What Would You Ask the Candidates for School Board?

WXXI and our Voice of the Voter partners want to know what questions you'd like us to ask city school board candidates in a series of interviews that will air before the upcoming Democratic primary.

WXXI's Bob Smith will interview the primary candidates about their plans for the district. You can email your questions to WXXI at newsroom@wxxi.org.

You can also submit a question via the comment section below or on the WXXI Facebook page or @WXXINews on Twitter.




Do the candidates for school

Do the candidates for school board have any new ideas for correcting the educational and behavioral problems in the district?

Grading Scale 1-4

Why is this grading scale of 1-4 method so confusing and useless? It may make it so it's harder for students to compare themselves, but it's so subjective that it makes even worse emotional problems happen when students go home and their parents can't explain why they didn't get a 4 when they spelled all the words right on their spelling test. It also greatly reduces any incentives a parent can give since the grading is so subjective. It's extremely frustrating to go to a parent teacher conference and have the teacher say, "well they didn't exceed expectation". But what does that even mean? And it's not right that the teacher can't even justify the grade they gave. This method should be seriously re-evaluted.