Hr. 2-Security expert and MCC emeritus professor Henry "Pete" French; six years since
9/11/01, are we safer?

Hr. 1-U of R education professor David Hursh shares the results of two recent studies
he's published on "No Child Left Behind" (rescheduled from 9/10)
Hr. 2-David Anderson on the upcoming conference highlighting Frederick Douglass and the
Underground Railroad

Hr. 1-John "Dutch" Summers explains why he's suing to stop the city from paying on the
Fast Ferry debt
Hr. 2-Local historian Rose O'Keefe shares her research on what life was like for Frederick
Douglass and his family in Rochester from the 1840s to the 1870s

Hr. 1-Cornell University economist Robert Frank on the logic behind seeming anomalies in
the consumer economy (live line)
Hr. 2-Meet the candidates for Rochester Board of Education in the upcoming primary
election (taped)

Our segment with TV journalist Lisa Ling of the National Geogrephic Channel in advance of her
lecture later this month at Finger Lakes Community College, originally scheduled to air on 9/10
in the first hour, will instead be heard on 9/17 in the second hour.

Our segment with Author and RIT Gannett Series lecturer Janna Levin sharing the insights
she reached in the process of writing "A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines", originally
scheduled for 9/11 in the first hour, will instead be heard on 9/18 in the second hour.

Our segment with John Jackson of Great Lakes United on what we've recently done to protect
the future of the lakes, originally scheduled to air on 9/12 in the first hour, will air instead at a
later date TBA.


Week of 9/3-7/07 (revised)

Hr. 1-James Parrott, chief economist of the Fiscal Policy Institute (tape)
Hr. 2-June Choi of Rockefeller Philanthropic Advisors on the disposition of the "payola"
settlement; and a conversation with jazz great Dave Brubeck (tape)

Hr. 1-Monroe County Medical Society past president Dr. Alexander Strasser on what's
wrong with the system today
Hr. 2-NPR "Science Friday" host Ira Flatow joins us on live line to talk about the frontiers
of science and technology today

Hr. 1-Business gives a failing grade to the upstate economy's growth record;
Matthew Maguire of the Business Council of New York joins us on live line
from Albany
Hr. 2-A perspective on the financial system today, from Canandaigua National Bank CEO
George Hamlin

Hr. 1-Our antiques and collectibles experts answer your questions
Hr. 2-Heidi Zimmer-Mayer of the Rochester Downtown Development Corporation updates
us on the future prospects of the central business district

An Arts Friday special with guest host Peter Iglinski; guests will include Rosie Taravella,
new executive director of the High Falls Film Festival

The program featuring John Jackson of Great Lakes United discussing what the state's
recent ratification of a new Great Lakes Compact means, originally scheduled to air on
9/5 in the first hour, is instead tentatively scheduled to play on 9/12 in the first hour.

Week of 8/27-31/07 (revised)

Hr. 1-Christopher Burns of Rochester Young Professionals
Hr. 2-Financial market analyst T.C. Lewis

Hr. 1-Cornell University's David Pimentel reveals results of a study showing how lethal
our polluted environment has become to us (live line)
Hr. 2-Roberts Wesleyan College president John Martin and Houghton College president
Shirley Mullen

Hr. 1-We cover the battle for the Norteast District seat on Rochester City Council starting
with challenger and former School Board member James Bowers
Hr. 2-Rochester Police Chief David Moore, calling on citizens to help police in the reduction
of violent crime

Hr. 1-Former assistant US Attorney David Tennant offers perspectives on what is likely
to result from the recent controversy and impending changes at the Justice Department
Hr. 2-The challenges and opportunities in business in Rochester today; High Falls Brewery
CEO Norm Snyder

Hr. 1-AFL-CIO Regional Council President James Bertolone
Hr. 2-Former Democratic Presidential Candidate, and Massachusetts Governor, Michael
Dukakis discusses 2008 and the American political system (tape)

MCC business professor Joe Marchese will be heard in the first hour on the last
Thursday of September.

Week of 8/20-24/07

Hr. 1-]Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks on her re-election, her plans for the
2008 budget, the Renaissance Square project and more
Hr. 2-State Assemblyman, and Monroe County Democratic chairman, Joseph Morelle

Hr. 1-Thomas Grasso of the Canal Society of New York on proposals for re-watering
the Erie Canal in Rochester
Hr. 2-Rochester Teachers' Association president Dr. Adam Urbanski on the process
of selecting a new school superintendent

Hr. 1-New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli on the finances of state and local
Hr. 2-Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy

Hr. 1-Schuyler Center president Karen Schimke on a study that shows New York will
soon run seriously short of college-trained people
Hr. 2-Consumer advocate Judy Braiman on the safety hazards of some imported toyr--
and how to assure your child's playthings are safe

Hr. 1-Ambassador William Montgomery; are we at risk of squandering what we
accomplished in the Balkans in the '90s? (tape)
Hr. 2-Political researcher Carlo Marcello of the University of Maryland looks at why
younger people are starting to vote in bigger numbers (tape)

Week of 8/13-17/07 (updated/revised)

Hr. 1-Privacy expert Phil Mulivor assesses the newly passed wiretap laws
Hr. 2-MCC Professor and personal finance and investment expert Joe Marchese
examines the current turbulence in the financial markets

Hr. 1-MCC's Tom Prioetti analyses the media
Hr. 2-City Councilman Adam McFadden on the proposed renewal of the youth curfew

Hr. 1-Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank on gardening
Hr. 2-Rochester School Board VP Malik Evans on the search for a new superintendent

Hr. 1-D&C home repair columnist Jerry Ludwig
Hr. 2-We convene the College of Collectible Knowledge

Guest host Elissa Orlando with a two hour Healthy Friday special program:

Preview of the upcoming season of Second Opinion.
And we'll spend an hour looking at what could be the future of health care.
URMC's Center for Future Health has received a grant to study the highest-technology ways to stay healthy even as we age.
We'll talk with the founder of the Center, Dr. Alice Pentland, and Center Director Cecelia Horwitz.

