URMC Lands NIH Grant for "Translational Science" Efforts

WXXI Innovation Trail reporter Zack Seward says the University of Rochester Medical Center is getting another infusion of federal cash to help fast-track medical research into real world treatments.

Zack reports the $21 million grant will go toward URMC's work in "translational science," and speaks with URMC's Dr. Thomas Pearson.



Acupuncture used to treat diabetes

I would love to see URMC use some of this grant money to clinically test Western & Eastern medicine combined to get better patient outcomes. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes & I am working with an MD who graduated from The University of California, San Diego Medical School, a RD who is a graduate of The University of California, Davis & a PhD who is a licensed accupuncturist. I am seeing significantly lower blood sugar readings starting hours after having accupuncture which is specifically treating the diabetes. I am currently having accupuncture twice a week.