WXXI Need to Know Rochester Special: Childhood Obesity

In a special edition of Need to Know Rochester, WXXI News examines whether the community's efforts to fight childhood obesity are paying off.

WXXI News Director Julie Philipp looks at the Childhood Healthy Weight Initiative and interviews Dr. Stephen Cook of the University of Rochester Medical Center.

You can watch in the video box below.


Other WXXI reporting on this topic includes LeShea Agnew's radio report on the increase in food stamp usage locally and how it is an opportunity to teach families how to eat better and her story on new challenges for pediatricians.

WXXI's 1370 Connection also focused on this topic in a program broadcast October 27.

We also have great information on healthy eating on our Healthy You page.


perfect diet?

I just heard the tail end of an interview regarding following the perfect diet for 4 weeks and the interviewee was giving a talk tonight.

I'd like to know more about this, but I can't find it on the website.

Thank you.