Our conversation with researcher Carlo Marcello on why more young people
are voting, originally scheduled for the second hour on August 13, will instead
air in the second hour on August 20.

Week of 8/6-10/07 (revised)

Hr. 1-Historian Paul Boller, Jr. on Presidential Pasttimes (live line)
Hr. 2-Rob Kochik, director of the Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network

Hr. 1-Best selling author and broadcaster Moira Gunn on the Bio-Tech Nation
Hr. 2-Tom Schatz, president of Citizens Against Government Waste (live line)

Hr. 1-Novelist and futurist Rudy Rucker (tape)
Hr. 2-Economist Kathy Bromley dissects the reality behind the numbers (rescheduled from
July 27)

Hr. 1-Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Gordon Wood, author of "Revolutionary Characters",
on what made our founding fathers so distinctive and what they can teach us now
(live line)
Hr. 2-Mazi Melesa, whose life story begins in Ethiopia and culminates with her coming
to Rochester to represent her adopted home city of Rehovoth in her adopted
homeland of Israel

Hr. 1-Rev. Jane Spahr looks back on a life and career
Hr. 2-(tentative) We speak with officials of the State Department of Transportation on how
efforts are under way to prevent a tragedy like the Minneapolis bridge disaster

Week of 7/30-8/3/07 (Bob Smith on vacation)

Hr. 1-Guest host Julie Philipp talks with Bret Garwood, Rochester City Housing Project
Development Bureau director
Hr. 2-Julie speaks with Wally Smith, president of the Western and Central NY chapter
of the AAA

Hr. 1-A new multi-state/multi-national agreement on preserving the Great Lakes; Bob Smith
talks with John Jackson of Great Lakes United (tape)
Hr. 2-Bob speaks with John Parr, a nationally recognized expert on revitalization of cities

Hr. 1-Guest host Scott Fybush speaks with WXXI's CEO Norm Silverstein and program
manager Mike Black about the new age of digital broadcast radio
Hr. 2-Scott speaks with people from the trailblazing Infotonics Center

Hr. 1-Bob Smith dives into the history of everyone's favorite dessert, the ice cream
sundae, with author Michael Turback--and finds out it's an Upstate New York
invention (tape)
Hr. 2-Guest host Bud Lowell

A two-hour Arts Friday presented by guest host Brenda Tremblay

Hr 1 - The Writer's Life

Listeners meet local writers from different disciplines who talk about the craft of writing, story generation, reader response, and their interior lives. Guests include D & C columnist Mark Hare and mystery writer Mary Stanton, who written 11 young adult novels and two adult mysteries.
(both guests live in studio)

Hr 2 - New era for the Eastman School

Brenda talks with Douglas Lowry, the new dean of the Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester (he starts Aug. 1.) about the direction of the school, the future of classical music and jazz, and so forth. (live in studio)

Bob returns live on Monday, August 6.

Week of 7/23-27/07 (revised)

Hr. 1-RIT's Jaimen Brill and Asmah Abushargur discuss their unique White Cane Label
Hr. 2-James Fatula of SUNY Brockport analyzes Governor Spitzer's options for univer-
salizing access to health care in NY State

Hr. 1-General John Batiste analyzes our options in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the quality of
the decisions our leaders have been making
Hr. 2-Our gardening experts, Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank

Hr. 1-Dr. Rochelle Ruffer, associate economic analysis director at CGR, looks at the current
jobs numbers to see if Rochester's turning the corner on job creation
Hr. 2-We begin a series of programs examining the 2007 Monroe County elections,
with independent candidate Andrew Stainton, the first declared opponent to incumbent
Maggie Brooks

Hr. 1-Managing your money with the help of MCC business professor Joe Marchese
Hr. 2-On the anniversary of the enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act, we
look at progress with Crhis Hildebrant of the Center for Disability Rights

Hr. 1-Economic numbers examined with the help of economist Kathy Bromley
Hr. 2-We look at the 2007 legislative record, and the new proposed reforms of xampaign
financing and spending, with Assemblyman David Koon


Week of 7/16-20/07 (revised)

Hr. 1-Nationally syndicated real estate columnist Edith Lank
Hr. 2-Pulitzer Prize-winning NY Times economic and tax policy correspondent David
Cay Johnston; the growing inequality in the American economy and why it's
turning the public's mood sour

Hr. 1-Nazareth College political historian Timothy Kneeland; why is this political season
unlike any other? And why do presidential terms winding toward conclusion, often
wind up in trouble?
Hr. 2-Urban education can succeed; education consultant Gloria Ladson Billings
discusses strategies for improving outcomes (tape)

Hr. 1-Famed investigative journalist Carl Bernstein shares his research on the life and
work of NY Senator and Democratic Presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton (live line)
Hr. 2-Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy

Hr. 1-Examining the media with the help of MCC's Tom Proietti
Hr. 2-D&C home repair columnist Jerry Ludwig

Guest host Julie Philipp presents a two hour "Healthy Friday" special

Hour One: Macular Degeneration with Dr. David Diloreto, U of R Eye Institute

Hour Two: Childhood Obesity with Dr. Stephen Cook, URMC and Courtney Butera, Registered Dietician with the Childcare Council
She runs a program called Eat Well, Play Hard in pre-school and daycare centers. The program involves children, families, and staff

Gardening experts Greg Frank and Mike Tanzini, originally scheduled to appear on 7/17 in the
second hour, will instead appear on 7/24 in the second hour.

Taped shows may be replaced by live programming on short notice, and rescheduled for play
at a later date, in response to news events or guest availability.

All schedules are subject to change on short notice based on guest availability and response
to breaking news events.

Stay tuned to WXXI-AM 1370 for updates on our guest and topic schedule.

