WXXI Innovation Trail Series: Brain Drain

WXXI's Innovation Trail investigates "Brain Drain" and what can be done to attract and keep young people in upstate New York.

In Part OneReporter Zack Seward looks at the demographics of upstate New York as it tries to hang on to its young professionals.

In Part Two:  Reporter Emma Jacobs looks at a success story up north that could serve as a blueprint for Upstate New York cities.

In Part Three:  Reporter Daniel Robison explores the role of government in attracting and retaining young professionals.

In Part Four:  Reporter Ryan Morden visits with a young professional who moved away, but came back to Upstate New York.

The Innovation Trail is a collaboration between five upstate New York public media outlets, led by WXXI, along with WNED, WRVO, WSKG and WMHT. The initiative is funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  Find out more at the Innovation Trail website.