Chesonis Talks with WXXI About Sale of PAETEC

WXXI Innovation Trail reporter Zack Seward interviewed PAETEC CEO Arunas Chesonis about the deal to sell his company to Arkansas-based Windstream.

The interview includes a discussion about the now unlikely building of a large facility at the site of the former Midtown Plaza and the future of the nearly 900 local PAETEC employees.



Not to be a pragmatist but

We spent how much on Midtown, tearing down and destroying it? The sounds we now hear are moving trucks as Arunas moves to florida, Jack sells his stock and the Paetec employees start networking like crazy. If you had stock, congratulations, if you're a tech you'll likely be safe.

But...if you're in the office... I suspect you're going to get a whole lot of "love" from your management trying to not have you totally panic as your headquarters moves to Little Rock. Where will this end up, who knows.

BUT... typically in other similar situations, Rochester turns into a branch office
-duplicate functions are eliminated and people are laid off
and management tries to not panic those who are left behind.