Week of 7/9-13/07 (revised)

Hr. 1-Burton Hersh tells the story of how Bobby Kennedy and J. Edgar Hoover
faced off and transformed American history 45 years ago (live line)
Hr. 2-Ruhi Maker and Rebecca Case-Grammatico of the Empire Justice Center on
impending settlement of a major predatory lending case

Hr. 1-Erika Rosenberg of CGR on the conflicts that are defining state
government and politics today
Hr. 2-Political analyst Gerald Goldhaber on why the 2008 campaign has started so early
--and whether it will ever end (live line)

Hr. 1-RIT's Steve Jacobs on the impact of proposed state regulations of electronic games
Hr. 2-Rochesterians mobilizing for peace; Jake Allen and Jeff DeToro of
Rochester Against War

Hr. 1-Linda Lambert of the American College of Physicians' NY State chapter, and Dr.
David Stornelli; are we heading into a doctor shortage?
Hr. 2-Syracuse University Sinologist Hong Ying Wang (tape)

Hr. 1-Cornell University climate expert Dr. Kerry Cook; is this summer's steamy weather
the real sign of global climate change? (live line)
Hr. 2-Douglas Lonnstrom, director of the Siena Research Center, on why consumer con-
fidence is sinking statewide and whether that pessimism is influencing people's
thinking about everything from investments to politics (live line)

Week of 7/2-6/07 (first release)

Hr. 1-State Senator Joseph Robach on finished and unfinished business of this
year's legislative session
Hr. 2-Syracuse University international affairs specialist Hong Ying Wang on US-
China relations today (tape)

Hr. 1-Futurist and novelist Rudy Rucker (tape) (rescheduled from earlier this spring)
Hr. 2-Rochester Police Chief David Moore

Hr. 1-NO SHOW; special holiday programming (PRI special, "A Union of Citizens")
Hr. 2-First portion; Capitol Steps July 4 special
Second portion; Bob Smith speaks with urban renewal expert Paul Goldberger of
"The New Yorker" magazine

Hr. 1-Our College of Collectible Knowledge answers your antiques questions
Hr. 2-Meet Deborah Hughes, the new executive director of the Susan B. Anthony House

A two hour Arts Friday special edition; guest host Brenda Tremblay explores the literary arts

Hour 1 -- Shylock is Shakespeare

In the first hour, listeners will hear from Kenneth Gross, Professor of English at the University of Rochester and author of the book, Shylock Is Shakespeare. Shylock is the Jewish moneylender in The Merchant of Venice who famously demands a pound of flesh as security for a loan to his antisemitic tormentors. He's one of Shakespeare’s most complex and idiosyncratic characters and a source of perennial fascination. What explains the strange and enduring force of this character, so unlike that of any other in Shakespeare’s plays? In-studio guest Kenneth Gross posits that the figure of Shylock is so powerful because he is the voice of Shakespeare himself. Included in this discussion -- other literary characters that make modern readers squrim.

Hour 2 - Summer Beach Reading

In the second hour, listeners have the chance to recommend favorite books for summer reading. In-studio guests include Curtis Rivers, co-owner of Mood Maker Books and literary critic Bob Koch (he's tenative.)

Week of 6/25-29/07 (revised & updated)

Hr. 1-Voice of the Voter 2007; our media partners discuss identifying and
covering key local issues
Hr. 2-Voice of the Voter 2007; citizen panelists join us to voice their concerns

Hr. 1-Nationally syndicated real estate columnist Edith Lank
Hr. 2-The New York League of Women Voters' Dorothy Borgos and Nancy
Kleintopp with the organization's agenda for reform this year

Hr. 1-MCC business professor Joe Marchese on money management
Hr. 2-Is hate crime rising again? We hear from Kris Hinesley, executive director of the
Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley

Hr. 1-Monroe County School Boards' Association executive director Jody Siegle; can
the state finance public education without property taxes?
Hr. 2-Why the arts can be good business; Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks and
Sarah Lentini, executive director of the Arts Council of Greater Rochester

Hr. 1-Immigration law on the front burner on Congress; we get a perspective from
immigration attorney Walter Ruehle
Hr. 2-Jack Garner of Gannett News Service and the D&C; how films have changed, and
why the adult film audience may be increasingly left out

Week of 6/18-22/07 (revised)

Hr. 1-Examining the economy's numbers with MCC's Kathy Bromley
Hr. 2-Dr. Jennifer Epstein of Cornell U. Medical School; new findings on teen
drug use and peer pressure (live line)

Hr. 1-Federal Reserve Board regional economist Richard Dietz on live line, and
Rochester Business Alliance VP Ellen Rosen in studio; understanding out-
migration from upstate NY and its economic impact
Hr. 2-Investigative journalist Bruce Barry on the impact of suppression of free
speech in the workplace (live line)

Hr. 1-Demographer Laurie Volk on urban revival; part of the "Reshaping
Roochester" series
Hr. 2-Jackie Dozier and Don Brunner of AIDS Rochester

Hr. 1-Democrat and Chronicle home repair columnist Jerry Ludwig
Hr. 2-Gardening experts Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank (tentative rescheduling)

Hr. 1-Monroe County Legislature majority leader Bill Smith and Rochester City
Council finance committee chair Dana Miller; solving the structural fiscal crisis
Hr. 2-Author and social critic Kirkpatrick Sale suggests secession for the states, because
the Union is too big to be a democracy any more (live line, rescheduled from 6/12)

Week of 6/11-15/07 (further revision)

Hr. 1-Jazz Festival headliners Dave Brubeck and Madeline Peyroux (tape)
Hr. 2-Michael Christman of the NY Institute for Education Excellence, and the
Rochester School District's office of testing and evaluation, on steps to
improve performance

Hr. 1-Best selling author and activist Kirkpatrick Sale; should the Union
break up in the interests of true democracy? (live line)
Hr. 2-Jeremy Cooney of the RocCity Coalition; how will we stop the brain drain of
young adults from our area?

