Mayoral Control of Schools

Then Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy declared his desire in 2010 to take over control of the Rochester City School District.  Duffy says the future of the city - its children and families - depends on city government fully consolidating with the school district into one organization. Similar mayoral takeovers have happened in other large cities around the country including New York, Chicago, Boston and Cleveland. The controversial proposal has sparked strong opposition from school union leaders and many parents.

The New York State Assembly passed the Mayoral Control Bill on June 24, but it stalled after that. The legislation proposed July 2011 as the beginning of a five year mayoral control experiment in Rochester, but that time frame is unrealistic given Duffy's departure to become Lieutenant Governor. The fate of the plan will likely be determined by the priorities of Duffy's eventual successor at City Hall.

WXXI News Coverage

CGR's Mayoral Control Survey Form

The Center for Governmental Research is surveying 2,000 Rochester residents about the possibility of Mayoral Control of Rochester City Schools.

Click on the link below to download a PDF copy of the form used for the survey. Note: only surveys mailed by CGR will be accepted as part of the poll.

New Poll Coming on Mayoral Control of RCSD

The Center for Governmental Research will conduct a survey of 2,000 Rochester residents to get their opinions on the possibility of Mayor Duffy taking control of Rochester City Schools.

Former Proponent Now a Critic of "No Child Left Behind"

Former Assistant Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch once supported "No Child Left Behind," but now she is openly critical of the policy.


RCSD's Brizard Proposing Major Changes

Superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard outlines some of his plans, saying he will vigorously pursue them.  Watch the interview on Need to Know, tonight at 8:30, only on WXXI-TV 21, Cable 11 or 1011.

Duffy Releases Draft Schools Proposal

Rochester's mayor has released his draft proposal for mayoral control to the public.

The draft proposal is the public's first opportunity to read some of the specifics on how the Mayor's plan would work.

State Education Report Becomes Debating Point for Mayoral Control

The New York State Department of Education listed nine Rochester schools among those considered "persistently lowest achieving."

Mayoral Control

Fri, 01/15/2010 - 8:30pm - 9:00pm

WXXI's Center for Public Affairs has been going in-depth on the mayoral control issue.  Host Julie Philipp sums it up with 1370 Connection host Bob Smith.


Focus on Mayoral Control

WXXI News analyzes the controversy over Mayoral Control of Rochester City Schools.

Brizard on the Future of City Schools

Superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard spoke LIVE on WXXI's 1370 Connection Tuesday, January 5.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mayoral Control

Rochester Mayor Bob Duffy wants to takeover the Rochester City School District. What does this mean?

Monroe County School Boards on Mayoral Control

The debate over mayoral control of Rochester schools continues with a new voice on WXXI.

Superintendent Brizard's Statement

Rochester City School Superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard released a statement regarding Mayor Bob Duffy's proposed takeover of city schools. He will soon be a guest LIVE on 1370 Connection with WXXI's Bob Smith.

Mayor Duffy to Seek Control of City Schools

WXXI's Bob Smith talks about the Mayor's plan with education policy expert David Hursh of the University of Rochester's Warner School.

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