Lake Town Visits: Penn Yan, Yates County

WXXI is taking a look at life among the Finger Lakes, telling the stories of people who live in the small lake towns every Friday morning on WXXI-AM 1370.

WXXI Innovation Trail Editor Rachel Ward visited Penn Yan in Yates County in her story that aired on Friday, August 5. The full list of stories can be found here.

Below are some photos from Rachel's adventure on the ground and in the air over the Finger Lakes.




flying stories


I loved this story. I have been dating a man who is the president of a flying club in Rochester, the Artisan Flying Club. The guys (and a lady!) in this club are a wonderful group of people. They are a pretty tight group of friends, and do many good things in the community, like mercy flights to get people to out of town medical treatments, and even rescue flights for animals.

And there is nothing more beautiful than a ride over the Finger Lakes, is there? Next time, get someone to fly you over Chimney Bluffs--that is pretty amazing from the air.

Thanks for the story,


flying over Keuka Lake

This video put out by pennyantv shows one of the club's members taking a flight over Keuka Lake. Jim Poel the pilot died last year. He was one of the pilots for the reproduced Glenn Curtiss planes. What about taking video next time for your story???

Anne Perry


Hi Ann I did take video of our landing, but it's pretty hard to juggle a camera and a microphone in that tiny of a space. Here's the result.