Hr. 1-U of R international affairs expert Matthew Lenoe casts a critical eye
on American strategic policy in Euriope
Hr. 2-Looking at the Finger Lakes' past with local historian Michael Leavy

Hr. 1-Rochesterian Tom Moore offers an eyewitness view of Iran today
Hr. 2-Media examined with MCC's Tom Proietti

Guest host Elissa Orlando with a two hour Healthy Friday special

The program with East Asia affairs expert Hong Ying Wang of Syracuse U., originally scheduled
to air on the 14th, will instead air on 6/21 in the second hour.

Week of 6/4-8/07 (revised)

Hr. 1-Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and Jazz Festival first night headliner, Solomon Burke
Hr. 2-Energy & economics expert Tom Drennen; why we're paying so much for gas

Hr. 1-David Day of RiseGO on his budding venture in social entrepreneurship
Hr. 2-Amnesty International's annual assessment of the state of human rights,
with AI regional director Joshua Rubenstein (live line)

Hr. 1-International peace advocate Arun Gandhi, joined in studio by U of R
faculty member Robert L. Holmes and on live line from Albany by
Assemblyman David Koon
Hr. 2-Developing our economy; Dennis Mullen of Greater Rochester Enterprise, and
Thomas Ioele, Small Business Council, Rochester Business Alliance

Hr. 1-Your antiques questions answered by our College of Collectible Knowledge
Hr. 2-Daniel Dennett, featured lecturer in the finale of RIT's Gannett Lecture Series (tape)

Hr. 1-Will the northern Iraqi frontier erupt in conflict? National security expert John
Mueller, author of Overblown, will assess the risk for American forces and for
the region (live line)
Hr. 2-State Assembly Labor Committee chair Susan John on pending workplace legislation

The program featuring Author and futurist Rudy Rucker, scheduled to air in the first hour on
June 8, has been rescheduled for June 22 in the first hour.

Week of 5/28-6/1 (revised)

NO SHOW--pre-empted for holiday special programming

Hr. 1-Rochester Jazz Festival impresario John Nugent
Hr. 2-Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy

Hr. 1-Canada's first Poet Laureate, George Bowering, visits Rochester and
1370 Connection (tape)
Hr. 2-Rev. John Walker on the community's need to confront the problem of child neglect
and abuse, and child poverty

Hr. 1-MCC business professor Joe Marchese on money management and our
current investment climate
Hr. 2-RIT President Dr. Albert Simone reflects on the past 15 years of his leadership

Our monthly Arts Friday special featuring guest host Peter Iglinski and;
Hr. 1-Cuban jazz artist with Paquito Rivera
Hr. 2-A preview of the Jazz Festival with Marc Iacona

Week of 5/21-25/07 (revised)

Hr. 1-Jana Carlisle of the Rochester school system; the Children's Zone enters the next phase
Hr. 2-Remaking a city; urban expert John Parr (tape)

Hr. 1-Philosopher and historian Jennifer Hecht, author of "The Happiness Myth" (live line)
Hr. 2-Jazz and pop star, and Rochester's own, Chuck Mangione

Hr. 1-Abbie Kealy, producer of The Last Ridge, the PBS documentary about upstate New
York's legendary 10th Mountain Division (live line)
Hr. 2-"Friends and Love" revisited with Bat McGrath and Don Potter

Hr. 1-Home repair columnist Jerry Ludwig
Hr. 2-Jennifer Leonard of the Rochester Area Community Foundation and Jennifer Vey
of the Brookings Institution unveil a new study on revitalizing cities like Rochester

Hr. 1-Novelist and futurist Rudy Rucker (tape)
Hr. 2-State Assemblyman, and Monroe County Democratic Chairman, Joseph Morelle

Week of 5/14-18/07 (late change)

Hr. 1-Education analyst Peter Sacks discusses the class divide he sees in American
education (live line)
Hr. 2-Media analysis from MCC's Tom Proietti

Hr. 1-Your home, and its value; tips from nationally syndicated real estate
columnist Edith Lank
Hr. 2-Urban education expert Gloria Ladson Billings (tape)

Hr. 1-Helping your garden grow; Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank
Hr. 2-Newly appointed Northeast District City Councilwoman, and candidate for
this fall's election, Lovely Warren

Hr. 1-The passing of Jerry Falwell; an end of an era for American religion and politics?
We talk with noted U of R historian of modern American rekigion Anthea Butler
Hr. 2-Making sense of Washington for western NY readers; Jerry Zremski, Buffalo
News Washington correspondent and President, National Press Club (live line;
rescheduled from 5/15)

Bud Lowell guest-hosts a special edition; guests discussing the relationship of education and
business are scheduled to include Paychex founder and philanthropist Tom Golisano and
Bishop Kearney president & principal Donna Dedee

Week of 5/7-11/07 (revised/updated)

Hr. 1-U of R psychologist Dr. Kerry Knox presents a major national study on
suicide prevention
Hr. 2-RIT criminologist Jason Scott and the city's Public Safety Initiatives Center director
John Klofas examine lessons learned in fighting gun violence, locally and nationally

Hr. 1-SUNY Brockport Middle East expert Carl Davila; what we don't know about
the region's politics and culture, and what our knowledge gap might mean
Hr. 2-Historian James Oakes discusses the life and legacy of Frederick Douglass, in
advance of his evening lecture at RIT

Hr. 1-Ambassador William Montgomery talking about America's role in eastern Europe (tape)
Hr. 2-Jim Howe, regional director of the Nature Conservancy, and Rochester's City Environmental
Services Commissioner Paul Holahan, on the future of the Hemlock and Canadice Lake

