Arrest of Woman Recording Video Sparks Controversy

The Rochester Police Department has launched an internal investigation into the arrest of a woman videotaping a traffic stop in the 19th Ward.

The controversy over the May 12th incident on Aldine St. is over whether police officers acted inappropriately in arresting the woman.

An officer warns the woman several times before she is taken into custody and charged with obstructing governmental administration. Video of the incident has gone viral and can be scene below from the posting on YouTube. Below that is a statement about the incident from Mayor Tom Richards.

"I have seen the video that is on the Internet depicting a Rochester Police Officer arresting Emily Good in May. Although this incident occurred some time ago, the video has only recently come to our attention and no complaint has been filed by any of the participants.

Police Chief Sheppard has initiated an investigation and I am confident that he will conduct it fairly and fully. To the extent that some form of discipline is appropriate, he will see that it occurs.

When an incident like this occurs, I am ultimately responsible to ensure that the incident is investigated thoroughly and any disciplinary action that is warranted is taken.  However, I also need to be sure that we are fair to the officers involved. I intend to faithfully fulfill both of those roles and I am not going to prematurely reach a conclusion about what happened or should have happened. I look forward to the results of Chief Sheppard's investigation."

-Mayor Tom Richards



Why was the officer SO

Why was the officer SO concerned with being filmed if his conscience was not accusing him?
Emily was clearly harmless. A good man should have been able to see that. She had every right to be on her property filming the event.

In these times, citizens need to feel that law enforcement officers are on their side. We need to feel that they care for the community and are willing to cultivate trust and win the honor and respect that ( I hope) they so desire. We common, good , law abiding citizens want to be on the side of the officers ( servants).

I am incredibly curious as to why the officer let the gentleman whom he was arresting go, and then aggressively go after the poor lady. I get the idea the officer was not much interested in doing his true duty ( to serve and protect the community), but was very much interested in his discomfort of being filmed. He is no hero. We truly want to respect and honor his deed, but it is unworthy.

In my opinon, there are much, much worse things than filming an arrest and I am convinced her constitutional freedoms were violated. An officer of the law, or any public SERVANT who is clearly alarmed with citizens showing concern for another one who is recording an event, behaves as though he has something to hide, either outwardly or inwardly. The word 'wicked' has roots meaning 'hidden'.

There is a line, that if crossed means we good citizens lose our freedom of speech, thought, and our God given right to life.
This is not the first time an officer has been disrespectful to the public he is supposed to be serving, and it is not the worst case, either, and I am sure it won't be the last. Unfortunately.