Creating a Masterpiece?

WXXI News examines Rochester's plan to make every student "a work of art"

Rochester City School Superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard unveiled his strategic plan the same week Mayor Robert Duffy said he wants to take over control of city schools - a controversial position at a challenging time.

Brizard's strategic plan for the district focuses on the phrase: "Every child is a work of art. Create a masterpiece." Achieving that goal with each student is a daunting task given the many challenges educators face before the children of our community even step inside the classroom.

WXXI’s news team examines several of those challenges in a series of special reports focusing on heath issues and behavioral risk factors Rochester's children cope with every day:

  • Many children spend the first moments of their lives in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit of the hospital. WXXI's Rachel Ward looks at recent findings that show these students have learning disabilities and developmental challenges that teachers must deal with in the classroom Click Here for Full Story
  • Violence, crime, weapons and drug use continue to be significant issues in the communities where children live. WXXI's Peter Iglinski investigates what happens when students bring those experiences with them to schools and how it impacts their learning experience Click Here for Full Story
  • Risky sexual behavior can have a lifelong impact on the lives of young people - and that includes their educational development. Carlet Cleare explores the unique challenges the district faces in dealing with students who become pregnant or contract sexually transmitted infections Click Here for Full Story

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Additional Coverage

Rochester School Superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard's new three year contract will pay him an initial salary of $235,000.

New York State Education Department numbers show a dramatic decline in test scores across the state and here in Western New York.

With all the controversy surrounding Rochester City Schools, there are stories of success in the classroom.

As part of his strategic plan, Rochester School Superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard has developed a portfolio plan to create higher-achieving schools.

Rochester City School Superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard presented his plan to reconfigure schools to the school board.

The New York State Education Department released its report on High School Graduation Rates locally.

Former Assistant Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch once supported "No Child Left Behind," but now she is openly critical of the policy.

Superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard outlines some of his plans, saying he will vigorously pursue them.  Watch the interview on Need to Know, tonight at 8:30, only on WXXI-TV 21, Cable 11 or 1011.

Superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard spoke LIVE on WXXI's 1370 Connection Tuesday, January 5.

Rochester City School District released it's new strategic plan. You can read it online at their website or download the attached PDF version.

WXXI's Bob Smith talks about the Mayor's plan with education policy expert David Hursh of the University of Rochester's Warner School.

High risk sexual behavior is often a fact of life for many Rochester City School students.  Hear how this behavior impacts their academic careers.

The threat of violence or crime is never far away in the lives of many Rochester City School District Students - and that impacts how they learn when they get to school.

Many students who spent time in neonatal intensive care units as babies face difficult challenges in school - a fact the Rochester City School District must deal with to achieve the goals in its strategic plan.

Rochester City School District hopes to increase the district's graduation rate by 29 percentage points in four years.

Strategic plan outlines goals, highlights challenges for Rochester City School District.

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