Hr. 1-Bruce Boissoneault of the Niagara Health Quality Coalition, on the newly released
report on health outcomes at the region's hospitals
Hr. 2-Rochester City Council housing committee chair Carolee Conklin and Community De-
velopment Commissioner Julio Vasquez discuss the new study of Rochester's housing

Hr. 1-League of Women Voters legislative director Barbara Bartoletti discusses the
Governor's new proposals for campaign finance reform in New York (live line)
Hr. 2-Dr. William Cala, the newly appointed interim superintendent of Rochester's schools

The segment with novelist and futurist Rudy Rucker examining the possibility of alternate worlds,
previously scheduled to air on 5/11 in the first hour, is now scheduled to air on 5/17 in the first

Week of 4/30-5/4/07 (Bob returns)

Hr. 1-Media literacy expert and advocate Dennis Moriarty; what we need to teach
our kids about the media
Hr. 2-Rochester School Superintendent Dr. Manuel Rivera says goodbye to the
city school system, and talks about his new role with the state of New York, on
his last day in command of Rochester's schools

Hr. 1-D&C home repair columnist Jerry Ludwig (rescheduled from 4/19)
Hr. 2-RIT student government president Liz Sorkin (tape) - TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW

Hr. 1-Economist Kathy Bromley of MCC helps us understand the economic numbers
Hr. 2-Rev. Avery Blackman; the state of Rochester's African-American community

Hr. 1-We convene the College of Collectible Knowledge to answer your questions on
your antiques and collectibles
Hr. 2-New Yorker architecture and city planning commentator Paul Goldberger on
designing America's cities for the future--including Rochester (tape)

We present a two hour Arts Friday special

The segment with novelist Rudy Rucker originally scheduled to air on May 1 in the first hour, will
instead air on May 8 in the first hour.

The segment with Ambassador William Montgomery talking about America's role in eastern Europe,
originally scheduled to air May 1 in the second hour, will instead air May 8 in the second hour.

Week of 4/23-27/07; a note

Host Bob Smith will be on vacation during the week of 4/23-27, with Richard
McCollough of Channel 13 guest-hosting.

Hr. 1-Growing Vegetables, Organic Farming, Native American Natural Remedies Folklore - guest is Brian Beh, from Raindance Harvest
Hr. 2-Talk about the situation in Darfur Africa - guests are J.B. Manin, an attorney and adjunct professor at Monroe Community College in the departments of Criminal Justice and History and SUNY Geneseo in the department of Political Science and International Relations. And we are joined on the live line by Mohamed Bilal; a student at RIT.

Hr. 1-Talk about the rise of talent and dance programs on TV - 13 WHAM General Manager Chuck Samuels, Dancer/Choreographer Christopher Morrison and Nancy Mallory, a Teacher Television Production at MCC
Hr. 2-Talk about School Bullies and how schools and parents deal with them. - Beverly Burrell-Moore director of Special Projects Rush Henrietta Central School District and Deb Decker, Principal East Irondequoit Middle School.

Hr. 1-Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra’s Production of Forbidden Broadway - producer John Freedson and Kathryn Stornetta, the shows conductor.
Hr. 2-Achieving Students International Baccalaureate Program - Chris Connell I B Coordinator, Brittany White 11th grade, Jonathan Smith 12th grade and Michael Occhino Biology teacher

Hr. 1-Emergency Preparedness in Schools Intruders, Violence in Bldg., Weather, National Emergency 911, Medical Emergencies, Bombs, (Legal issues), (Family in divorce) - Mike Robinson, Chief of Operations for Rochester City Schools.
Hr. 2-Talk about Pets and the Pet food recall - Andy Fleming, Veterinarian Cat’s Exclusively & Andrew Newmark, Lollypop Farms


Week of 4/16-20/07 (Note change on 4/17 in first hour)

Hr. 1-Rochester School Board finance committee chair Willa Powell
Hr. 2-Hugo award-winning author Robert Sawyer unveils his latest novel

Hr. 1-Richard Frey, professor emeritus of criminology at SUNY Brockport, on lessons
to be learned from the tragedy at Virginia Tech
Hr. 2-Carolyn Portanova of Catholic Family Center; a call to restart the war on poverty

Hr. 1-RMSC guest lecturer David Power
Hr. 2-Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy on the issues facing our cityThe scheduled appearance of Mayor Duffy was cancelled by his office.

Hr. 1-D&C home repair columnist Jerry Ludwig answers your questions
Hr. 2-Former Kodak senior VP Charles Brown on his new role helping develop tomorrow's
math teachers--and building public school students' math skills

Elissa Orlando guest-hosts a two hour Healthy Friday special

The segment featuring Rudy Rucker on reality and alternate existences, scheduled to air on April
17 at noon, is now tentatively set to air on May 1 at noon.

Week of 4/9-13/07

Hr. 1-The gardening season begins; gardening experts Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank
Hr. 2-Meet Raheel Raza, author of "Their Jihad--Not My Jihad." (tape)

Hr. 1-State Lobbying Commission vice-chair Andrew Celli, Jr. and Common Cause-New York
executive director Rachel Leon (live line)
Hr. 2-Governor Elliot Spitzer's live address to the Rochester Rotary Club, with
post speech analysis by RIT political scientist Ivan Kenneally

Hr. 1-Why Americans love sports (and the people who bring sports into their homes);
author and "Perspectives" host Curt Smith joins us
Hr. 2-Former Rochester mayor Bill Johnson shares his perspective on local school funding,
and responds to Governor Spitzer's remarks on the topic

Hr. 1-We present a conversation with the governor's Upstate economic development chief,
Daniel Gunderson, produced in conjunction with Buffalo's WNED-AM (taped)
Hr. 2-A local perspective on upstate development from Dennis Mullen, CEO of Greater
Rochester Enterprise

Hr. 1-As "National Turn Off The TV Week" approaches, we talk with Ellen Currey Watson,
author of "The Big Turnoff" (live line)
Hr. 2-MCC media analyst Tom Proietti

Our conversation with Assemblyman David Gantt, originally scheduled for the second hour on
April 11, will instead air at a later date TBA.

