Superintendent Brizard's Statement

Rochester City School Superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard released a statement regarding Mayor Bob Duffy's proposed takeover of city schools. He will soon be a guest LIVE on 1370 Connection with WXXI's Bob Smith.

"When it comes to the district and the future of education in Rochester, I am grateful for the support of the Board of Education and our dedicated mayor. In the end, Mayor Duffy and Commissioners of the Board of Education have the same goal in mind—ensuring that Rochester’s children receive the best education possible."

"For obvious reasons, I cannot participate in the debate for Mayoral control of the district. Nonetheless, discussion concerning the governance of the Rochester City School District and school districts around the country is one of supreme importance. Our five year strategic plan lays forth a number of bold initiatives that are well aligned with the most progressive and most successful urban districts in our nation. To realize our goals we will need a governance structure that is determined, focused and that has the will to make difficult decisions in the face of special interests. I fully support and encourage any conversations that focus on students first and the future of our School District."

Jean-Claude Brizard

Rochester School Superintendent