Week of 4/2-6/07 (revised)

Hr. 1-State Senator Joseph Robach (R-56th Dist.) reacts to the state budget
Hr. 2-Anthea Butler of the U of R, consultant to the PBS American Experience program
"Sister Aimee; Saint or Sinner?"

Hr. 1-Did local governments learn anything from Rochester's venture with the Fast Ferry?
And are our local governments too complex and costly? Charles Zettek of the Center for
Governmental Research analyzes a new State Comptroller's Office report, and examines
Rochester's experience with ecnomic initiatives like the Ferry
Hr. 2-Psychologist and PBS-TV host Dr. Philip Zimbardo examines "The Lucifer Effect"
(live line)

Hr. 1-Warren Brown of Cornell University on why so many are leaving upstate New York
(live line)
Hr. 2-Play ball! Looking forward to the baseball season with the Red Wings' Naomi Silver and
Dan Mason

Hr. 1-We convene the College of Collectible Knowledge to answer your antiques questions
Hr. 2-The Empire Law Center's Barbara Van Kerkhove and Ruhi Maker, and Kirsten Keefe of
Americans for Fairness in Lending, on how redlining and the subprime market hurt
people in the minority community

A two hour special Arts Friday presentation with guest host Peter Iglinski

Our taped conversation with urban education expert Gloria Ladson Billings, originally scheduled to air
on April 2 in the second hour, will instead air at a later date TBA.

Our previously scheduled conversation with gardening experts Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank,
originally scheduled for the first hour on 3/30, will instead be heard in the first hour on 4/9/07.

Our taped conversation with Raheel Raza, guest lecturer at Nazareth College on women and
Islam, originally scheduled for March 29 in the first hour will instead be heard at a later date,
tentatively April 9 in the second hour.

Week of 3/26-30/07 (revised/final)

Hr. 1-Composer Tania Leon
Hr. 2-Media analyst Tom Proietti

Hr. 1-Rich Perrin, executive director, Genesee Transportation Council
Hr. 2-We talk with student leaders of several of Rochester's colleges about their
concerns--from campus life, to the economy into which they'll enter upon

Hr. 1-MCC's Joe Marchese on managing your money
Hr. 2-An update on the fight against lead contamination, with Derick Hazle of the Lead-Free

Hr. 1-Best selling real estate author Edith Lank (rescheduled from March 20)
Hr. 2-Laura Haight of NYPIRG and Steve Breyman of the Citizens' Environmental Coalition
on the emerging problem of new toxic vapors bubbling from old waste sites

Hr. 1-RIT economist and consumer credit expert Robert Manning shares his findings on
the American way of debt, and how the bill is now coming due, in advance of the
theatrical premiere of his documentary film "In Debt We Trust"
Hr. 2-NY State Assemblyman Bill Reilich reacts to the tentative state budget deal (live line
from Albany)

Week of 3/19-23/07 (first release)

Hr. 1-Economist Kathy Bromley on the reality behind the economic numbers
Hr. 2-Best-selling real estate author and columnist Edith Lank

Hr. 1-Hobart & William Smith Colleges political scientist Iva Deutchman; could 2008 be the
year America elects a woman President? (live line/ISDN)
Hr. 2-Physician and author Tom Farley on a new approach to health

Hr. 1-NTID's Harry Lange on issues to be covered in the upcoming PBS documentary
"Through Deaf Eyes"
Hr. 2-
First Segment – United Way Evolving
Dawn Borgeest, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President, United Way
Kathleen Whelehan, Senior Vice President of Resource Development, United Way
Second Segment – Business Development
Dawn Borgeest
George Hamlin, President and Chief Executive Officer, Canandaigua National Bank
Third Segment – Changing Lives in our Community
Dawn Borgeest
Dr. Jeff Kaczorowski,  President/Executive Director of The Children’s Agenda (Nurse-Family Partnership program)

Hr. 1-Ithaca College social scientist Rebecca Plante on contemporary relationships (tape)
Hr. 2-Don Pryor and Deborah Hughes; Rochesterians go back to New Orleans

Hr. 1-A converstation with State Education Commissioner Richard Mills (tape)
Hr. 2-RIT criminologist and senior advisor to the mayor's office John Klofas, on combatting
gun crime and domestic violence

Week of 3/12-16/07 (Revised)

Hr. 1-Shari Eshet, director of Israeli/US affairs for the National Conference of Jewish Women
Hr. 2-Novelist Chris Bohjalian, whose book is the book all of Rochester will be reading and
talking about in this year's "If All Rochester Read the Same Book" (live line)

Hr. 1-Rochester Area Community Foundations executive director Jennifer Leonard
on the new survey of social capital in Rochester
Hr. 2-RPO board chair Jim Boucher and outgoing executive director Rick Nowlin on the
state of orchestral music in Rochester today

Hr. 1-Amerks/Knighthawks CEO Steve Donner; is hockey's future in Rochester in doubt?
Hr. 2-Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy on the city's principal challenges today

Hr. 1-D&C home repair columnist Jerry Ludwig
Hr. 2-Political commentator and author Joe Conason on how an authoritarian regime can
arise in America (live line)

Guest host Elissa Orlando hosts a "Healthy Friday" special edition

The segment with gardening experts Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank originally scheduled for
the 14th at noon, will instead be heard at a later date TBA.

Week of 3/5-9/07 (revised/updated)

Hr. 1-Library Board chair George Wolf and NYCLU legal advisor Scott Forsyth on the
battle over Web access restrictions in Monroe County's libraries
Hr. 2-Rochester teacher Arkee Allen; what it'll take to get Rochester's children through
the standardized tests they face at the end of this week

Hr. 1-Artist Albert Paley; Pulitzer Prize winning scientist Edward O. Wilson (tape)
Hr. 2-Privacy expert Phil Mulivor on how parents use technology to oversee their children

Hr. 1-The Scooter Libby case examined; former Presidential speechwriter Curt Smith
Hr. 2-Geologist Lisa Morgan on the earth's own historic record (Rochester Museum
Distinguished Scholars Series lecturer)

Hr. 1-City Councilman Bill Pritchard; what will happen to Midtown?
Hr. 2-Business correspondent John Larish brings senior Kodak digital products executive
Scott Auer to the microphones at the Photo Marketing Association convention (live line)

Hr. 1-MCC business professor Joe Marchese on money management
Hr. 2-Business correspondent John Larish brings Popular Photography technology editor
Mike McNamara and PMA executive director Ted Fox to the microphones at the Photo
Marketing Association convention (live line)

Week of 2/26-3/2/07 (first release)

Hr. 1-Joseph Brown of Hillside Agencies, and some of his agency's young clients, on
youth values today
Hr. 2-Carrie Remis of "Project Sunshine"; achieving transparency in the search for a new
leader for Rochester's schools

Hr. 1-Political scientist Iva Deutchman of Hobart & William Smith Colleges; can a woman now
win the Presidency? (live line)
Hr. 2-PaeTec CEO Arunas Chesonis, author of "It's Not Just Business, It's Personal", on
building a corporate culture (and merging corporate cultures, a challenge he faces as
he merges his own firm with USLec in 24 hours)

Hr. 1-Rochester Business Alliance president/CEO Sandy Parker; an agenda for upstate
Hr. 2-U of R vice-provost Duncan Moore on entrepreneurship today

Hr. 1-Antiques and collectibles advice from the College of Collectible Knowledge
Hr. 2-NY State Bar Association immediate past president Vince Buzard; selecting our
state's judges (and the role he'll play in the selection in Western NY)

Guest host Brenda Tremblay presents an Arts Friday special edition -
Hour 1 - The Metropolitan Opera is beaming live opera into movie theatres. It’s one of the most interesting cultural developments in decades, and on the next 1370 Connection Arts Friday, we’ll talk about it with Julie Borchard Young of Metropolitan Opera and Kristin Kessler, executive director of Mercury Opera, Rochester’s professional company.

Hour 2 - The Image-Movement-Sound Festival brings like-minded and not-so-like-minded artists of different disciplines together. You’ll meet the Festival’s founder, Allan Schindler, and Missy Pfolh Smith, a choreographer and dancer who’s been involved in the festival for 3 years.

Our segment with MCC business professor Joe Marchese on money management,
originally scheduled for the first hour on 2/28, will instead be heard on Friday, 3/9
in the first hour.

Week of 2/19-23/07 (first release)

Monday (Presidents' Day holiday)
Hr. 1-Social scientist Steve Robbins on diversity and prejudice in modern society (tape)
Hr. 2-Urban planning experts Ken Greenberg and David Dixon (tape)

Hr. 1-Center for Governmental Research president Dr. Kent Gardner on the state budget and
property taxes, and their impact on our economy
Hr. 2-Nationally syndicated real estate author and columnist Edith Lank

Hr. 1-Labor economists Charles Whalen and Orin Levin-Waldman; the impact of a minimum wage hike
Hr. 2-Astronomer and RMSC Distinguished Scholars Series lecturer Dan Watson on how planets form

Hr. 1-City Council President Lois Geiss and Northwest District City Councilman Bob Stevenson
with their perspectives on retirement after over a decade and a half in office
Hr. 2-Best selling author and auto industry expert Brock Yates; can the troubled American auto
industry save itself, and if so, what will it take?

Hr. 1-The media examined with MCC communications professor Tom Proietti
Hr. 2-State Senator Joseph Robach

The segment with sociologist Rebecca Plante on modern relationships originally scheduled to air on
February 19 in hour 1, cannot be prepared for airing in time to broadcast at the originally scheduled
time. It will air instead on March 5 in the first hour.

Week of 2/12-16/07

Hr. 1-MCC economist Kathy Bromley examines the economic reality behind the numbers
Hr. 2-Sam Antar, who was involved in one of the largest business frauds in recent US history
         and now advises others on how to avoid being defrauded

Hr. 1-People's Almanac and Book of Lists co-author David Wallechinsky shares his latest list;
         the story of the world's worst current dictators (live line)
Hr. 2-Psychologist Dr. David Buss on how evolution has helped shape human behavior (tape)

Hr. 1-Rev. Jack Heister, director of the Mediation Center of Rochester, on how ethics can inform
         your investment choices
Hr. 2-Rev. Errol Hunt, director and founder of the forthcoming Frederick Douglass Resource Center

pre-empted in whole for coverage of the Iraq debate in the House of Representatives

A special two-hour "Healthy Friday" edition presented by guest host Elissa Orlando
As long as there are no plans to interrupt regular local programming for debate, Health Friday features:
A follow-up show on smoking. We promised to follow up with those who were trying to quit for a New Year's resolution and this program will help you keep the resolution.
Also, a discussion of antidepressants. New research fuels the debate about whether they are helpful or dangerous.

Week of 2/5-9/07

Hr. 1-Meet the people behind a critically praised independent film produced in Rochester,
"Cherry Crush"
Hr. 2-U of R Simon School dean Mark Zupan; how business, and business education, are

Hr. 1-PBS "News Hour" chief political correspondent Judy Woodruff (tape)
Hr. 2-Best selling author Jake Halpern tells us why we've all become "Fame Junkies" (live line)

Hr. 1-We discuss crime and security with the FBI's regional special agent in charge Laurie Bennett
Hr. 2-Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy

Hr. 1-The first of a series of programs examining state government and state spending for 2007
features Frank Mauro of the Fiscal Policy Institute
Hr. 2-Vicki Brown of the Center for Governmental Research on the future of High Falls

Hr. 1-Rochesterian Arnold Matlin of ROCLA returns from attending Nicaraguan president Daniel
Ortega's comeback inauguration, and shares an eyewitness view
Hr. 2-Forensic scientist Henry Lee, the pioneer in crime scene investigation (tape) or TBA

Week of 1/29-2/2/07

Hr. 1-MCC's Joe Marchese helps you manage your money
Hr. 2-Internationally renowned visual artists Wendell Castle and Nancy Jurs, in advance of their
rare joint exhibition

Hr. 1-Rochester Parks and Human Services Commissioner Charles Reaves; ideas on the next
phase of the youth curfew
Hr. 2-Dr. Seymour Lachman, former state senator and political scientist, on the way state gov-
ernment functions as we prepare for a new state budget (live line)

Hr. 1-Political scientist and former Board of Education finance committee chair Jim Bowers
Hr. 2-Author and Rochester native Bruce Jacobs examines "Race Manners"

Hr. 1-Our College of Collectibe Knowledge answers your questions
Hr. 2-School board member Van White; how to keep our children in school and attending class

Our two hour special Arts Friday edition

The segment with criminologist Henry Lee on modern forensic science originally scheduled to air
Tuesday, 1/23 in the second hour, has been postponed to play at a later date TBA.

Week of 1/22-26/07

Hr. 1-Nationally recognized diversity expert Dr. Steve Robbins (tape)
Hr. 2-Roger Brown and Joni Monroe of the Rochester Community Design Center on the results of this
weekend's downtown community charrette

Hr. 1-Dr. Robert Edgar of the National Council of Christian Churches on faith and society (live line)
Hr. 2-Rev. Roy Hedman, president of the Baptist Ministers' Alliance of the Rochester area, on a
special interfaith community forum to be held this week to confront the root causes of violence
in Rochester

Hr. 1-D&C home repair columnist Jerry Ludwig
Hr. 2-Looking at the media here and internationally with Tom Proietti

Hr. 1-Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute on what's next for America (live line)
Hr. 2-State Assembly Labor Committee chairwoman Susan John

Hr. 1-Joseph Brown of Hillside Children's Center on inclusiveness and society today
Hr. 2-RIT's Andy Phelps and Steve Jacobs on the latest new career path and degree program;
a degree for design of computer-driven games

The segment with criminologist Henry Lee on modern forensic science originally scheduled to air
Tuesday, 1/23 in the second hour, has been postponed to play at a later date TBA.

Week of 1/15-19/07 (revised)

Hr. 1-Nationally syndicated real estate columnist Edith Lank
Hr. 2-Washington Post White House correspondent, and former Moscow bureau chief, Peter Baker

Hr. 1-Dialogue on Disability; considering access to education and employment opportunity with Nyla
Gaylord of Rochester Rehabilitation Center, Mike Redell of the job development division of the
Epilepsy Foundation, and Julia Day of the NY State Division of Human Rights
Hr. 2-David Sloan Wilson, author and featured lecturer at RIT's Caroline Warner Gannett series, on
"Evolution for Everyone"

Hr. 1-Rochester Museum distinguished scholars series lecturer Nate Murphy on "Dinosaur Resurrection"
Hr. 2-Filmmaker Richard Colosi, whose film on autism is part of this week's Dialogue on Disability

Hr. 1-Meet the people who are bringing current-day genocide to the world's attention at the current
exhibit at Eastman house
Hr. 2-Business historian Charles Ellis; the history of Xerox (tape)

The program with State Senator Jim Alesi on the new legislature and the new administration in Albany
has been postponed at the guest's request, and will instead air at a later date in January or early
February, TBA.

Guest host Elissa Orlando presents a special "Healthy Friday" edition

Week of 1/8-12/07 (revised)

Hr. 1-City Council economic development chair Bill Pritchard; what's to be done with Midtown
Hr. 2-School Board VP Malik Evans on the search for a new Rochester School Superintendent

Hr. 1-Dr. Ted Brown, Jim Nofziger and Sister Beth LeValley on health care access and affordability
Hr. 2-Independent filmmaker and Rochester area native Steve Anderson on his talked-about new
documentary--the name of which can't be spoken on the air (tape)

Hr. 1-RIT criminologist Jason Scott. one of the principal authors of a study of Rochester's youth curfew
Hr. 2-Composer George Daugherty brings the world of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies to the
concert stage

Hr. 1-RIT historian Frank Annunziata on our image of the modern Presidency and the men who have
held it
Hr. 2-City Newspaper and WXXI film critic George Grella...who really deserves Golden Globe and
Oscar nominations? And does it matter?

Hr. 1-Economist Kathy Bromley helps us crunch the latest economic numbers
Hr. 2-RDDC President Heidi Zimmer-Meyer; what the business community wants to see happen to

The segment with Peter Baker of the Washington Post originally scheduled for the first hour on 1/10 is now
tentatively scheduled to air on 1/15 at 1 PM.

Week of 1/1-5/07 (Bob returns)

Special edition coverning Governor-elect Spitzer's inauguration, with analysis by Julie Philipp,
Karen DeWiitt and CGR's Erika Rosenberg, and interviews with Mayor Robert Duffy, Assembly-
man David Koon and others

Hr. 1-Dr. Kent Gardner of the Center for Governmental Research
Hr. 2-U of R political scientist Gerald Gamm on the new Congress

Hr. 1-Previewing the State of the State message with former Mayor Bill Johnson, political scientist
and former School Board member Jim Bowers, and Capital Bureau Correspondent Karen
Hr. 2-Live coverage of Gov. Spitzer's State of the State address

Hr. 1-The College of Collectible Knowledge answers your antiques questions
Hr. 2-TBA or a conversation with the pioneer of crime scene investigation, Henry Lee (recorded)

Friday (guest host Peter Iglinski)
Arts Friday special edition (2 hours)


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